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On July 5th 2002 at the age of 83, Ted Williams was pronounced dead as a result of heart failure.  His body was secretly taken by private jet to Alcor in Scottsdale, Arizona where his head was decapitated from his body and than placed (both head and body) into liquid nitrogen.  Ted Williams' eldest daughter, Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell fought against the process, saying that her dad had requested in his 1996 Will to be cremated and his ashes scattered off the Florida coast.

Currently, the greatest baseball player who ever lived, as well as a true American war hero, is being held captive and frozen in two separate metal devices at a cryonics laboratory in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As you will learn, this disposition was not in his formal Last Will and Testament of December 1996, nor did he ever contract for such treatment.  In short, Ted Williams' LAST WISH has been desecrated. 

In February 2004, Arizona State Representative Bob Stump and local authorities drafted bill H2637. The bill was an attempt to force cryonics facilities operating in the state of Arizona to be regulated under the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers. The House Health Commission gave the bill a do-pass recommendation.

Shortly before the bill came to a vote, Representative Stump pulled it, himself. Stump killed the legislation that would regulate Alcor because he started receiving death threats. "They had a ruthless campaign," Bob Stump said in a newspaper interview. "I not a glutton for punishment."  One phone call was so serious, Stump felt so personally threatened, that he referred it to the Capitol Police.

Several months later, a newspaper article read, "Disciples of cryonics" do not suffer critics well. Just ask Arizona State Rep. Bob Stump. He received threatening messages last year because he sponsored a bill that would have established state regulatory authority over Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the Scottsdale facility that is the cold graveyard of baseball immortal Ted Williams." After that, Stump said he had "no plans" to bring the bill back to life.

How can a cult following like Alcor become so powerful that they can successfully threaten lawmakers into submission? This is not the way America is supposed to work. This is not justice.


Baseball legend Ted Williams unselfishly gave of himself to the United States of America in World War II and in the Korean War. Mr. Williams certainly deserves better treatment than what he received after his death. The Federal and State lawmakers certainly owe Mr. Williams a full investigation as to why his last wish was violated and should immediate rectify his unfortunate situation. The Federal and State lawmakers certainly owe it too law-abiding citizen's  to investigate this matter fully and to seek legal remedy to ensure that the rights of others are not violated.


We the undersigned hereby petition the United States Congress, Arizona State Congress, Florida State Congress, Arizona Attorney General and Florida Attorney General to initiate the following:

1. Fully investigate the circumstances surrounding the disposition of the body of Ted Williams and consider ALL of the evidence. Federal and State law enforcement and lawmakers need to address some of the unethical and possibly illegal practices of this pseudo-science called "cryonics."

2. Force Alcor Life Extension Foundation to surrender the body of Ted Williams to Florida so that the exact terms of Ted Williams' last wish, as specifically set forth in his Last Will and Testament, can be honored.

3. Regulate the practice of cryonics. If cryonics is to be considered a legitimate practice in the United States, it must be tightly regulated and monitored in order to avoid the tragic result and violation of an individual's last wish. If it can happen to Ted Williams, then it can surely happen to anyone unless tighter controls are put into place.

Thank you for your consideration.

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