Reopen the Kurt Cobain Case

This petition is to reopen the death case of Kurt Cobain.  They could do so much to help. To do a whole new investigation including an overveiw of all the evidence found at the scene, and a forensic investigation. It was said that Kurt Cobain commited suicide. Well, there is alot of evidence suporting suicide and murder. I believe it would only be fair to Kurt to have a full investigation and cover all the areas of the investigation. It's time that Kurt's case is finally solved and not just rested on suicide.

Here is why this case should be reopened:


Electrician Gary Smith arrived at Kurt Cobain's luxurious home on April 8th, 1994 at approximently 8:30 am to install security lighting. What he would discover would change the history of rock forever, he had discovered the body of 27 year old Kurt Cobain. With Kurt, a note was found. It discribed how he was riding the wave of sucess and dealing with alot of the pressure a difficulties that go along with that. The things he wrote in that letter wasn't even considered suicidal. Only the last three lines indicated suicide. Those where the few lines that looked least like Kurt's handwriting. Investigators would declair it a suicide, single gun blast wound to the head. Many others have different ideas, Tom Grant for example. Tom Grant (Private Ivestigator) was hired by Cobain's former wife, Courtney Love, to locate her husband's whereabouts after he had excaped from the Exodus Rehabilitation a few days earlier. Tom is conveinced that Courtney hired him just so it would look as if she was doing eveything in her power to locate her missing husband. Although the police reports clearly indicate that she knew that he was back in Seattle the whole time. When asked to particapate in the Search of her husband she replied "No I cant. I have buisness to take care of in L.A." Rose Mary Caroll, the Cobain's entertainment attourney, Stated that Courtney had no buisness in L.A. and that she has some crucial imformation, but would not be released until the Cobain case is reopened. She also stated to Tom Grant a very important evidential clue, "Kurt wasn't Suicidal Tom, He wasn't suicidal." This indicates that someone that knew Kurt personally believed he was mudered. If anyone would know much about Kurt, it would indeed be the people closet to him.

Courtney Love is Tom Grant's main suspect, Her father another firm beliver that his son-in-law was murdered, told Nick Broomfield, creator of the movie Kurt And Courtney, That Courtney had a record of being very violent. She was told to have stabbed a girl because she didnt like her looks. Another main suspect in "Cali" aka Micheal Dewitt, The male nanny who was living at the Cobain residence at this time. He was said to have been in the house when Kurt "shot himself". How could He not know anything about Kurt's being there, after he clearly told the police that he had spoken to Kurt on April 2nd, 1994? Dylan Carson, Kurt's Bestfriend, bought Kurt the gun he supposedly "shot himself" with. Why would he Kurt's Bestfriend buy Kurt a gun knowing the fact that he was suicidal?
These things are very supisous. Because like all of the rest of the people Kurt knew (besides Courtney) Did not think of him as suicidal at this point. But that still doesnt explain the fact that when, Tom and Dylan proceeded to check the Cobain house, Grant had asked if the house had another story. Dylan's reply was that is has and attic but fail to mention the greenhouse that Courtney had specificly told him to check. It seems pretty odd that Dylan would forget to mention the greenhouse at a time like this. Wouldn't Dylan name off every place there? On their way back to L.A., Dylan stopped at a gas station to Call Courtney, when he returned an announcement came over the radio that Kurt Cobain's body was found in the greenhouse of his Seattle home. Dylan had "no reaction". Grant then proceeded to ask why they had not checked the greenhouse, Dylan's reply "It was a dirty little room where Kurt and Courtney kept lumber or something". (keep in mind this was not a little room it was a room where Kurt had music rehearsals) and a few weeks later he told Seattle Times that he "didnt know it existed". I have reason to believe that Dylan might have had nothing to do with Kurt's Murder though. Why would he murder his bestfriend and he also told Tom that Kurt "Defenitly wasnt suicidal or I never would have bought the gun. He was my bestfriend. I would have known if rome was a suicide attempt. No Way. A year ago I would have believed it but he wasnt talking like that anymore. He was making all kinds of plans for when he got back from rehab". So why would he make this statement if he killed him, wouldnt he want us to think Kurt was suicidal?
Unless Dylan was just lying, I believe he is innocent.Courtney on the other hand has us to believe that Kurt was extreamly Suicidal at this point. Why to totally different stories from the two closest people to him?

