save seson six the creators already made CN just needs to air it! i have a lot of questions that still need to be ansewerd and im sure you do to!!! please sign (^_^)
questions we NEED to know....
1. how did terra come back to life?
2. Does she remember anything?
3. What happened to the doom patrol?
4. what happened to blackfire?
5. what happened to redstar? did he stay in space?
6. what about Kole, Argenet, Jericho, Ganark, Tetther, othe honary titans? (and titans east)
7. How did Ding Dong Daddy get robin's brefcase?
8. What is in Robin's breifcase?
9. Who is Red X?
10. Are star/rob going out?
11. will raven get her first kiss?
12. is bb with terra or raven?
13. is slade FINNALLY dead (he has come back to life about 3 times....)
14. To the titans really break-up?
15. Can terra ever be trusted?
16. what happened to Malchior/Rorek?
17. Is Trigon really dead?
18. What happened to Arella?
19. Can the "real" titans pass control freak's "ultimate challange"???
20. and ther is a lot more (that i can't think of)
I mean, really stupid shows are taking place of Teen Titans and worse Sailor Moon, my life revolved around SM but they cancelled it,,, it has 200 episodes in japan and only 30-somthing in the USA...... and it only has 4 movies of all the years it was on!!!!!! so then TT came along, so my life revoled around that, but it got cancelled!!!!! (notice both shows were on Cartoon network....)

LINKS TO  ALSO HELP SAVE TEEN TITANS!!!!!!!- (she voices raven) (creator of the animated series)
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