We are sure that you are working hard to obtain a worthy law for our animals, but it's going really slow and we just can't wait any longer. we need a quick action by the authorities, and is you who has in its hands stop talking in the parliament (as it’s useless) and start asking people to express themselves massively because this is unbearable, outrageous improper for a country that is proud to be European. (Convene acts and public manifestations in Madrid with the big associations as Galgos Sin Fronteras, Amigo De Los Galgos, S.O.S Galgos, Sofía Refugio Escuela, Anaa, El Refugio, Las Nieves, Scooby, Kimba, Pro-Animalista, etc… with buses and you will see how many people will be there to be heard… the Zapatero government has failed to us. This legislature he should’ve done something to stop the animal mistreatment, but obviously not wait any more days to ban the hunting with GREYHOUNDS-GALGOS, but yes it’s hard and for cowardly people to deal with them (that are really a minority, but it seems as they are powerful, like the hunters that are from the centre of Spain all way down to the south.)

The king of this country is a hunter himself and he should give the example and not to hunt same as Mr. Bono who is a GALGUERO and shouldn’t be either. So you really think could we ever be really European or are we just European to have the damn Euro that has ruin our lives?

In England, they used to hunt foxes and people expressed massively in the streets and they put an end to that ancient barbarism, Charles of England was one of those hunters and had to agreed to what all the people wanted, and that’s a democracy… but Spain is Europe and world’s shame.

We call culture to GREYHOUND’S KILLINGS, THE CORIA’S BULL, BULLFIGHTING NATIONAL FESTS, in HUELVA THEY MAKE THE HORSES AND ALL THE WORKING ANIMALS TO JUMP OVER THE FIGHT this comes from hundreds of years ago… but when are we going to stop getting entertained in expense of the animals? What president will be brave enough to put an end to all of this? Everything is a men, killers and animal abuser’s world).

While bureaucracy follow its own so slow flow, every day thousand of greyhounds are mistreated, burned, hanged, abandoned and we are really tired, the associations, the kennels, volunteers and the individuals that help with our emails (lots and lots that we receive every day) to spread those animal mistreatment that the only thing they did wrong was to be born as pure and very fast athletes, and that’s why they are punished with the worst of the tortures, abandonment and killings.

As you already know, every year in Spain thousand of GREYHOUNDS-GALGOS die, abandoned to its own luck, to the gallows, burned, fall into traps, thrown into wells, to be mutilated in too many ways and that’s unbearable for a country that says it is EUROPEAN… in the rest of the European countries the animals are not treated as mere working tools and of course the hunting with GREYHOUND-GALGO was banned many years ago…

The hunting with GREYHOUND-GALGO do not generate money, but it is the wish of some town’s men and some other with a high monetary power that are not better than those poor town’s men, it’s completely the opposite, their economic power most of the times makes them more capricious and bloodthirsty when going to hunt.

Once and for all you should get this country to stop practising any kind of hunting, but the priority is the one using GREYHOUND-GALGO as in a few days, we will start again with abandonment, hangings and many barbarian acts made by those called human beings, in fact in the few days since the new year started we already had the cases of a few shattered GREYHOUND-GALGO  by the wish of a few mad killers called GALGUEROS.

We are in the XXI century, but not for the Spaniards, we are stucked in… IN A PLACE OF LA MANCHA WHOSE NAME I DO NOT WANT TO REMEMBER… do you remember, right? Of course, that’s how THE QUIXOTE starts and never better mentioned the cripple as that route is the most cruel that I have ever known in my 53 years, not forgetting about Andalucía, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León and Extremadura.

MADRID shouldn’t be the capital of a State that allows in the capital the appearance very often of hanged greyhounds, abandoned in the road, hitted by cars, bleeding by kicks in the mouth, pregnant bitches and abandoned to their own luck and as many barbarian acts as you can describe, that can not be permitted by a European government.

BAN now the hunting, a cruel SPORT called like that by the hunters, but it has nothing to do with SPORTS, killing is not a SPORT, no sirs it is not.

In the cavern era was needed to eat now is done to have joy with the animal’s pain.

