C%u1EE9u Tr%u1EA1i T%u1EF5 N%u1EA1n Galang! (Save the Galang Refugee Camp!)

Ti%u1EBFng Vi%u1EC7t

L%u1EDDi k%uFFFDu goi

Theo tin loan b%uFFFDo tr%uFFFDn t%u1EDD Jakarta Post ra ng%uFFFDy 30-7-2009, Ch%uFFFDnh ph%u1EE7 Indonesia %u0111ang c%u1EE9u x%uFFFDt vi%u1EC7c nh%uFFFD c%u1EA7m quy%u1EC1n C%u1ED9ng S%u1EA3n VN y%uFFFDu c%u1EA7u ph%uFFFD h%u1EE7y nh%u1EEFng di t%uFFFDch c%uFFFDn s%uFFFDt l%u1EA1i c%u1EE7a tr%u1EA1i thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn t%u1EF5 n%u1EA1n Galang .

Vi%u1EC7c l%uFFFDm n%uFFFDy c%u1EE7a ch%uFFFDnh quy%u1EC1n H%uFFFD n%u1ED9i m%u1ED9t l%u1EA7n n%u1EEFa cho th%u1EA5y r%u1EB1ng nh%u1EEFng ng%u01B0%u1EDDi l%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1EA1o C%u1ED9ng s%u1EA3n Vi%u1EC7t Nam  bi%u1EBFn th%uFFFDi th%u1EDDi nay kh%uFFFDng kh%uFFFDc th%u1EDDi to%uFFFDn tr%u1ECB ng%uFFFDy tr%u01B0%u1EDBc, v%uFFFD b%u1EA3n ch%u1EA5t phi nh%uFFFDn, ti ti%u1EC1u, ngh%u1ECBch h%u1EB3n v%u1EDBi tinh th%u1EA7n nh%uFFFDn b%u1EA3n c%u1EE7a d%uFFFDn t%u1ED9c Vi%u1EC7t Nam, ch%u1EC9 v%uFFFD l%uFFFD do quy%u1EC1n l%u1EF1c %u0111%u1EA3ng tr%u1ECB.

%uFFFDp l%u1EF1c ph%uFFFD b%u1ECF di t%uFFFDch c%u1EE7a tr%u1EA1i t%u1EF5 n%u1EA1n Galang b%uFFFDy gi%u1EDD c%u0169ng nh%u01B0 s%u1EF1 ph%uFFFD b%u1ECF c%uFFFDc di t%uFFFDch thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn kh%uFFFDc %u1EDF M%uFFFD Lai tr%u01B0%u1EDBc %u0111%uFFFDy l%uFFFD nh%u1EEFng h%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1ED9ng l%uFFFDm x%u1EA5u h%u1ED5 cho d%uFFFDn t%u1ED9c Vi%u1EC7t Nam v%u1ED1n ho%uFFFD %uFFFDi, nh%uFFFDn ngh%u0129a. 

C%u1ED9ng %u0111%u1ED3ng Ng%u01B0%u1EDDi Vi%u1EC7t T%u1EF1 Do t%u1EA1i %uFFFDc ch%uFFFDu %u0111%uFFFD nhanh ch%uFFFDng g%u1EEDi th%u01B0 cho ch%uFFFDnh quy%u1EC1n Nam d%u01B0%u01A1ng l%uFFFDn ti%u1EBFng v%u1EC1 v%u1EE5 n%uFFFDy. M%u1ED9t s%u1ED1 %u0111o%uFFFDn th%u1EC3 t%u1ED5 ch%u1EE9c kh%uFFFDc c%u0169ng ti%u1EBFp theo h%u01B0%u1EDFng %u1EE9ng. %uFFFD ngh%u0129a ch%uFFFDnh tr%u1ECB c%u1EE7a di t%uFFFDch n%uFFFDy c%uFFFD ph%u1EA7n quan tr%u1ECDng, nh%u01B0ng %uFFFD ngh%u0129a tinh th%u1EA7n v%uFFFD %u0111%u1EA1o %u0111%u1EE9c c%uFFFDn quan tr%u1ECDng h%u01A1n trong ho%uFFFDn c%u1EA3nh tha ho%uFFFD hi%u1EC7n nay c%u1EE7a %u0111%u1EA5t n%u01B0%u1EDBc. Nh%u1EEFng ai trong t%uFFFDm h%u1ED3n c%uFFFDn l%uFFFD ng%u01B0%u1EDDi Vi%u1EC7t, v%uFFFD d%uFFFDn t%u1ED9c, kh%uFFFDng th%u1EC3 y%uFFFDn l%u1EB7ng. H%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1ED9ng t%u1ED1i thi%u1EC3u v%uFFFD c%uFFFD th%u1EC3 l%uFFFDm l%uFFFD k%uFFFD t%uFFFDn v%uFFFDo l%u1EDDi k%uFFFDu g%u1ECDi n%uFFFDy, nh%u01B0 l%uFFFD m%u1ED9t kh%u1EB3ng %u0111%u1ECBnh s%u1EF1 sai tr%uFFFDi v%uFFFD %u0111%u1EA1o c%u1EE7a th%uFFFDi %u0111%u1ED9 nh%u1EEFng ng%u01B0%u1EDDi l%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1EA1o CSVN bi%u1EBFn th%uFFFDi hi%u1EC7n nay.

