• by: Susan Bennett
  • recipient: Residents of Johnson County and Greater Kansas City

To deal with the deer over-population in Shawnee Mission Park , a suburban park in Johnson County , the county parks board has decided to slaughter 75% or more of the deer population by employing sharp-shooters and bow-hunters. This Cull will involve luring the deer to slaughter by baiting them with food. Once the deer arrive to feed, they will be annihilated.

Killing sentient beings because some suburbanite home owners view them as pests is morally abhorrent.

  1. Human development around the park has sharply altered the ecosystem, eliminating natural predators and severely shrinking the habitat of the deer. Therefore we humans have a moral obligation to mitigate the over-population problem without killing deer.
  2. Some area residents and park visitors have raised concerns over lyme disease. Such concerns are ridiculously overblown and border on hysteria.
  3. Some assert that the number of deer-caused car accidents has risen dramatically over the last several years. They have not.
  4. Some claim that the deer are starving or unhealthy, yet there is no visible evidence that the deer are suffering. Hence non-lethal means, which will reduce the population more slowly than raining a hail of bullets and arrows upon the defenseless deer, could be employed.
  5. There are realistic non-lethal options we could employ which would mitigate problems related to the deer over-population at Shawnee Mission Park . These include relocation, fertility control agents, fencing, repellents, supplemental food, and, potentially, the introduction of coyotes as predators. 

Bite Club of KC ( is engaged in a campaign to oppose and resist the impending deer massacre in Shawnee Mission Park . We will educate the public, leaflet, table, protest, demonstrate and employ other legal means to prevent the slaughter.

Join us! We welcome whatever time or assistance an animal defender is willing or able to give Park officials have determined to cull all but 50 deer.

Text about Tracy Thomas is being deleted. It's been well-established she is merely a confused individual without credibility. Johnson County KS, is one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., specific areas have residents who have complained about the deer encroaching on their property, eating their landscaping and leaving droppings. These are the people who hired the bowhunters to kill the first 29 deer. Thomas just spread the false information that inflamed anger and fueled the fire to have 400 deer killed. It was initially spearheaded by Tracy Thomas ( with her unsubstantiated claims the deer must be destroyed immediately because [she claims] they cause Lyme disease. The Center for Disease Control has facts, statistics and documentation disputing her false allegations.  The most recent statistic of any cases of Lyme Disease in Kansas or Missouri is less than 0.02%. She is pressuring authorities with her unsubstantiated claims. Take a look at her "blogspot" cited above. It may be entertaining reading to some, as she now wants the geese killed as well, claiming a laboratory has put the lyme virus on the geese deliberately so it may be spread over the U.S. This paranoid language is what initiated unfounded fear and panic. We are hopeful for more petition signatures, and your comments have been very persuasive. Please sign and forward to your contacts. There is a related petition to stop KS House Bills 2342 & 2362 allowing for seasonal archery in the Park to kill deer on a bi-annual basis.

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