Separate Church = Corporate from State

  • by: Casey Reed
  • target: People who want a real democracy
The Constitution's 1st Amendment (The 1st Amendment in The Bill of Rights) declares our right to Free Speech and the Separation of Church and State. The principle driving this amendment is corruption of the people's right to express themselves with cultural institutions, such as the church, that have in the past, present, and will in the future dominate their ability to choose what the people want to do, and say what the people want to say. Corrupt Capitalism effectively robs people of the ability to express their will in elections and be represented by elected officials. If powerful authorities have power over people's lives, their families, cities, states, nations and government, just as the church did in Europe when the founding fathers separated these institutionalized authorities or the church from state in our Constitution, then we need to question the right of corporations to have such power.

Corporations today are institutions. They are authorities. They have power over our lives, media, and our government. The same principle that makes sense in the first amendment to the Constitution guarding against undo influence from the biggest and richest corporation in the world today as it was in the 1700's: the Catholic Church. Does it makes sense today, with respect to corporations, to let them dominate our lives and government? Consider the Inquisition that lasted 600 years and killed  and tortured millions of people and Corporate World Domination as parallels.

The issue here is not about religion or the "church" itself, but what kind of power it has as an institution or authority to corrupt, harm, or destroy the people or their government.

Nevertheless, today's religious institutions are even more varied and powerful and must be kept in check, but they share this privileged power and control that violates our freedom of expression, in terms of our personal identities, to our national identity and government, and today as citizens of the world, corporations are running things and are not in check. We have lost our way. We have lost the spirit and legal principle of separation of special interests and power elites over state that is implicit in the Separation of Church and State amendment to the Constitution.

Corrupt Capitalism is what Corporate America has become today. We need corporations to make computers and cars, but not to run our government or influence or dominate other country's governments and that is corruption in its worst form because people lose their freedom.

From lobbies, publically licenced medias both print and broadcasting, to the Military Industrial Complex, corporations dominate our lives economically, we are dependent upon them for employment, educationally, corporations make the equipment we vote on and count the votes in our elections, and have greater influence over our government than any individual. The one guiding principle for corporations is PROFIT, not the people's best interests. The Constitution declares the government is of the people, by the people, and for the people, but as in the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" corporations as special interests, institutions that people are dependent upon, and as the rich and powerful, corporations run our government and world we live in.    

Today it is tantamount to the "church" runs our government and there is no separation of Church and State. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves with disgust.

It is time to take back our Constitutional right to live free from oppressive corrupting forces, as the founding fathers knew all too well, and today the Bill of Rights from the Constitution is a word game for corporate lawyers and no longer protects our rights. Corporate lawyers have distorted the Constitution to say that corporations have the rights of individuals, so they can dominate the Constitution and "express" their will, or it is more realistic to say DOMINATE the media, congressional lobbies, elections, and our government and other countries all over the world.

It is important to remember and repeat that corporations have one goal: profit. The bottom line is why oil corporations have dominated our government and we still burn oil or coal instead of developing solar, wind, or algae for fuel sources. The bottom line is why 50,000,000 Americans have no health insurance and the rest of us risk bankruptcy if we get really sick. The bottom line is why jobs are going over seas and we are under paid. The bottom line is not in the best interest of the people.

The first corporation corrupted the government of England and it was the East India Company. They were the primary reason for unfair taxes, unfair exploitation, and profiting from wars all over the world, while they directed the government of England to send it's military to the colonies and attack the colonists, thus the East India Company is first major corporation and it caused the American Revolution. Today the U.S. corrupt corporation's elite have directed our country's military through the "Puppet in Chief" and our non-representative representatives in congress, to break International Law and attack Iraq.

Now we see the war in Iraq is due to the Corporate American despots called the Project for the New American Century PNAC (Google this) and bush&co are the tools that the rich and powerful corporate power elite are using to dominate not just the United States, but the world.

It is time to stop this. Demand a constitutional amendment to separate Corporate and State. The government should represent the people. This means that no person should be in public service on any level if they have been employed by a corporation for ten years prior to running for office and they can not return to corporate employment or receive payment or support from corporations for ten years after leaving office. No corporations can influence congress, elections, or the media because all these things should be in the people's best interest, not done for profit.

Please for the sake of freedom and real democracy, for the sake of our children's freedom from oppressive institutions, for the sake of the world community, end the cycle of Corrupt Capitalism that grips the U.S. and the world, by separating Corporate from State and amend our Constitution now.

Thank you for your consideration,
Casey Reed
It is clear to most that religion or church is not separate from state. Further, the largest corporation in the world is the Catholic Church. Corruption of the people is protected by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, but the largest corporation in the world influences and dominates people's lives to the point that they can not regulate their reproductive lives, vote for non religious candidates, or educate themselves to views that do not include religious perspectives. This is an ongoing crime against humanity that all churches and religions continue to commit and we need to enforce the 1st Amendment here in the U.S. and realize this corrupting influence are the same as those from Corporate Media, Corporate Lobbies, corporate written or sponsored laws, and corporate employers. We need to Separate Church=Corporate from State and enforce the 1st Amendment now!

The Republicans are the Corporate American party and those who I like to call sheeple. Followers don't question authority or reason how things work because understanding gives you a choice and you may not respect what you understand. Religions work this way and historically the roots of political corruption are tied to religious organizations; hence the 1st Amendment to the Constitution makes Separation of Church and State the law.

Separation of Corporate and State would make judges who work with corporations, or the rich and powerful people who own corporations criminals. Shouldn't this be true for all connections with the corporations or their owners, executives, or representatives and our government? I mean Chaney and Haliburton taking the U.S. to the Illegal Iraq War should be a crime against the Constitution, beyond lying to the American People and Congress.
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