Being a Police Officer in the United States is no different than holding a Governing Political Position. For their position is to enforce safety among citizens of the United States.

Our senators and congressional members personal lives are no longer personal when they're elected to hold a political position in the United States. Police Officers are governing bodies as well and they're  PERSONAL LIVES SHOULD BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC  just as other governing officials!

This petition is to encourage  ANNUAL LIE DETECTOR TESTS  for current and newly hired Police Officers in all cities across the United States.

All Test Questions all beginning with:


1) Have you become knowledgeable about any crimes of abuse being committed on a child or woman and you did or said nothing about?

2) Have you abused your position and electronically spied on the daily activities of a person for sexual gratification?

3) Have you been an activie participant of what could be considered an occult group or club?

4) Have you been an active participant in stalking or harassing someone?

5) Have you falsely arrested or lied on someone?

6) Have you been an active participant in targeting someone with "directed energy weapons?"

7) Have you unwillingly performed an unlawful task or function from the direction of your supervisor or Chief of Police?

8) Have you actively been using any illegal drugs?

9) Have you been involved in any gangs or gang like activities?

10) Have you killed or murdered someone and no one else knows about it?

11) Have you participated in any cover ups of any kind?

12) Do you have any close friends or relatives that participates in the sale of illegal drugs?

13) Do you have any close friends or relatives that is an active member of any gang?

14) Have you in the last three months participated in any unlawful crime or activity that could put your job in jeopardy?

15) How would your family members rate you as a person: Good or Bad?

16) Have you participated in any unlawful activities to promote someone to be fired from their job / employment?

17) Have you been diagnosed or experiencing a mental disorder of some sort and your supervisor doesn't know about it?

BY NO WAYS OR MEANS should the testing and answers thereof be be done or held by a City Agency . . . giving no avenues to formed nepotism!

FEDERAL OR STATE JURY DUTY all testing will be done by FEDERAL JURORS just as in a federal court of law. Normal jury election would take place and the selected Jurors would oversee all testing activities for Police Officer testing at that particular time. After the test of a officer the Jurors of that particular group would then determine if that Police Officer answers to the test questions should be investigated.

THE INVESTIGATION will be conducted IN CONJUNCTION with a CITIZENS REVIEW BOARD of said city or county or state

Jurors of this group after an investigation has been conducted will then determine if said Police Officer should be terminated from his position. Jurors would have the FINAL SAY BY VOTE if said Police Officer should or will be terminiated. Just as in a federal court of law all appeal procedures is an option.

By signing this petition I agree that the REFORM POLICE MISCONDUCT ACT should be mandated by all cities in the United States.

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