Shutdown Pets Unlimited in Sunnyside, Queens, NY

  • by: LIC Ferals
  • target: ASPCA, (212) 876-7700, ext. 4450, or . Activist Groups opposed to pet store cruelty and people and groups opposed to puppy mills

These animals need our help! Please urge the NY ASPCA and puppy mill groups to ban and help shutdown Pets Unlimited in Sunnyside, Queens, NY. The conditions of this small cramped store you can barely walk through are filthy, overcrowded and under managed. In addition from the puppy mill dogs being brought into the store, there are adult dogs that can barely manage to turn around in there cage. The cages are stacked to the ceiling with frightened anxious dogs and cats. Some of the cages have no food or water and the smell of feces is overwhelming. Sickly kittens that are skin and bones are forced together in single cages with nothing else but shredded paper. The fish tanks are so filthy you cannot see any fish through the glass and murky water. Puppies are being flown into JFK from puppy mills and when the owner was asked to comment on the puppy mill business in the local Sunnyside Paper, his reply was "no comment".  Please help these animals today! They deserve a loving home and dignity today! Recently I saw two sickly looking gray kittens in the same cage with no food or water and skin and bones. The fish tanks are filthy and neglected. Please stop this horror! 

Please just look at the reviews on Yelp or City Search and read the harrowing customer accounts.

Dear NYC City Officials, ASPCA,

We are writing to you on behalf of the petition site to Shutdown Pets Unlimited in
Sunnyside, NY. We are in the process of collecting 1,000 signatures to express our
frustration and moral obligation to help the animals of this filthy, cramped and under
managed pet store. We know that despite being in business for decades, the owner and
operators of Pets Unlimited violate animal cruelty laws time and time again and have
managed to avoid being fined or shutdown by the NY State ASPCA by the numerous
complaints made against this pet store.

Regardless of the moral obligation to adopt rather than buy from puppy mills, these dogs,
cats, parakeets and fish for sale are constantly flea and tick infected, malnourished, thin
and confined in small cages in the back room of the shop in cages stacked to the ceiling.
One, atop of another. The smell of feces and urine is overwhelming and cockroaches can
be seen infesting the food. The only puppies allowed have space to play are the puppies
placed in the front window for sale and they themselves are sad and sickly looking. We
have seen puppies being flown in from JFK airport, frightened and roughly handled and
coming from known puppy mill breeders. The fish tanks are dirty and you can barely see
and fish in the murky unclean waters. The parakeets are cramped into small filthy cages.
The description and pain felt in this store can go on and on. Numerous times I have come
in to check on these animals and have seen no food and water in some of the dog and cat
cages and that is unacceptable! Mr. Vallone Jr. I could list more deplorable conditions but
I will let the residents of Sunnyside that have signed this petition speak for themselves in
the comments they have left.

Some of us have tried to reason with the owner politely, Steve De Simone and he his
reaction has been rough and abrasive dismissing any help from people who care, or even
listening to any criticism on how the community feels about his store and the care of the
animals sold there.

Please read our petition site, our comments and thoughts, and take action for the residents
of Sunnyside and surrounding areas that can no longer walk down that side of 46th street
without our hearts going out to the animals in misery there, and the suffering that haunts
us inside that tiny torture shop.

Please hear our voice for the residents, but most of all, for the animals.


LIC Ferals

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