There are several points in which there was no possible way for Kurt's death to be a suicide. First of all there was a level of 1.52 milliliter of Heroin per liter of blood, heroin turns to morphine once it enters the body that combined with, the valiume found in Kurt's blood level for a great pecentage of people, including addicts, this would have induced a state of uncontiousness quite quickly in seconds not even minutes. The authors of the book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" talked to at least 8 different users of the drug, who all said that it is definatley impossible.
"Anyone who thinks you can shoot that much, and still survive has obviously never shoot smack before", said one user. If Kurt had that much morphine in his system he would not have been enough time to shoot up, roll down his sleeves, button them put away all his herion paraphernalia neatly in a cigar box (that was found 3 feet to the right of him filled with syringes, burnt spoons and what look to be little pieces of black tar), pick up a 20 gauge remington rifle , put it to his mouth and pull the trigger.
This would lead me to my next point there were no fingerprints on the gun, the box of shot gun catriges or the pen use to write the "suicide note". This would mean that Kurt must have wiped off the gun after he had shot himself How is this possible? It's not, whom ever shot Kurt tried to wipe of the gun and place it on his chest to make it look like suicide. Why else would there not be any fingerprints? The most important clue is that there was no "mess" from the gun penitraiting the head, all there was, was a trickle of blood comming from his right ear, his face was still fully intact. The only way this is possible is if his heart had already stopped, isnt it kind of akward that someone can shoot themself after they are already dead? The (suicide) note I mentioned in the first paragraph was not a suicide note at all. I have read it over and over again and the more I read it the more it begins to look like a note to leave Nirvana rather than commiting suicide. To anyone reading the last four lines, yes it would look like a suicide note. But actually in 1997 the highly respected for solving myserious deaths hit T.V. series Unsolved Mysteries, aired a show about "The Death Of Kurt Cobain", they hired to of the world's leading handwritting analysts to independently analyze the so called" suicide note" The first analysts revealed that the last four lines were written by someone else. The second analysts came to the same conclusion and that also the word "Boddah" had been added. Unfourtunatly the case has already been declaired a suicide. Sergeant Camron has said that if he sees any "major eviedence" he would be happy to reopen the case, So with Nick Broomfield's camara crew, The authors of the book "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" Headed up to Seattle to give this "major eveidence" to Camron. When they arrived they could see Camron sitting at his cubical looking very "unoccupied". They then told the reseptionist who they were and that they had some important imformation for Sergeant Camron, She went to deliver the news. Minutes later another detective appeared and told them that Camron was busy. They then told him that they had come 3,000 miles to deliver new eveidence in the Kurt Cobain case and just needed a few minutes of his time, "That case is closed" replied the officer "now leave!" They explained that Camron told them he would reopen the case if he saw any credible eveidence.
"I told you to get out" he responded angrily, he then threatened to arrest them if they didnt leave. They hastily complied. They later viewed the film the had taken, Camron could clearly be seen peeking out from behind his cubical. Three weeks before Kurt died, a call to the Seattle Police was made by Courtney Love, she said her husband had locked himself in the greenhouse, had 3 guns with him and was suicidal. The Police arrived at the scene where they spoke with Kurt first, who said he was not suicidal and he was " hidding from Courtney", They then talk to Courtney who agreed that Kurt was not suicidal, Now on normal circumstances this would be an illeagal offense, but this is Courtney Love we're talking about here! Three days before Kurt died he was riding in a cab (because all 4 of his tires on his car had been slit this was not investigated either) ,while upon his conversation with the cab driver he asked the cab driver if he had " ever been threatened" and then told him he "feared for his life". But who wouldnt? Everyone who is a threat to Courtney ends up dead. Kristen Palff , bassist of Courtney's band hole, was found dead in a half empty bathtub in her Capitol Hill apartment, of an appearent herion overdose. This might not seem significant now but there is more. Kristen decided to leave Hole and the drug infested Seattle scene , and to start hanging around more "positive" people.
She attended drug rehabilitation, she had got her act together. She was to go back to Minniapolis and join her old band Janitor Joe for an East coast tour. The night she was to leave she packed up the her belongings except the things she had accumulated while living in Seattle. Her ex band mate had phoned her that evening he said " she sounded more chipper and happy than ever before, she was really excited to get back to Minniapolis". There is no way she would have over doesed the night before she was to leave. According to one investigator she"knew alot about what happened to Kurt the night he died". Another person who had a run in with Courtney was El Duce AKA Eldon Hoke. He claimed that Courtney had offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt approximently 4 months before he died. He passed a polygraph test on this assertion. Two weeks after he revealed this to Nick Broomfield, he was found dead mysteriously hit by a train. The death of Kurt Cobain was decleared an open and shut case of suicide by Seattle's medical examiner Dr. Nicholas Hartshorne, who's ruling was excepted by the Seattle Police Department before any investigation was conducted. But in fact Hartshorne has a clearly demonstrated potentail coflict of intrest as a good friend og Cobain's wife, Courtney Love. In normal circumstances the spouse is often the first prime suspect of a mysterious death. But because of this potential conflict of intrest the investigation may (or may not) have been comprimised Another fact is that in 1996 one of Seattle's detectives was gunned down on a highway coming home from work, he suffered a massive gunblast wound to the head. this might not be a significant fact but is'nt kind of akward that the only Police Detective to die in the history of nine years of the Seattle Police Dept. was the detective of the Kurt Cobain case?

