Kenyan MPs: Cut Your Salaries, Return Land!

After post-election violence, Kenyans are anxiously seeking peace and reconciliation, truth and justice, relief and rebuilding. As the 10th Parliament of Kenya begins to address these crucial issues, Kenyan and concerned global citizens have a message for Kenyan MPs: Reduce your drastic salaries and return land you acquired illegally. 

The government of Kenya is chiefly responsible for the relief and reconstruction of the country. The funding of these efforts are hampered, however, due to the fact that Kenyan MPs receive one of the highest representative salaries in the world. Therefore, Kenyan citizens, who are the employers of their MPs, demand that Kenyan MPs reduce their drastic salaries and pay their own fair share to help rebuild the country.

Kenyan MPs are also holders of large amounts of land and assets, much of which has been documented in detail as being acquired illegally. Therefore, in order to proceed with justice and reconciliation, MPs must return any and all land and assets they have acquired illegally.

Please sign this petition with the attached letter to Kenyan MPs, urging them to reduce their outlandish salaries, give back land and help their country rebuild in this great time of need. We want to reach at least 10,000 signatures, slightly less than the US dollar equivalent of the Ksh 750,000/- that Kenyan MPs received on their first day of work this year, so please tell your friends and fellow citizens!

Dear Members of the 10th Parliament of Kenya,

Kenyans, as voters and taxpayers, our your employer. For too long now, we have absconded our duties and allowed you to do as you please with our money and our country. For this, we apologise. We hereby declare that we shall take up our responsibilities from this day forward.

As your employer, we instruct you to be a responsible leader. You will commit yourself within the first year of office to the legal reduction of parliamentary emoluments, not to exceed Ksh. 400,000/- per month, and to pay full taxes on it. Pending reduction, you are required to put any sum above Kshs 400,000/- to the disposal of the Constituency Development Fund. You will authorize the Clerk to the National Assembly to implement this deduction and avail the information to the public as proof of compliance.

Furthermore, you shall set an example and restore pride and a sense of moral value to this country. To do this, you shall read and adhere to the Ndungu Report and return all of the land you acquired illegally.

If you comply with the above, as instructed, we shall not hold it against you. For we too took part in the theft, by keeping silent when it took place. However, if you do not, we shall no longer be your accomplice, and we will fully execute our powers as your employer.

We the undersigned Kenyan and concerned global citizens

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