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Philippines has a lot of beautiful and intelligent women in its population. It is quite controversial that Miss Janina San Miguel won as Miss Philippines World. While she is undeniable pretty and has excellent stage presence and skills, she is hopelessly lacking when it comes to wit and speech. Disaster is almost guaranteed if we allow Miss Janina San Miguel to represent us, Filipinas, to the Miss World Pageant.  Not only will she be the laughing stock, we will all be embarrassed as a race as well.

We say give the Miss Philippines World crown to someone else and let Janina be a runner up. While walking, posing, smiling and stage presence can be taught, wit and intelligence cannot be as easily aqcuired. Definitely not in 7 months time.  Please help us spread the word and convince whoever is in charge to select someone else and give our country a fighting chance in the Miss World Pageant.

People say that her English skills can be fixed by a translator. If we do this, this will be the first in Philippine history that our Miss World Representative will need  a translator. Philippines was once a US Commonwealth and English is one of our official languages. Our country boasts of our English speaking population and her negative media attention will likely affect all the companies that seek to open call centers in our islands. This will mean loss of potential jobs that our otherwise good English speakers might have.

Be patriotic and send this petition to everyone you know. Her embarrassment is ours as a people too.

The Q&A at the pageant where she embarrasses herself :

Interview with Butch where she demonstrates poor comprehension skills, English or Tagalog :

Ruffa Gutierez has a point :

Dear Sir/Madam :

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please reconsider sending Miss Janina San Miguel to the Miss World Pageant as a representative to the Philippines. We believe that she will embarrass us all and will compromise potential customer service jobs that will otherwise be opened in the Philippines and be offered to our Filipino people.

Not only will her actions be a cause for lament and a huge ding on our Filipino pride but it can also affect our economy adversely as well, specially to those working in call centers and in the customer service industry.

Thank you again for taking the time and God bless you !
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