"San Diego Juveniles Exposed to Feces and Urine"!

There are many children incarcerated in the juvenile justice system here in San Diego. Some facilities share a restroom, and few have toilets in their rooms. Toilets carry many germs and sometimes can evolve into a serious bacteria, that can cause a great sickness amongst the children who are exposed. As you can see in the photo, the toilet sits approx. 2 ft. away from the inmates bunk. Imagine sleeping next to a toilet?? If there are many inmates who are in and out and the toilets are exposed to STD germs, or fungus, molds, blood, and the inmates become sick, they can spread it if it is a contageon. Hundreds of kids come and go like a herd of cattle, and NO one ever cleans and sanitizes the toilets to the point they are completely free of all germs. Parents need to stand up and speak out on this very important issue, and help to get the toilets removed from the rooms of juvenile facilities!
In the recent months, many parents have become concerned due to toilets being present in juvenile inmates rooms. They sleep next to it, and spend the day in the room with germs and possibly contageons. The toilets can never be germ free, and the best results would be to remove the toilets from the juvenile inmates rooms. Germs such as mold, blood, STD's, and other abnormal contageons could cause severe sickness, or even death to juvenile inmates. Inmates also eat their food in the rooms next to a toilet! I don't think anyone should ever eat inside a bathroom! It's time to take action and remove the toilets, so that these children have a safe, clean environment. Thank you for your time and hope this issue will raise some eyebrows!
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