V%uFFFD th%u1EBF, xin t%u1EA5t c%u1EA3 c%uFFFDc qu%uFFFD v%u1ECB nh%u1EADn %u0111%u01B0%u1EE3c th%u01B0 n%uFFFDy h%uFFFDy chuy%u1EC3n %u0111i cho b%u1EA1n b%uFFFD b%uFFFD con c%u1EE7a m%uFFFDnh, c%uFFFDng nhi%u1EC1u c%uFFFDng t%u1ED1t,  %u0111%u1EC3 chia x%u1EBB t%uFFFDm th%u1EE9c ho%uFFFD %uFFFDi nh%uFFFDn ngh%u0129a Vi%u1EC7t nam.


Tr%uFFFDn tr%u1ECDng,


Indonesian Embassy

2020 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036, USA

K%uFFFDnh g%u1EEDi Ng%uFFFDi Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

T%u1ED5ng Th%u1ED1ng C%u1ED9ng H%uFFFDa Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng

Qua Ng%uFFFDi %u0110%u1EA1i s%u1EE9 C%u1ED9ng H%uFFFDa Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng

V/v tr%u1EA1i t%u1EF5 n%u1EA1n thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn Vi%u1EC7t Nam t%u1EA1i Galang: n%u01A1i vinh danh l%uFFFDng nh%uFFFDn %u0111%u1EA1o c%u1EE7a nh%uFFFDn d%uFFFDn Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng.

K%uFFFDnh th%u01B0a T%u1ED5ng Th%u1ED1ng, 

C%u1ED9ng %u0111%u1ED3ng ng%u01B0%u1EDDi Vi%u1EC7t thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn t%u1EF5 n%u1EA1n v%uFFFD c%uFFFDng x%uFFFDc %u0111%u1ED9ng hay tin ch%uFFFDnh quy%u1EC1n C%u1ED9ng H%uFFFDa Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng %u0111ang c%uFFFD nh%u1EEFng %uFFFDp l%u1EF1c t%u1EEB t%u1EADp %u0111o%uFFFDn l%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1EA1o C%u1ED9ng ho%uFFFD X%uFFFD h%u1ED9i ch%u1EE7 ngh%u0129a Vi%u1EC7t Nam y%uFFFDu c%u1EA7u %u0111%uFFFDng c%u1EEDa tr%u1EA1i t%u1EF5 n%u1EA1n Galang, m%u1ED9t ch%u1EE9ng t%uFFFDch l%u1ECBch s%u1EED v%u1EC1 l%uFFFDng nh%uFFFDn %u0111%u1EA1o c%u1EE7a d%uFFFDn ch%uFFFDng Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng %u0111%u1ED1i v%u1EDBi h%uFFFDng tr%u0103m ng%uFFFDn thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn Vi%u1EC7t Nam. L%uFFFDng nh%uFFFDn %u0111%u1EA1o v%uFFFD c%uFFFDng c%u1EE7a nh%uFFFDn d%uFFFDn Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng khi%u1EBFn cho to%uFFFDn th%u1EC3 th%u1EBF gi%u1EDBi ng%u01B0%u1EE1ng m%u1ED9.

N%u01A1i %u0111%uFFFDy v%uFFFD m%uFFFDi m%uFFFDi v%u1EC1 sau s%u1EBD ti%u1EBFp t%u1EE5c l%uFFFD %u0111%u1ECBa %u0111i%u1EC3m thu h%uFFFDt du kh%uFFFDch trong v%uFFFD ngo%uFFFDi n%u01B0%u1EDBc h%uFFFDng ng%uFFFDy t%u1EDBi th%u0103m. Theo v%u1ECB Ch%u1EE7 t%u1ECBch Hi%u1EC7p H%u1ED9i Du l%u1ECBch t%u1EA1i Batan, tr%u1EA1i thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn Galang %u0111ang l%uFFFD m%u1ED9t ngu%u1ED3n l%u1EE3i t%u1EE9c cho d%uFFFDn ch%uFFFDng %u0111%u1ECBa ph%u01B0%u01A1ng v%u1EC1 v%u1EA5n %u0111%u1EC1 du l%u1ECBch.

