School Hair Color Policy

  • by: Ryan Leech
  • target: To get schools to allow for students to color their hair they way they want.
Presently, District 70 Schools do not allow students to put in hair dye of any color other than natural colors only.  I believe that this is an unnescessary form of control.  The only argument to put down my disagreement is that it is disruptive to the learning enviroment.  From my own personal experience, I went to school with blue highlights.  I had two people I didn't know from two seperate classes give me a comment.  The people I did know said that they liked it and that was the end of it.  These comments did not interrupt anything and nobody really paid attention.  I only had one teacher say anything and he asked if I knew my hair was blue.  These are relatively insignificant instances compared to the consistent chatter that can be heard all the time.  Because of this I do not believe that colored hair can be considered a detriment to the learning enviroment.
We the undersigned begin by thanking you for taking the time to read and consider our petition, this letter, and our point of view.  We are acting against the Policy that the only hair colors allowed in the school enviroment are those that are considered "natural".  We believe that this is an unnessescary form of control that has good intentions but is not founded on solid reasoning.  From what little experience their is in having colored hair in school it does not take on any more of a role as John Doe getting new shoes or Jane Does new purse.  It is a sidenote as everything else is in school. 
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