Shut Down Cruel Fox Pen Hunts

  • by: Kay
  • target: Department of Natural Resources
In light of recent news regarding animal abuses, yet another practice has reared it's ugly head. I am referring to the practice of penned fox hunts.

Captured animals such as coyotes and foxes are placed in pens, then hunting dogs are loosed on them in the confined spaces, where the foxes or coyotes are usually killed. Dozens of dogs, usually walker hounds, are also placed inside the fence with numbers painted on their sides. There%u2019s an electric fence around the perimeter. One local news station aired a video of an exhausted and frightened coyote being torn apart by a number of hounds.

The so called "sport" is nothing other than a violent and ruthless animal massacre, where innocent foxes and coyotes have no chance to spring to safety and when these exausted little creatures have no place left to turn they must face the jaws of the dogs and be brutaly and without mercy be torn apart.

We the undersigned are aware of a legal practice referred to as fox pen hunting. We believe this to be an abusive and inhumane practice. We ask that this practice be stopped and these types of facilities be shut down.

In the wild, dogs seldom catch a fox because the fox knows where the escape cover is. He'll be underground before the dogs get close. It's not quite that way in these hunts. A fresh fox or coyote put into a pen doesn't know where the escape cover is. The usual result is that the animal gets caught and killed. That is the reason for the constant need for fresh animals. It drives an illegal market to replenish the stock.

There are numerous documented investigations including agents from Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Furthermore, there is a demonstrated link between violence and cruelty to animals and violence towards humans. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies, when discussing serious violence to humans, often note that a history of violence to animals is a characteristic in the perpetrator. It is difficult to conceive of such unmitigated and unjustified cruelty as that exhibited in fox pen hunting.

In today%u2019s world, there can be no justification for the continuation of these brutal inhumane, counter educational events. I urge you to take immediate and responsible action to eliminate fox pen hunts.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

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