Global warming is transforming the Artic where I live and threatening my family,relatives and friends, the polar bears from extinction.

Most of our lives are spent on sea ice where we hunt for food, however global warming is melting the sea ice at a greater rate than the scientists thought.

This means we have to swim further for food and some of us end up drowning from exhaustion.

I want to grow up to be big and strong,  just like my Dad, but I may not live that long if we are not protected.

We are the largest of the bear species, we are great hunters, our Mums and Dads protect us fiercely, just as your Mums and Dads do.

I am a Canadian Polar Bear and there are about 15,500 of us living in the Artic - Canada.  It's very important that all the boys and girls (and the adults too) from all the countries in the world, read and sign the petition to the Environment Minister, to have us protected as an  Endangered Species.

Please Save Me!

The Polar Bear Ambassador
We The Undersigned:

Urge the Canadian Government, Minister of the Environment to take immediate action to address the threats faced by Polar Bears, due to Global warming.

The Artic ice is melting earlier in the summer and taking longer to freeze in the winter.  This rsults in Polar Bears having to swim further for food, with a large number of them drowning in the process.

Global warming is destroying their habitat, and Polar Bears cannot wait any longer or have more delays.  Reduction of sea ice and its effect on Polar Bears is simple "THEY DIE".

We urge the Canadian Minister of the Environment to act now and list the Polar Bears as a threatened species in danger of extinction, under the Endangered Species Act.

Please bring this to the attention of the participants at the Round Table Convention in Winnipeg in January 2009.  We urge you to be proactive in establishing strong regulations concerning access to and removal of natural resources such as oil and gas in Canada's North Land.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter.
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