Stop the ENTIRE Beyonce at Inauguration Campaign

THE YOUTUBE VIDEO SHOWING WHY BEYONCE IS ALL WRONG FOR THE INAUGURATION IS BACK!  Circulate this video to everyone you know and anyone you think can make a difference in the campaign to fight vulgarity Thank you to the video producer and supporter who brought this back to the site.
Even after it has been announced that Aretha Franklin will perform at the Inauguration Ceremony (what an honor - from King's funeral to Obama's Inauguration!), someone in the hyper-Sasha Fierce Spin Zone is still pushing for her to be included (Dec. 25 "Showbiz Tonight"). There are many official Balls and events that celebs want to be included in for the publicity. These events will be just as high-profile (playing over and over on the news) as the Ceremony. We've seen evidence of her people trying to erase this petition but none that she's cleaned up her image. The Inauguration Committee heard our voices before planning the Big Show, now show them that we mean an ENTIRELY CLEAN Inauguration!
Her hypersexual image and aid to the negative images of women is in itself enough to exclude her. We don't want young girls OR boys to see this behavior validated at the most public display of the world moving in a positive direction.

For those in the B.K camp monitoring this petition. Please read the more than 900 signature without prejudice. The majority of people are saying they view your artist as an entertainer and not a proper role model. Many artists have been seen as sexy but not raunchy- meaning, 20 yrs from now, where will you be and what will be your mark in history? The late Eartha Kitt had a legacy as a sexy women but left this world as someone who stood for something and 60 yrs of respect. How will you be seen 60 yrs from now? As you and your base matures you will see that you have to rely on substance over grinding in order to "make" a legand.

(Video even her fans petitioned to have removed

Shocking photo -

We would welcome supporting Ms. Knowles and her career if she would aggressively work to improve her image and send positive messages and images to our children.

This is a new day. In the tradition of Barack Obama's historic win, we want only positive images and role models for children around the world who will be watching the Presidential Inaguration. You must help put an end to female degradation by putting a stop to performers like Beyonce. I'm sure Malia and Sasha aren't allowed to immulate people like this and this person shouldn't be put before other children as a symbol worthy of such a wonderful event.
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