Urge Congress to Reform Chemical Testing

I do not have to tell you of the cruelty of chemical testing that continues to kill animals and put humans at risk. The hit-and-miss procedures of chemical testing continue to put animas through unnecessary torture leading to a slow and painful death.

I urge you to sign the petition below and forward to friends and family worldwide. Please support a ban of chemical testing on non-humans primates and a reform of chemical testing today.

Thank you for your cooperation

Dear congress and decision maker(s),

We are writing to you to urge you to reform chemical testing, to make a total ban on testing on animals. It has been 50 years since the %u201C3 Rs%u201D%u2014refinement, reduction, and replacement of animals in science%u2014were proposed yet the cruelty of chemical testing on animals still takes place in today%u2019s so called %u201Cmodern%u201D society.

Dozens of alternatives are and have been invented. It has been proven that the testing on animals often leads to a dangerous hit-and-miss situation. Chemical testing on animals does not secure levels of toxic substance for humans and is dangerous and unethical.

We do not have to tell you the amount of people who are demanding this reform as this petition is great proof of that including the comments people have included with their signature. . You only have to look on cyber space and you will see the amount of people urging you to make this reform. The number or petitions and articles supporting a

Chemical testing reform is overwhelming. This reform is in demand because of the concern of both animal and humans; the human%u2019s health and safety and the animals%u2019 rights that are being abused and ignored when they undergo these cruel tests which often leave them mentally and physically disabled. Millions of animals are killed in the US due to these experiments.

Wild mice are regularly used in chemical testing their physiology is so different than humans that it make them and utterly unreliable source and subject for the testing and the results thereof. These tests are undermined by the use of the proper and alternative methods.

Researchers cause severe head traumas to non-human primates in the name of chemical testing.

The saving or helping of one life can not justify the torturing and killing of another. If we are humans shouldn%u2019t we act humane?!?!

We the undersigned are calling upon your mercy for these poor animals urging you to make a reform. We stand united in our fight for a chemical testing reform.

Thank you for taking the time to read this we look forward to your response.


The Undersigned 

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