Stop Child Support Bias Against Obligor

  • by: Tonie Mann
  • target: fathers and mother's that owe child support
Too many times we here of campagnes to seek child support for a child of a single mother. We never stop to hear the other side of the story. The Child Support System does work- but only for the respondant. There is much bias towards the obligor most of the times fathers who have other children to support and do not have the means to pay the high support orders that have been made for them.

I am a mother and wife who has seen this biasness too many times within the past four years. About four years ago, after my husband and I were married he got letter for a child parternity test of a two year old child from an old girlfriend. After months passed and we moved away (after getting evicted 1 month after our daughter was born- we did not have the money to even pay rent!) we get more letters that were sent to his mothers address that say that an order had already been made (we never even got the results of the paternity tests). Now by that time mediation had been set up and we were told that he had to pay whatever amount was set. While guidelines are supposed to be used when calculating the costs and determining support we have been forced to pay high child support that has not taken into account the fact that he has another biological child that he has to care for. Needless to say, years have passed and the orders have been increasing even after he lost his job and he was jailed and lost his job while he was incarcerated.
Another issue that plagues many families is the inability of the absent parent to see the child. My husband has tried many times to visit his son but has only been met with hostility and maliciousnous from the son's mother. Each time we want to see him, she agrees but when we get there she tells us that she doesn't want us at her home. What are we to do? Isn't it in the best interest of the child for us to see him in a comfortable environment (with his mother around) until he gets to really know us. All she cares about is free money- not the welfare of the child. To make matters worse, he has been providing medical insurance for his son and his teeth are all rotten. When he brings the issue of in court, it gets pushed aside as all they are concerned about is how much money they can squeeze out of the absent parent. Tell me, who is really looking out for this child? Not the family courts! That about the equality of individuals?
Where is the justice for my little girl who has been robbed of a quality of living?

I have tried to get an attorney but they all require us to pay when we have no money at all. I have asked for help from the child support office and all they do is give me a number where I am directed to call a lawyer and accept regular retainer fees. This is nonsense and needs to be stopped. We need to have the laws changed so that things like this do not happen to families where the father is responsible but just cannot afford to pay the support order. The Child Support System works but only for the respondant!! It hurts the economy more than helps and jails innocent fathers and mothers for no reason at all.

I am now about to have our second child and am burdened with trying to figure out how we will finance the needs of the new baby. As of now, we are struggling with caring for our five year old daughter and barely have money to survive. We filed for a modification of the child support order and it was denied. The courts are not listening to us and could care less if my family gets kicked out on the streets. I will be starting medical school in a year and now have a list of worries on top of the difficult work load I will face in the future. I know that the officials know that this system is corrupt but they are stuck in their ways and will not change. That is unless we do something about it collectively as a whole.

Let's all join together to bring about a change. Please sign my petition. You may also leave me a message containing your email address or contact information. I am taking this all the way to the Senate Floors! It all starts here. The time is NOW! Spread the word.

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To make a greater impact feel free to print this petition out and distribute it freely. Spread the word and let's get this petition signed with abundant signatures. I have heard your cries. Now it is time to knock down these bogus laws and let justice be served.

Thank you all for sharing your stories. We all recognize the injustice going on in America today. Bill Clinton started this and I will do all that I can to bring it before the Senate to have them fix it! I think Hillary needs to right her husbands wrongs. He may of had been trying to help but his efforts have cause America more harm than good. Now other countries are following after America and adopting these bogus laws. When will it end?

I say to you- don't stop trying. Give me your stories and spread the word, I cannot tell you enough how importantit is for you to get others to sign this and share their stories. I want Congress to see this and hear all of our cries for justice. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!

I have emailed many legislators and have heard back from several in my state and another in the state in which the case resides. If you would like to bring a change, write to your local officials in your state. To find out who your officials are perform a google search or go to and input the search term <(your state) General Assembly> or <Board of Elections>. From there you should be directed to a list of the legislatures in your district. You may also write to the president. You can just print out this petition and send it via email of postmail to whomever you want to hear your issues. We need to be heard yesterday! Here is the address to the president:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
And if you would like assistance from me on getting your issue heard (free of charge of course), please do email me at one of the following addresses: (or)

I am not a state official or representative. I am just a concerned individual who cares for the rights of others as well as my own and will continue to fight the good fight until justice prevails for all.

May you all have peace in your situations. The time to get back what you have lost is at hand.
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