Say no to Offshoring American Jobs

An enormous amount of American corporations offshore American jobs to Asian, Eastern-European, and African countries because of cheap labor in those nations. This terrible policy affects most industries in the country, including information technology, human resources, accounting and finance, and logistics. Manufacturing in the United States was almost completely wiped out. As a result, millions of jobs were taken away from working and middle-class Americans in addition to being one of the main reasons for the economic demise of the country and the recession. This petition asks a group of senators and representatives to create a bill limiting offshoring. Why do other countries get our jobs? We cannot let greedy corporations give away something that's ours! Why do the billionaires have the right to steal from their own people, their fellow citizens? We need to let those big corporations and their owners know that they will not dictate the laws of this country only because they have money!  We need to get ourselves back on our feet! We need to get our jobs back in the United States of America! 

Dear Policy Makers and Advisors,
We the undersigned urge you to create a bill which would  limit American corporations from outsourcing. We have seen the negative effects of outsourcing continue to tear apart the U.S. economy. Millions of Americans are unemployed and the job situation in America is worsening. Although outsourcing seems beneficial for the economy since corporate profits are soaring, the American people are suffering. For instance, the high tech industry in the United States is almost completely gone. The jobs that are left, are planned to be outsourced to countries like India. Outsourcing does not only affect the high tech industry. It affects most industries in the United States. We believe there can be a balance. Outsourcing should not be completely abolished. Rather, it should be limited and controlled by the government. We believe, that in order to mend our economy, we need to fix the outsourcing situation in America. Once again, please help the U.S. economy get back on its feet. Please speak up about outsourcing. Thank you for your attention.

Update #14 years ago
Dear Supporters,

Thank you again for signing the petition against outsourcing American jobs.
We have 161 signatures as of September 15, 2013.
Signatures are coming in, but not nearly as fast as we need them.
If you want to see change, please post the petition on Facebook, and send it to your friends and family by email.
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If you take action today, there might still be a chance to save the American economy.

Thank you,
Joshua Eibelman
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