Petition to Change our Economic Thinking.

Petition:  By signing, I agree with the majority of the statements herein, and wish to participate in a cooperative solution process.

"We believe that the economics, politics, and unconscious expansion of the human species have resulted in the degradation, extinction, or near extinction, of many critical ecosystems and species that are connected to our fate. We also believe that this was not simply caused by any one particular group of individuals or one singular industrial focus.

Because we understand something of the scope of the problems we, the people, have caused; we also understand something of the fundamental changes that must take place if the human species is to have any reasonable chance of surviving, sanely, into the future.
The following statements represent issues that we believe must be addressed with all possible haste:
1. A truly non-partisan discussion of Regenerative (or Resource-Based) Economic ideas.

2. A discussion to acknowledge the winners and losers of the morphological monopoly game that has been taking place in the United States and across the world.

3. And that our goal is not to attempt the redistribution of wealth; rather to educate as many humans as possible to the biological realities of life on Earth and begin the discussions of a new partnership between all the willing participants, whether they be monetarily wealthy or not.

4. A discussion of how we might conclude the morphological monopoly game, and initiate the transition to a flexible Regenerative Economy whose ultimate goal is a sustainable Earth habitat for humans and all connected species.

5. We believe that, collectively, we already possess the knowledge, the brain power, the technology, the work ethic and all the resources necessary to establish and implement a regenerative, resource-based economy that can employ many more people than are currently employed in our greed, and laissez faire, consumption-based economy.

6. Because the notion that we might actually solve our real world problems is as improbable as our problems are real, we agree that it may be difficult to discern between those in the media, political, and corporate world that would support a new economic philosophy and those that would try to subvert anything that challenges the status quo.

7. The Status Quo is the problem; in the sense that what many people have to do just to survive on a day to day basis, along with those who pursue excess wealth or mis-use entitlement programs, not only perpetuates an unconscious consumption-economy, but continues to erode the resource base, along with our ability to cooperate.

8. We realize we will need a "cyber-hub" to facilitate the discussions that can enable us to achieve cooperation on an unprecedented scale.

9. To that end, briefly stated suggestions for connecting these discussions and expediting this process are most welcome.

10. To reiterate: Our current economic, ecological and human crisis is nobody's fault and it's everybody's fault. It's nobody's responsibility and it's everybody's responsibility. Those that became very wealthy from current economic practices have the opportunity to invest in an economy that can be good for their own children and the entire species, and might keep them wealthy indefinitely. Their partnership in this effort may be critical to our potential for success; in the short term and the long term. - We don't believe the unconscious, consumption economy  can really be resuscitated. - Nor should it. - The transition to a conscious economy has already begun in some local areas. This collaboration hopes to step it up towards a global scale.

11. Lastly, (for now) One essential outcome of these discussions should be legislative proposals to establish the foundation(s) necessary for a Regenerative Economy."

  This is phase one of whatever this is. If it is successful, by phase three our world should be heading in a much more sustainable direction than our present course as of May 31st 2011. Good luck to all of us.

We, the undersigned, are attempting to create a coalition of dedicated individuals and organizations to cooperatively solve our combined economic and ecological crisis. We hope to collaborate with you, because you are among the leaders in illuminating and addressing these issues. 
We believe it requires nearly all similarly-minded individuals working together to give our children, grandchildren and every human on earth a better chance at a sane future.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all you do for the common good.

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