Ron Paul or Obama - YOUR CHOICE!

Watching the Republicans' heinous treatment of the *ONLY* real Conservative in the race has been beyond sickening.

Having Mitt Romney shoved down our throats is even WORSE.

For my entire adult life, I've voted "lesser of two evils" - and the result has been a slow slide into oblivion for our Republic.

At this point, we're standing on the edge of a MAJOR collapse of our economy, our currency, and our culture - and ONLY a hardcore Conservative has *ANY* chance of turning things around.

If a collapse is inevitable, I believe it would be better for us to JUST GET IT OVER WITH - whereas more long, slow slide to oblivion would bring us back to the "boiling frog" paradigm, and coax people back to sleep.

If we MUST go through the horrors of a collapse, then LET'S GET IT OVER WITH!

For these reasons, I will vote for Ron Paul, or I will vote for Obama!
We the undersigned have tried every way we know how to get your attention.
We've watched as you've played your sick political dirty tricks, and we've had enough.
We're TIRED of watching our Republic slide into oblivion, despite your promises to do otherwise.
This is THE END.
We the undersigned believe that this is our Republic's last chance to avert disaster.
A true Constitutionalist in the White House MIGHT be able to turn things around - but you've pulled out every single dirty trick in the book to undermine his candidacy, while shoving an establishment candidate NOBODY wants down our throats.
We've allowed you to do this because for too many years we've just gone along and voted for whatever Republican was there, because he was better than the opposition.
We the undersigned are signing this petition to make it clear to you: If we cannot vote for Ron Paul, then WE WILL VOTE FOR OBAMA!
If we cannot vote to SAVE OUR REPUBLIC, then we'll vote for a fast-collapse in the hope that it will awaken the sleeping majority to re-establish our Constitutional Government.


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