The Resita Zoo is a small town Zoo convenably located in the city's most polluted areas and also the perfect spot for committing animal abuse. The animals suffer from lack of space, as they are being held in rusty iron barred cages that don't fit their size or needs nor have any resemblance to their natural habitat. For instance, there is the case of a deer held in some sort of shed to preved her from smashing her head against the metal bars in her useless attempt to escape,as she was taken from the forest and put into the Zoo;rabbits are held in small metal boxes in groups of 6, both big and small, regardless of the fact that the little ones can easily squeeze out of their cages and might fall or injure themselves. But not only the small animals have to endure these conditions;large animals such as bears and lions are being held in cages the size of a living room,when they should enjoy a space of 800 square metres,by law. With these conditions, animals can develop zoochosis at any time (zoochosis - deep, even psychotic depression, as a result of captivity; symptoms include : nervous pacing, self-mutilation, head rocking, vomiting, bar biting, tongue playing, circling, neck twisting, overgrooming, head bobbing).
There is also the problem of quality,not just quantity:there are absolutely no conditions to help the animals cope with weather conditions or with the passing of the seasons: in winter they are left to freeze to death and in summer they dehydrate due to lack of water.
Another problem that affects the animals is the poor food they are given,as they are fed carelessly, not according to their needs and this is reflected by the aspect and poor health of the animals,as they are all weak, some underweight, ill and unhappy. There is also a shortage of clean bathing and drinking water.
This is just a mere presentation of the atrocities the poor innocent creatures at the Resita Zoo are obliged to endure. But this must be put to an end! With ur help and support, along with our friends from PETA, who have given us their full support, we can give the animals a new life, a better life! This Zoo must be shut down, the animals MUST be saved! So please, give us your signature, help save the animals, because they deserve so much more than what they get! Sign and Save!!! Thank you, Raluca

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