There has been a trail of copycat suicides from kids all over the world. They kill themselves because thats what they think there Idol did. Two girls in France killed themselves with a shot gun the day they heard the news they left a note saying that they loved Kurt and couldn't live without him. The next was four teens in Canada they all drove to a storage locker and slowley inhaled the fumes of the car exhust, taking there last breaths they listened to the screaming lyrics of a man who once was a musical genius. Two more teens killed themselves that day by jumping off of a bridge, in there Walkmans Nirvana cassettes were found. Another boy in america took his fathers simi-automatic pistol to school ,stood in the doorway of his 3rd grade classroom, lifted the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The next was a very disturbing death. A boy named Bobby Steel was left at home one weekend while his parent went to visit his Grandmother. Bobby was hanging out with some friends that weekend. They were discussing the Suicides that had taken place recently. Bobby stood up and said " Well I guess I am gonna go home now and blow my brains out", Bobby's friends thought he was kidding. Bobby went home, retreived his fathers shotgun out of the top of his closet, took a polaroid of himself turned on his favorite Nirvana song
"Endless Nameless" set up his video camera, lifted the gun up to his head and slowley, said "look at me I am deaf" pulled the trigger. Another teen went home after Kurt's Vigil and shot himself in the head.

Who killed Kurt Cobain? We may never know. I do know that if Kurt wasn't murdered, Courtney drove him to murdering himself. She was on drugs and was dealing with mental problems herself. Cobain had filed a divorce for adultry not long before Kurt died. Kurt had strong opinions on things such as this. Kurt was a depressed person, very troubled. Courtney couldn't have made that any easier on him by cheating on him. Their marrage was obviously troubled. He was losing his baby Frances. These things only made life worse on him.

Courtney owes it to the 68 families who lost their children due to suicide, due to the "suicide" of thier rock icon. And to the millions of grieving fans who suffer acute depression over the death of their hero, but most of all she owes it to an 8 year old girl named Frances Bean who hears the ugly stories and deserves to know how her father really died.

If you do beleive Kurts death was staged, or that he was just plain murdered, or even if you think Kurts death wasnt given a very well or fair investigation please sign this petition and give Kurt the justice he needs.

Sign this if you are Kurt's fan. If you have ever listent to Kurt's lyrics and been able to understand him, sign this. If you believe that Kurt's death was due to murder, or if you believe he just was't given a fair investigation, please sign this petition. Even if Kurt killed himself, there is reason to believe that his case wasn't handled fairly. So please sign and give Kurt the justice that he deserves.

Please read below the pics to read more about all the teens that commited suicide due to reasons about their hero Kurt Cobain.

Here is some photos to help prove my points:

Here is the gun that killed Kurt:

The Gun that Killed Kurt

Here is Kurt's Grandfather:

Over 70 teenagers committed suicide after news that Kurt Cobain was allegedly found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Over 70 copycat deaths of bullets to the head, all were caused by one mans death. The man who brought us grunge music, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. He was dead from a bullet to the head with a lethal dose of heroin injections in his blood. A note was found on a counter in a flowerpot nearby which stated he was leaving and how he loved all his fans. His body was discovered by an electrician who had come by the house, The man then spotted Kurt’s body on the floor with blood near his hand, he quickly called the cops. Crime scene photos were taken and Kurt’s death was quickly ruled as a suicide. But alot think they were terribly wrong.

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967, in 1989 he formed his band Nirvana in Aberdeen, Washington. It was formed by Krist Novoselic, a bassist and Kurt Cobain, a vocalist and guitarist. They met in 1985 and soon started their music. The band soon expanded into a multi-million dollar commercial entity, and rumors of Kurt Cobain’s heroin use spread like wildfire. Kurt then soon married diva Courtney Love. An overdose of heroin in Rome sent Cobain to a Drug rehab facility in Los Angeles. Then on April 1rst 1994 he escaped from the facility and went to Seattle. He was then reported missing, until April 8th when his body was found with a "self inflicted" head shot wound.

