Stop Fan Fusion Hosting!

This petition is to hopefully put a end to this terrible fan site host who claim to be one of the best, which in reality are very much one of the worst. Fan Fusion reels you in with unlimited everything including a free domain and even more! But the truth of that reality does not set in until months, a year or even years later after you've made a name for you and your website across the internet with your visitors, and by then it is too late. By allowing Fan Fusion to purchase the domain for you, you are not realizing it but you are giving away your rights as a site owner. If you allow this to happen you might as well have just sold your soul to the devil, because you won't get it back.

Fan Fusion is very decieving. No one realizes the threat they actually place among fan site owners, or site owners of any kind who wish to be hosted for free. By allowing them to buy your domain and even host your website is a step in the wrong direction. They will not allow you to purchase the domain from them in the event you want to change hosts or host yourself on a paid hosting account, nor will they allow you to delete your website and it's content including the gallery without restoring it and placing it up for adoption without your permission. They take away our rights as web site owners and it's about damn time everyone realizes what they are actually doing behind their nice facade they allow everyone to see.

Not only is what they are doing wrong, they are also very greedy. They buy domains all the time, including offering to purchase yours for a hefty sum if you happen to own it yourself. Don't be fooled. If they buy your domain, you won't get it back, nor will the seedy promise of "You can run the site after we buy the domain from you." line fool you either. It's all a lie. They will lock you out and you will lose all rights to your site. Believe it or not that buy domains like they are going out of style. The proof is in how many domains they list up for adoption. They have over a 1,000! That's insane, especially when they aren't even being used! They merely buy them because they are greedy and cannot live with the idea that another host or person wants buys their own domain.

This petition was made in hopes of stopping Fan Fusion, but we know it may not be that easy so our whole entire goal is to make everyone AWARE. We want you to know who you are hosted with, and why you should choose another host over Fan Fusion.

If you sign this petition you are agreeing you know of Fan Fusion and their reputation, and most likely have experienced it yourself and agree they should be stopped. Please, when you sign tell us how Fan Fusion treated you so everyone reading this can know just how they like to treat their loyal hostees.
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