Help My Husband Rick Get Released From Prison in Nevada

y Husband & Fellow Care2 Member Richard Prince did 7 years in a Nevada prison based on another parties lies. At his parole hearing, the mother of the other party came forward & admitted that her son had lied. Instead of releasing him with time served, Nevada Dept. of Corrections released him on parole. He worked & paid his fines until he was laid off from his job & we lost our home. He was afraid because I was just getting over ovarian cancer & had just gotten a dignosis of breast cancer. So we absconded to San Francisco where we were homeless for a year. Rick got picked up & got beaten up on his way to SF jail.

We the undersigned request that Richard Prince, Currently Incarcerated at Kilby Correctional Facility in Nevada for a technical violation of his parole. He was sentenced to 15 years because the driver of the other car crossed into Rick's lane because the driver fell asleep. Then while Rick was unconsious at the hospital the other driver lied about falling asleep and crossing the line. Three people died in the accident and Rick almost did. After being charged with Murder by Vehicle, Rick was sentenced to 40 years. He did 16 years before going to the Parole Board where the driver of the other cars mother came forward and admitted that her son had lied in his origional statement. Instead of beng released with time served, he was released on three years of parole. While on parole, he was transferred to South Carolina. He worked and reported to his parole officer eachmonth. He never failed a drug test. In fact, he did so well he was allowed to report bi-monthly. Then Rick was laid off from his job. I was fighting ovarian cancer at that time. After we lost our home, I was also diagnosed with breast cancer (which I am currently fighting). We were homeless in San Francisco when Rick was picked up on a technical violation of parole for absconding. I have moved to Florida and am living with my best friend who has also offered to let him transfer his parole to Florida should he be released. He started an online Web Design & Graphics company called Hippi Graphix. He also has several jobs for this man in Australia designing websites & doing graphics for several Ning Networks. So he will have an income. I have written to the Parole Board Previously as has my best friend Michelle Ludwig and his customer, Michael Goebell in Australia. I am fighting breast cancer. Rick went before the parole board where is appears that he is getting 6 months after which time, he will again go before the Parole Board in Nevada in an open hearing where the vistims family can come forward if they wish. Rick is one of the most peaceful people I have ever known. He enriches the lives of everyone he comes in contact with. He spends entire nights and many days helping others who have problems. Please release Richard Prince, either reinstate his parole and allow him to tranfer to Florida where I am receiving medical treatment for my cancer or allow him to enter the Restart program. He did not reoffend or commit another crime, he got scared of being sent back to prison and not being here to help me through my medical treatment or me passing away when he was incarcerated. Please do NOT make him serve any more time. He will be the first to admit that he shouldn't have been driving that night as he did not have a liscence but, he was NOT intoxicated. PLEASE release Richard Prince. He is missed and loved by so many people all around the country and the world.
Thank You so Much for Reading this letter and Considering Releasing My Husband, Richard Prince.
Michelle M. Prince

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