Who can resist the soft loving gaze of a kitten or puppy!? How the heart breaks when one can enter into a local animal shelter and look into those forlorn faces yelping and mewing for a home. As if they know, because of the energy all around them, that if they fail to pull your heart strings they'll die that day. The population in shelters are our responsibility. We have the power to spay and neuter so as to lessen the number of unwanted animals in shelters all across this country. But we don't always do what's right. And so every day thousands of lives are lost to euthanasia. 

Frightened eyes, hearts beating in fear, even on that veterinarians table as they're about to receive that needle in an act of euthanasia, are still looking for a home. For some soft gentle hand to save them from the cold, from the pain, from the fear of that lonely room that smells of death and lost hope.

Exploiting that visual, that heart break, is what allows PeTA to make millions of tax free dollars every year. To obtain custody of homeless pets, from trusting people who actually believe the lie. "We're PeTA and you can trust us!"
When in fact PeTA is not ethical at all. That may be what the small case "e" is all about. The forewarning that ethics are at less than a premium. Making People Treating Animals with contempt and lack of mercy, a very real truth.
On January 22nd 2007 two PeTA employee's went on trial after having been arrested for the murder of over 30 dog's in the back of a PeTA van. Driving throughout various locations in North Carolina, these two defendants, Andrew Cook and Adria Joy Hinkle,  euthanized dogs entrusted to their care by people who believed PeTA would find them loving homes, instead betrayed that trust. And murdered those dogs. They then wrapped their bodies in trash bags and proceeded to dispose of them in dumpsters throughout various towns in North Carolina! Until they were caught in the act!
After 10 days of trial these two murderers of innocent homeless dogs, were found guilty! OF LITTERING!
PeTA KILLS ANIMALS! And they get away with it, tax free! (Case:

For years PeTA has terrorized the public citizen if they dare to clad themselves in fur coats. I find fur to be obscene, unless on is an Inuit and wear the pelts to save their lives in frigid weather. But for the sake of "fashion" it's simply obscene! However, that's a personal opinion and as such I simply do not buy fur. PeTA takes that opinion many steps further. In blatant acts of terrorism and destruction of private property, PeTA employee's are encouraged, through PeTA published propaganda, to take an offensive stand against the fur industry and those who sell or buy fur! PeTA is world famous for splashing red paint on fur coats. They're now undertaking a smear campaign of extraordinary juvenile proportions, including the caricature of two young ladies; the Olson twins, because they dare to wear fur. Tax exempt character assassination and assault!

And what's unacceptable even beyond that reprehensible conduct is the hypocrisy! PeTA now proudly accepts the donation of clean fur coats! Why?! So they can give them to the homeless members of our society!

Not only does PeTA have no respect for the homeless animals they murder, after gaining their custody through lies to good hearted giving people. But they're now making it possible for the homeless members of our society to be assaulted and even murdered by those that would seek to take valuable fur coats from their person! How sick is that!? Homeless people clad not in PeTA sponsored shelters! But donated expensive fur coats! 

It smacks of premeditated extermination of the homeless/vagrant population! PeTA wants to cut the homeless pet population so they simply take custody of homeless animals and kill them in their vans. A matter of record, even in PeTA's own accounts that show in 2006 they killed roughly 97% of the animals given to their custody!

They want to eliminate the population of homeless persons they simply clad them in expensive furs that are dead, as their campaigns have screamed for years, and that invites violent criminals to acquire the coats by force!

PeTA are tax exempt terrorists with no compassion for human suffering! Example:

"Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it." - PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk

How can they be against curing AIDS through animal research when PeTA employee's murder animals in the back of PeTA vans!? Assuming the policy: "Better dead than fed or adopted!"  Is it ethical to treat animals in such a way?! Considering PeTA kills nearly all animals entrusted to their care!?

Keep in mind the co-founder, Ingrid Newkirk! An organization is only as ethical as it's foundation. Ingrid Newkirk is featured in the movie: "I am an Animal!" Yes she is! Unfortunately she's an unethical soulless and tax exempt rich one!

A 2003 New Yorker profile included PETA top dog Ingrid Newkirk's story of how she became involved in animal rights after a shelter put down stray kittens she brought there. So she went to work for an animal shelter in the 1970s, where, she explained, "I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself. Because I couldn't stand to let them go through (other workers abusing the animals.) I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day." Source:

The offenses committed by PeTA against individuals and organizations are immense. They even targeted an Abbey for their standards and practices of raising chickens to produce the foremost income product of eggs. True, the practices of debeaking and battery caging the birds was abhorrent! But even when the Abbey agreed to change those methods, PeTA would have no compromise! And harassed and intimidated the Mepkin Abbey to such an extent that they had to dispense with that sole mode of income completely! (article:

You see, in PeTA's ideal world not even pets would be allowed, if they had the power to stop it!

This quote, attributed to Ingrid Newkirk, perhaps explains why PeTA murders homeless pets in van's! It's a matter of animal murder and thus,  no ethics!

"Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about
by human manipulation."  -- Ingrid Newkirk

So this Petition is designed to outrage and activate those who have a genuine and sincere love of animals! PeTA is a tax exempt entity and as such their efforts and the monies they receive are not only non-taxable, but that 501c3 status precludes PeTA from pursuing , through the Legislative process, any means of insuring what they claim their organization stands for. Ethical Treatment of animals. Bills and then laws that would protect the voiceless members of our society!  Instead, they print materials designed to incite public outcry, often based on erroneous or fraudulent information, just to get people to react against those they target in such materials. And they always have an option for members and the general public to send them more money! Ostensibly so they can continue the fight!
The fight for what!? Legislation to save the animals PeTA employee's kill at will!? Legislation to prohibit fur coats being manufactured, when they'll accept them so as to donate them to homeless persons they could very easily shelter in buildings those millions of tax free dollars sponsor. Instead of screaming for years: "FUR IS DEAD!" And then expecting praise for cladding homeless people in the pelts of the dead! So they can then be what?! A statistic after someone decides to take that expensive fur coat by any means necessary?!

Sign this petition. What good will it do!? It'll make the numbers stand out in the event anyone does a GOOGLE search for keywords like: "PeTA" and "Petition". It'll be forwarded to the IRS, when it's completed, to ask for the revocation of PeTA's tax exempt status. A free money privilege that now affords PeTA as an example of Tax Exempt Terrorists.  (If they'll kill animals for their cause, they'll kill people! In fact Ingrid Newkirk's comments about AIDS and animal research prove that well enough!)

And if you'd like to petition the IRS independently, to revoke the tax exempt status of this unethical threat to animal and human welfare the world over go here:,,id=128722,00.html

Or you may wish to participate in the effort underway by National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) . (Link:  )

It is said if we don't stand for something we'll fall for anything. I say if we don't stand for the voiceless members of our society. For those that are being misled, exploited and persuaded from their monies by an unethical, immoral, animal murdering terrorist entity like PeTA, then we're guilty of apathy in the face of evil.  When people don't care to live up to the standard they claim is their platform for activism, as they incite the public to trust and send tax free donations, then we the people have to hold them accountable! Terrorism should cost! Liars and murders of innocent animals should pay! Unethical organizations should not be rewarded in the millions, never paying taxes because they claim their worthy of tax exempt status as an animal welfare, animal rights organization.  People invested in the ethical treatment of animals don't murder dog's in the back of vans! They don't assault human animals because they dare to live their lives contrary to what PeTA approves!

Say that, with your signature! And if enough of us stay the course we'll prove animal rights are paramount and that's why unethical terrorism perpetrated against animals and people , while it can't yet be jailed, at least pays the tax!

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