Stop LMFAO from making any more music

America has fallen into an awful stupor of overly produced awful media hungry music failing to provide our society with any artistic or cultural value.

Pop songs today revolve merely around the following concepts of, "white people living and loving college", "Brushing teeth with a bottle of Jack Daniels", "Getting a party started in your house or educational institution", or "Having sex with the intoxicated promiscuous female in the back of the entertainment (a.k.a. club) venue".

An audience understands the artist through their music and shares with them the emotional and passionate texture they create. Music is becoming a giant advertisement, it’s devolving into another way for us to consume. I as an advertiser feel music should be used to enhance advertising not become it. 

As a musician I have spent years understanding the craft of musicianship and still foresee many more years of fine-tuning and improving the art.

A true musician remembers the countless nights they spend practicing and promoting for each concert, only to perform in front of two people and their girlfriend. Every time you pray you can walk away with more than $10 in your pocket and hope you’ll have another shot at performing again.

 I find it insulting that people like LMFAO or Kid Cudi can merely hire talented producers and ghost writers to create their music and sell out major stadiums every concert they perform. People like LMFAO, have no musical merit, talent, or right to call themselves musicians. I am tired of others telling me to put up with it and accept the fact that this is how life is and you need to move with it. 

I say NO! I will no longer accept the same 50 songs being played on the radio every day. I will no longer allow Clear Channel to control the music that we want to hear. I will no longer accept that Classic Rock stations forget that Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin have at least 5 other albums that don't include "Stairway to Heaven" or "Money". I will no longer accept that rich overpaid artists fight against small individuals who use file-sharing services.

Radio needs reformation, the music industry needs evolution, and America needs separation from this crap. 

Lets take the first step towards completing these goals and stopping LMFAO from making music, NO MORE!

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