Facts show the police and medical investigators have absolutely NO forensic evidence that proves their assumption that Kurt killed himself. There is a good amount of evidence I am about to tell you that shows and supports that Kurt Cobain WAS murdered.

Tom Grant, a California state licensed private investigator and former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department states this of his opinion. "After several months of intensive investigation. Including dozens of taped interviews with Cobain's closest friends and family members, I reached the conclusion that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt, (a male nanny who lived at the Cobain residence), were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of Kurt Cobain." This statement of Grant’s was only the beginning.

On the other side the opposing view states how Kurt wrote a suicide note. Doses of heroin and other drugs in Cobain’s body could lead him to a suicide, but a suicide not intentional. A lot of hard drugs have been proved that they can lead to depression and eventually suicide. Most point out that he sang in his music "depressive" statements.

The handwriting’s from Cobain’s suggestive notes look different, although many handwriting Experts have differed in opinions of the two, most have still suspected that the second WAS indeed written by another person. The dark lines on the note have been created by what Tom Grant thinks, was Courtney’s fax machine. Why would Kurt write I love you I love you, at the end of his second note, if he was about to divorce Courtney, and leave her for good? He wanted to live he was just going through drug problems. He has a beautiful daughter Frances who he loved to death. He even stated in his notes that he planned to divorce Courtney and file for custody of his daughter. He loved her dearly, how many people do you know who would kill themselves after just bringing a beautiful baby girl into the world? Obviously Kurt Cobain was never suicidal, and this was murder.

But who doesn’t go through a period in there life of sadness? Some reasons that so many believe Cobain’s death was a murder was the fact that Kurt was planning, weeks before his death, to divorce Courtney, and she knew this. A couple days before his death one of Kurt’s Credit cards was missing and someone attempted to use it. Kurt lived in fear of his own life and he carried a loaded shotgun before he even went into rehab. After his death the shotgun wasn’t checked for fingerprints until almost a month later. The police said there were no legible fingerprints, but when the gun was checked it was too late to see any fingerprints at all.

Kurt never wrote a suicide note, it was overlooked and was actually a note to his fans that he was leaving Seattle and the music business. A second note was actually found in Ms. Love’s possession that clearly stated he was leaving Courtney and Seattle he didn’t state any obvious signs of killing himself. Kurt was also injected with a 3 times a lethal dose of Heroin, why would he shoot himself after? How? And IT has been proven based on the heroin blood levels found in his body, it was impossible for him to pick up a gun, and shoot himself, someone else injected the heroin into his body. Knowing that a heroin overdose would cover better than just the shotgun to the head. Before he left San Francisco the tires to his car were found ALL flat and Courtney then canceled his already lost credit card account.

Eldon Hoke singer of a band called the Mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney Love three months earlier to kill Kurt. On March 6, 1996, Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who is one of the country's leading polygraph experts. He was also teaching the advanced polygraph course for the FBI. Hoke passed a lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Eight days after Hoke appeared on a documentary He was found DEAD.

Kurt’s Death influenced rock and roll hall of fame for years to come until this day, when rockers around the world still mourn his murder. Kurt Cobain was cremated some of his ashes are scattered in a Buddhist temple in New York, and some scattered in the Wishkah River, in Washington State, the rest are with Courtney Love. Love lost custody of Frances in 2003 after being under the influence of oxycotin. Frances Bean currently lives with her mom but custody was has been lost in the past. Over 70 suicides were caused by one beautiful mans death, wont you please help give them at least justice for Kurt Donald Cobain?

For more information please visit Tom Grants website:

And His Case Study manual (.pdf file):

I ask you to please reopen Kurt's case. It has been well over a decade since his death. There is so many reasons to believe that Kurt's case was not fair. Please read over the petition well and understand that Kurt deserves justice, once and for all. Kurt was a legend. So many people looked up to him as their hero, and thats including me. I hear truth in Kurt's lyrics. He was a great person. He truely deserves justice.

Even if he did commit suicide, I believes its only right to reopen it. This case was handled unfairly. There is reasons to believe that his death was due to murder.

So many fans are left to wonder. They are left to think that their heros life was taken for unsolved reasons. Thats all it is left at. Its really not right. His fans that look up to him should be able to know the truth. I speak for all of them saying reopen the case and provide us with truth and Kurt with justice. It's about time.

Thank you for you time.
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