UPDATE: Dakota was PTS (killed) on September 30th. There were options, and the "man" that did this is a member of the FBRN (French Bulldog Rescue Network) Board of Directors. Their contract states that FBRN has the first right of refusal. FBRN voted on putting Dakota to sleep and oted in favor of. Then backtracked and said he is Gary's dog (after this blew up). Yet again, according to their contract, FBRN had every right to vote to save him and give him to him previous foster home. FBRN FAILED DAKOTA. If this pisses you off, please contact their Board of Directors, listed on their website. This rescue clearly needs new leadership.

PLEASE READ Do you remember why you joined FBRN?

I joined in 2009 as a tribute to my little sister Jessie. She took her life that year in March, at 28 years old, and I joined in August to honor her memory and to save as many dogs as I could. Because I could not save her.

When I first joined, I remember Steph & TJ posting about Dakota. FBRN was giving this dog with a terrible history a chance! It was wonderful! How proud I was to be part of this group. I read every post Steph wrote detailing the progresses they had made with Dakota. I watched the video of Dakota singing. I looked at all pictures, and even got a glimpse or 2 of Fergus! The work they did with Dakota was AMAZING and showed such dedication . I even read as Dakota was adopted out and returned. And Steph and TJ took him back.

When TJ moved back to CT and Steph could not keep Dakota with her in her apartment, I helped on the transport to get Dakota to Gary. Soon after I heard Gary adopted him and was happy he had finally found a permanent home of his own.

On September 22nd, Dakota bit Gary’s finger through his nail. As volunteers for FBRN, you have the right to know what is now happening. DAKOTA IS TO BE PUT TO SLEEP. Despite TJ offering to take him back, offering to sign any and all releases so FBRN is not held liable. Despite another rescue, knowing all of the facts, having offered to take him.  There has been begging and pleading.  And the Board of FBRN will not budge and has decided to put Dakota to sleep.  

PLEASE SPEAK UP. Say something if you disagree! There are people out there willing to SAVE Dakota and accept him for his quirks and imperfections.  There is a viable option and someplace for Dakota to go.  But the Board is saying no, he should be killed.  Who are we to end his life?  Isn't this a rescue?  I joined FBRN to save the lives of dogs, not end them when unnecessary. HELP SAVE DAKOTA!


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