It would be a sport if they would be the ones running after the hares as the GREYHOUND-GALGO does, that’s something I would really like to see and now if the hunters would think the same way, and obviously give them the same end they give to the poor GREYHOUND-GALGO.

You, that represent part of the Spaniards, should make campaigns in Europe against our country and boycott the exportation of our products while they keep on KILLING by pleasure GREYHOUNDS-GALGOS and the hunting is not banned… that’s not culture sirs, it is just a custom, ancestral costumes that should be abolished by the government.

I want this letter to be read by all animal lovers as soon as the GREYHOUND-GALGO does after the hares, so their KILLERS can be proud in front of the others and can say their GREYHOUND-GALGO is the better… I want to GET thousand of signatures so once and for all we will be heard and caught your attention.

STOP NOW to cruelty and so many killings committed by a few to have joy.

And we do not want to hear that hunters are not the KILLERS of these wonderful animals, we have been fooled for so many years but we are not stucked anymore in the DEEP AND OLD SPAIN. We think by ourselves and obviously 50,000 GREYHOUND-GALGO are not stolen every year, and what a coincidence they only appear when the hunting season is over, so they don’t believe anymore the stuff about gypsies or stolen animals. The hunters, a 99% are animal abusers and it’s for sure they just don’t abuse of animals, because the one that can do that with a poor animal, hope god save their sons and wives.

We want a law that will be apply in the whole country, no matter what autonomy. Actually depending on the autonomy, your dog needs to have microchip, or some vaccines, etc…

Hanging is not different or less painful for a GREYHOUND-GALGO that is in the north or the one that is hanged in Castilla León, Castilla La Mancha, Extremadura or Andalucía. They suffer the same torture, the same barbarism with no reason from an animal called rational and HUMAN, when the irrationals even being tortured keep on moving the tails to their abusers. How can be possible so much nobility, so much love for the hand that only feed them with a poor piece of hard bread and explode them until their exhausted? Really, I want to understand them but I can’t, I would kill if I was treated like that, I would bite till my ABUSER was dead, but GREYHOUND-GALGO can not, why?

I am not Spanish anymore, I don’t accept this government that stands still doing nothing while thousand of animals die every year in hunter’s hands, I don’t accept a country known by its solidarity but that turn the head away as nothing was happening, I don’t accept to be a human being, because they, just animals, have a heart, tenderness and lots of love to give, we are not able to do the same.

All the people that do nothing to put an end to so much pain and annihilation of GREYHOUND-GALGO, those that permit the hunting, their hands are stained with living being’s BLOOD, innocent, that have cold, are hungry, need to sleep and be loved as anyone of us, but the government do not want to see it, they do not worry if they keep dying tortured. They only keep on promoting the animal abusers called GALGUEROS because obviously they are also HUNTERS with ties but not better than those town men.

Help the rescue centres with fewer sources, to those volunteers that have in their homes many animals to save them from mistreatment, but they don’t have enough money to provide them the life they deserve.

Control the town halls and their kennels, where they have hundreds of animals in the worst conditions, dying frozen, hungry, or sleeping in their own excrements, without veterinary care, and they receive 50 euros per animal, what a SHAME OF COUNTRY… most of the kennels are like the one in Puerto Real (Cadiz) but no one does a thing about it…. Corrupt veterinarians, put and remove microchips or they use euthanasia with so much pain, poisoned by people that are supposed to be animal lovers as they decided to study that career to help them, but nobody controls that.

Ban the sales of living beings in pet stores, control breeders and kennels, control animal sterilizations.

Seprona should have the authority to requisition and to evict mistreated animals at the moment, not being necessary the denounces, because while we are with the bureaucracy so many animals are suffering barbarism.

Say no to those animals tied for life, that’s psychic mistreatment, SAY NO to those individuals that don’t care properly and overall jail punishment so when they think about getting a new animal they will think twice about it.

Persecute those people that sell ill animals on Internet that come from Eastern countries with so much pain for those ill animals. If you can control drugs at customs, you can also control the animal’s traffic. You just need some interest and really want to do it.




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