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Be the Voice of Green Hill dogs (and all Marshall Farm animals) to protest actively against this market of death and stop it:
Contact Green Hill and Marshall Farm!

Green Hill 2001


CC: Montichiari's (BS) Mayor Elena Zanola: Piazza Municipio, 1 - e-mail:

And all the following, while vivisection is recognized as anti-scientific, vivisection is a method of research and experimentation that has never been validated, animal testing tortures and kills animals unnecessarily and not being predictive for the human beings, it needlessly kills millions people who die from the adverse effects of substances that have been proved harmless to the animals. Above all, we now have research methods which are completely reliable because they focus on human cells and if they are not used is because vivisection is an easy way to get fundations and gain money.


2001 Green Hill is a company located in Montichiari (Brescia), which breeds beagle dogs to vivisection labs. From this farm more than 250 dogs each month end in the enclosures, in the hands of vivisection and operating tables. Dogs are born to die and sentenced to suffer.

After the collapse of the other Italian breeder of laboratory beagle dogs, the Morini Stefano di San Polo d'Enza, it is likely that Green Hill has had a greater demand, expanding and becoming one of the main breeding dogs in the European market research animals.

Inside the Green Hill 5 huts are locked up to 2500 adult dogs, plus several litters.

A camp made of animal shelters closed, aseptic, without open spaces without natural light or air. Rows and rows of cages with artificial lighting and ventilation system are the environment in which these dogs grow before being loaded onto a truck and shipped to laboratories in hell.

Among the clients of Green Hill, there are university laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and renowned trial centers as the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences in England, the largest laboratory animal torture in Europe.

Who derives profit from this pain?
For some years now Green Hill was acquired by an American firm called Marshall Farms Inc. Marshall is a name infamous throughout the world as it is the largest "factory" dog lab exists. The Marshall beagle is actually a standard variety.

Marshall's dogs are shipped by air all over the world, but with the purchase of Green Hill as the European headquarters and the construction of a huge farm in China, Marshall is pursuing a plan of expansion and market monopoly.
In this must also be seen that the expansion project includes the construction of other shelters in Montichiari, (to arrive at Green Hill have 5,000 dogs in the farm), and another breeding farm in the U.K. 

For a price from 450 to 900 Euro you can buy dogs of all ages. Who is willing to pay more can also buy a pregnant mother.
Green Hill Farm and Marshall also offer its customers on demand surgical treatments, including the cutting or removal of the vocal cords of some glands.

For Green Hill and Marshall Farm animals are just merchandise, objects to breed and sell, without the slightest scruple about pain and suffering, mental and physical, that they will suffer.


protest against Green Hill in Italia:

5 beagles freed from Recordati laboratories

This is the italian site "Stopgreenhill"

Dear Sir/Madame,

When somebody asks you about your job, how do you feel? Do you tell the truth? And how do people react, when you tell them the truth?

If you have children what do you tell them about your work and about animals?

Do you have a pet of your own? How can you differentiate between your pet and those you breed? How would you feel if your pet was tortured?

How would you feel if your children and the children of your children had the same destiny as those poor animals?

We, the undersigned, write you in order to ask  you to STOP BREEDING BEAGLE DOGS  AND EVERY OTHER KIND OF ANIMAL  to sell to INHUMAN TORTURERS!

However,  we do not write this letter to discuss the utility of vivisection, despite we think it is highly immoral and useless as it is being questioned by fine doctors and scientists, because that is not the point.

The point is: how can people that call themselves humans,  who are supposed to be made in God's image, KNOW that animals are going to be TORTURED beyond words,  feel  PAIN & TERROR,  just as YOU  would,  if  YOUR body was being TORTURED and cut on while you are still alive and feeling, and STILL breed them and sell them for that?  How can you sleep and eat and live and enjoy your lives, knowing what you are doing and knowing where your money comes from?

Money  IS  the root of all EVIL because apparently you people give up your HUMANITY  for it .

Every time you spend your money, remember that money comes from torture and pain and terror.

PLEASE , THINK about the HORROR & PAIN you are causing to these  HELPLESS  little beings and  STOP  this breeding for TORTURE!

However, until  you won't take the right decision about a harmless way to earn your money,  we are forced to defend animals telling everybody to BOYCOTT you, your suppliers and your customers in every possible way and we will make every effort to raise awarness about your hell and get the Law by our side.




Gentile Signore / Signora,
Quando qualcuno Le chiede del Suo lavoro, come Si sente? Racconta la verit%uFFFD? E come reagiscono le persone, quando dice loro la verit%uFFFD?
Se ha dei bambini cosa dice loro circa il Suo lavoro e riguardo agli animali?
Ha un animale domestico? Come riesce a fare una differenza tra il Suo animale domestico e quelli che alleva? Come Si sentirebbe se il Suo animale domestico fosse torturato?
Come Si sentirebbe se i Suoi figli e i figli dei Suoi figli avessero lo stesso destino di quei poveri animali?
Le scrivo per chiederLe di smettere di ALLEVARE cani beagle e ogni altro tipo di animale da vendere ai torturatori disumani!
Tuttavia, non scrivo questa lettera per discutere l'utilit%uFFFD della vivisezione, nonostante pensi sia altamente immorale e inutile in quanto messa in discussione anche da medici e scienziati, perché non è questo il punto.
Il punto è: come possono persone che si definiscono esseri umani, che dovrebbero essere fatti a immagine di Dio, sapere che degli animali stanno per essere torturati al di là delle parole, stanno per provare dolore e terrore, proprio come accadrebbe a Voi, se il Vostro corpo fosse  torturato e tagliato, mentre siete ancora vivi e coscienti, e ancora riuscire ad allevarli e venderli per questo? Come potete dormire e mangiare e vivere e godere la vostra vita, sapendo cosa state facendo e da dove viene il vostro denaro?
Il denaro è la radice di ogni male, perché a quanto pare le persone come Voi rinunciano alla loro umanità per esso.
Ogni volta che spende i Suoi soldi, ricordi che il denaro proviene dalla tortura, dal dolore e dal terrore.
PER FAVORE, pensi all'orrore e alla pena che sta provocando a degli esseri INERMI e smetta questa riproduzione per la tortura!
Tuttavia, fino a quando non prenderà la decisione giusta riguardo ad un modo innocuo per guadagnare i Suoi soldi, siamo costretti a difendere gli animali e a dire a tutti di boicottare Voi, i Vostri fornitori e clienti in ogni modo possibile, faremo ogni sforzo possibile per denunciare il Vostro inferno e tirare la Legge dalla nostra parte.

Distinti saluti,

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