C%u1ED9ng %u0111%u1ED3ng thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn Vi%u1EC7t Nam tin t%u01B0%u1EDFng r%u1EB1ng nh%uFFFDn d%uFFFDn Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng lu%uFFFDn lu%uFFFDn %u0111%u1EC1 cao Galang l%uFFFD n%u01A1i di t%uFFFDch l%u1ECBch s%u1EED c%u1EE7a Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng %u0111%u1EC3 th%u1EBF gi%u1EDBi chi%uFFFDm ng%u01B0%u1EDFng l%uFFFDng nh%uFFFDn %uFFFDi c%u1EE7a nh%uFFFDn d%uFFFDn Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng %u0111%uFFFDp %u1EE9ng v%u1EDBi l%uFFFDng can %u0111%u1EA3m c%u1EE7a con ng%u01B0%u1EDDi %u0111i t%uFFFDm t%u1EF1 do.

C%u1ED9ng %u0111%u1ED3ng ng%u01B0%u1EDDi Vi%u1EC7t thuy%u1EC1n nh%uFFFDn tr%uFFFDn to%uFFFDn th%u1EBF gi%u1EDBi m%uFFFDnh li%u1EC7t tin t%u01B0%u1EDFng r%u1EB1ng v%uFFFD nh%u1EEFng l%uFFFD do kinh t%u1EBF, x%uFFFD h%u1ED9i v%uFFFD l%u1ECBch s%u1EED, ch%uFFFDnh quy%u1EC1n Nam D%u01B0%u01A1ng do T%u1ED5ng Th%u1ED1ng l%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1EA1o s%u1EBD s%uFFFDng su%u1ED1t %u0111%u1EC3 kh%uFFFDng ra quy%u1EBFt %u0111%u1ECBnh ph%uFFFD b%u1ECF di t%uFFFDch tr%u1EA1i t%u1ECB n%u1EA1n Galang d%u01B0%u1EDBi %uFFFDp l%u1EF1c c%u1EE7a t%u1EADp %u0111o%uFFFDn l%uFFFDnh %u0111%u1EA1o C%u1ED9ng ho%uFFFD x%uFFFD h%u1ED9i ch%u1EE7 ngh%u0129a Vi%u1EC7t Nam.

Tr%uFFFDn tr%u1ECDng


Call to Action

According to a story in the July 30th edition of the Jakarta Post, The Indonesian government is considering a request by the government of Communist Vietnam to destroy the remaining vestiges of the Refugee Camps in Galang that were once occupied by Vietnamese Boat People.

This request by Hanoi once again demonstrates that the Vietnamese Communist leadership, though changing with the times, is essentially no different than the totalitarian regime of yesteryear.  The Communist leadership%u2019s inhumanity and pettiness goes against the humane spirit of the Vietnamese people simply because the Communists put power and party above all else.

The pressure to destroy the historical remains at the Galang refugee camp and previous efforts to destroy the Vietnamese refugee camps in Malaysia shame the Vietnamese people, who are loving and benevolent by nature. 

The Community in Australia has already written a letter to the Indonesian government regarding this matter.  A number of other groups and organizations have and will continue to follow suit.  The political significance of these remains are important, but their spiritual and moral significance pose even greater important in light of the deteriorating state of Vietnam today.  Any person who is Vietnamese at heart and who is one with the Vietnamese people cannot remain silent.  The minimum action one can take is to sign this letter, as a declaration against the unjust and appalling position of the Vietnamese Communist leadership that is currently in a state of metamorphosis. 

Therefore, we call upon all who receive this letter to pass it on to family members, friends, and acquaintances %u2013 the more the better %u2013 to share in the righteousness of the Vietnamese people. 



Indonesian Embassy

2020 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036, USA

To: His Excellency the Hon. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

President of the Republic of Indonesia
C/o His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia

         Re: The former Vietnamese refugee camps on Galang Island, a site that honors the humanitarian spirit of the Indonesian people.

Dear Mr President,

The community of Vietnamese boat people around the world was extremely saddened to learn that your government of the Republic of Indonesia is under pressure from the leadership of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to close the Galang Refugee Camp, a site that serves as historical evidence of the humanitarian spirit of the Indonesian people towards hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese boat people.  The compassion of the Indonesian people won the admiration and respect of the world. 

The Galang Refugee Camp shall forever be a popular tourist attraction for domestic and international visitors alike.  According to The Chairman of the Association of Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies in Batan, the Galang Refugee Camp is provides a steady source of income for the local population by attracting tourism. 

We, the community of Vietnamese boat people believe that Indonesia shall always regard Galang as a historic site worthy of preserving so that the world community may admire the charitable spirit the Indonesian people reserved for those who made the courageous journey in search of freedom. 

The world community of Vietnamese boat people strongly believe that because of economic, social, and historial reasons, your government will make the correct choice and decide against destroying the remains of the refugee camp at Galang because of pressure from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


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