Stop "Man vs. Wild" jerk from killing animals for no reason

There is a show called "Man vs. Wild". I saw a snippet once, within 5 seconds the host chops off a snake's head for no reason. I've learned that he has
1. stabbed a boar in the chest
2. thrown a lizard against a tree to kill it
3. Bit a frog's head off
And other crimes against nature. I don't need to see anymore. These animals pose no threat to him, and he kills them with weapons. Trying to prove his manliness? Or just wanting Tv ratings? Or maybe it's for his own enjoyment. It must be stopped.
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In addition to being a jackass, this guy is a fraud. He goes out into the wild during the day to film his stupid little piece of crap show and then stays in a nice hotel because he can't handle staying out in the wild. He also apparently faked a bear attack by having one of his cronies dress up in a bear suit. What a loser. They changed the show's objective to "entertainment", but the only people being entertained are those types who take pleasure in watching animals get killed. The kind who have issues and don't leave the house because the shame has taken any self respect they once had and they can't be seen in public. So they sit in front of their TV and watch this garbage. Sad.
*If you're against this petition & are signing it for the pure enjoyment of your douchebaggary this tidbit is for you: Signing a petition you are against just to say some retarded blither is more pathetic than your life. Think about it. That is if it doesn't hurt your brain. These messages will be deleted, nobody cares what you think. Except, of course, the one that babbles on forever, what a perfect example of how much time these socially inept people have and how little meaning their life has. Worthless garbage. It's probably the thing that hosts the show!!
Give me one reason why it is okay for this human to kill animals. Let me remind you again these animals are not a threat to this human's survival, which I believe it's show is based on. He never gives a reason himself on his show, he just goes ahead and brutally kills anything that moves. How would he like being jumped on and stabbed in the chest? It doesn't sound very enjoyable. But it's okay to do it to a wild boar because it's on TV and the host will look manly, right? Wrong. Some people these days actually have morals. Also he looks like a total douche. The show will be canceled if this person can't contain himself & stops the ridiculous killings that take place on his TV show.
Believe me when I say I will do what it takes to bring justice to defenseless animals against pricks like this.
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