Sheriff Jody Mills{Kim Rhodes} Monster Hunter/ Law Enforcement

  • target: Make Kim Rhodes a regular on Supernatural

Sheriff Mills has been thrown into the world of Demons and monsters via Bobby Singer{Jim Beaver). With the on and off attraction/connection between the two, in additon to her ability to kick major Supernatural butt, her connection with the law, and her experience not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous,she would make a great part of the team every episode, as Bobby's new partner and/or???. Let alone her use of weapons and CQC hence:"She is certified in four kinds of stage combat: hand-to-hand, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger."As partner to Boys she would make an excellent replacement. - A true fan has spoken, hopefully more will follow suit

To Whom It May Concern at The Cw Network co/Supernatural,

We the fans feel that the character list for SPN is dwindling rapidly, though they may be part of the writing process for the show, we would like to see more of Kim Rhodes as Sheriff Jody Mills. We feel that she would be a major asset to the show, let alone the Wicnhester Boys and especially the Bobby Singer character. She is well loved by her fans and her character is tough enough to handle the evil they sometimes run accross. She would be very useful in her law enforcement connection, along with her basic first aid skill and a meal every once in a while for Bobby and the Boys. not to mention a great hunter and/or back up. since the loss of Rufus. Also the voice of reason because sometimes us guys all need a womans advice on particular thing.So far she has proven herself to mantain her cool no matter what she has saw,and will continue to do so in future episodesAnd the tension can go on between her and Bobby. i do not want nor do i expect any credit for this just that Mrs. Rhodes is one of my favorite characters,and will prove to be very useful in upcoming episodes. Thank you,

Sincerely, a huge Supernatural fan,

Chris johnson


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