• by: Karen D.
  • recipient: Homicide Statutes in Kansas
The laws of Kansas do not cover so called "accidental" injuries that happen at home which maim or kill infants/children. 

Case in point - my 8 month old granddaughter was scalded with hot water over 75% of her body by the babysitter and passed away 2-1/2 days later. 

The 23 year old babysitter does nothing to help my grand baby, just puts her to bed allowing her to lay there for 1-1/2 hours or more and I'm sure in extreme pain and shock.  The babysitter does not call 911 to get help immediately. But when he does finally decide to call someone, he leaves Janis alone for 15 minutes or more to go "next door" to make the call, should have only been, at the most 5 minutes, why would he leave her alone in such pain and fear for so long? Why would he wait so long to call someone? Why does he call her mother at work 1-1/2 hours or more after the incident and not immediately? 

Claims it was an accident, that he was taking hot water off the stove and fell backwards over my granddaughter, yet he receives just a small burn on his foot.  If it was an accident, why wait so long to call the mom to let her know what has happened?  Why didn't he just take her to the hospital which was only 7 miles from the apartment?  Hospital reports show a few different  deviations in his story that should have raised a red flag to suspicion.  Along with other points of investigation that should have raised a red flag!!  I just don't understand!!!! The DA states that he did not admit to doing it on purpose (what person would admit to it) and that he did not withhold medical attention long enough to warrant any charges, though he held medical attention long enough giving her no chance of survival allowing her to suffer until her death 2-1/2 days later.  To me, intent after the fact.

What laws are in place to hold someone accountable for this type of child death?  Especially when the person shows no remorse.  If no laws are in place to hold people accountable for severe injuries or death of children/infants then it is an open field to harm or kill a child, make sure there are no witnesses, withhold medical help for as long as possible, claim it was an accident and you are scott free. When does it not become an accident--when the person who injured or witnesses an injury to a child and does nothing to help the child to save their life and allows a child to suffer thru the injury until their death or the injury becomes one of maiming.  

There are no true laws protecting children in this area of abuse/neglect--there is no justice. So please let's get something on the books to protect children/infants from this type of injury or death.  I may not be able to bring back my granddaughter or heal my daughter of the pain she is going through losing her daughter, but maybe if this statute is penned into the lawbooks another child/infant will be given the justice that my granddaughter and daughter were not given and in the long run maybe abusers will think twice knowing they will get prosecuted for the injuries they inflict or witness and not getting immediate medical care for the child or infant.
We the undersigned want the reinstatement of the negligent homicide statute, I could not save my granddaughter, but it may save other babies from a tragic death.  I thank you for taking the time to read this petition it means a lot.
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