Russia has one of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the developed world.

February 15 2011

Addressed to:

President of Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev

Prime Minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

State Duma, Moscow  

Governor of Krasnodar Region (%u201CKuban%u201D) A.N.Tkachev

Head of Town of Tuapse A.V.Chekhov

Temporary assigned Head of Tuapse District V.V. Libanev



As you know, Russia has one of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the developed world. It was first introduced in 2000 and remains virtually since then. Another Law was passed leaving intact all the loopholes in the way offences are defined. These loopholes continue to prevent the prosecution of many serious animal abusers. Russia needs a law for the 21st century, not the 19th century.

Animal cruelty is a grave form of violence that must be addressed. It is also a form of violence that is recognized in reams of authoritative, academic research as a precursor to violence against humans. Why is the Russian government unable or unwilling to grasp this? We need a law that takes heinous crimes against animals seriously.

A bill that would make the necessary changes to Russia%u2019s animal cruelty law has been batted around by State Duma for the past decade and at one time had the support of some parties in the Duma as well as animal protection groups, animal use industries and veterinarians. Unfortunately, it has been the victim of misinformation. As a Russian who cares about animals, I%u2019m asking you to learn the facts about our animal cruelty law and bring forward amendments that will properly protect all animals from cruelty and abuse, while safeguarding important heritage activities including farming, hunting and fishing.


There is strong lobby from animal abusers of all sort in State Duma in Moscow. Below please find examples of where the lobby is coming from.:

From Moscow State University vivisection department. From animal fur producers. From  meat producers. Even from professional dog breeders.

I ask you to think of all the animals that have been starved to death, burned in microwaves, beaten, poisoned, hanged, shoot, bound and dragged behind cars. They need a law that will protect them from such heinous acts of cruelty. Please, don%u2019t sweep this under the rug any more. The State Duma in Moscow fabricating new Law that is simply put against all animals, they are trying to substitute brilliant law project that was prepared by competent Russian Animal Rights Activistst in 2000, and one of their representatives, Russian musician Andrey Makarevich gave this law project personally to Putin%u2019s hands! There is no point to introduce current State Duma%u2019s %u201CCreation%u201D when so many serious abusers can%u2019t even be prosecuted, let alone convicted. Russian Government must stop playing politics with puppies!


Citizens of Russian Federation

Town of Tuapse

Town of Sochi

Krasnodar Region

Tuapse rescue shelter for homeless cats and dogs "Miloserdie"("Mercy").

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