save wolves in america

Most of you would sign this without me saying any thing but ill say something anyways. Most wolves are killed for fun, fame and, greed. they are killed with poison, traps, and guns with people that cant even shoot straight makes a very painful death. populations so low where the president or somebody should step in and say we need to save these animals. But no its greedy people that wants money. wolves are killed to rebuild the populations of deer. Are you kidding me. deer has been around for along time and we still dont have a problem and, the thing is if they would use there brains wolves kill the week so a hunter would get a better chance of getting a strong deer. if they dont follow the law of saving endanger animals why do we have to obey any rules. save these creatures and send, share what ever you usually do, and hopefully one day these animals will be saved.sign my other petition please also my group
if you dont and the other people dont respect the law to help endanger species your sending a bad example to others.  people are going to be like if they dont care we dont care. plus it would look good for you. people would say at least he saved those wolves at least he was a good person. you wouldn't leave with a bad reputation. i love the wolves and it would break my heart if i lost them. please save 
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