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In just a couple of decades, the estimated African lion population fell from more than 75,000 to fewer than 40,000 -- a staggering decline of nearly 50%.1

If we don%u2019t take dramatic action right now, Africa%u2019s lions could quickly disappear in the wild.

Take action now to save something wild: Urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to help save lions by listing these great cats under the Endangered Species Act.

Lions once roamed throughout most of the African continent, but they have largely disappeared from three quarters of their historic range. Habitat loss, decline in prey and conflicts with humans are taking their toll on these iconic cats.

Despite these threats, African lions are still being hunted as trophies, winding up stuffed and mounted rather than living in the wild. The U.S. is the world's largest importer of African lion products -- and the number of lion trophies imported into this country is increasing.

Help save these mighty felines -- sign our petition today.

Earlier this week, Defenders and our conservation partners petitioned the U.S. Department of the Interior to list African lions as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

This listing would provide a critical first step to help save lions by prohibiting U.S. imports of lions and lion parts, increasing conservation funding and helping foreign governments conserve lions. 

We need to show broad public support for this vital action. That's why we've set an ambitious goal of generating 75,000 signatures for our emergency petition effort.

If just 2 caring people like you from tsjfdsjfds will sign our petition, we'll meet this goal -- and send a mighty roar to Washington, DC about the importance of protecting one of the world's most iconic great cats.

Interior Secretary Salazar needs to hear from you: Sign our petition today urging him to list African lions as endangered.

We don't have much time to make our voices heard. Please sign this petition nowforward this email and post it to Facebook, so we can find as many lion supporters as possible in the next 30 days.

The decline of one of the world's most iconic animals can be stopped. With your voice, you can save something wild -- and help ensure the lasting survival of Africa's lions.

Save Lions from Extinction

Male lion, Lauren Humphries, NBII

In just two decades, African lionpopulations have fallen by nearly 50 percent.

Help Save Lions -- Take Action

Urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to help save lions by listing these great cats under the Endangered Species Act.

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Put the lions in endangered species act.
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