The people and Animal Protection Associations (APASDEM) signing this petition declare our dissatisfaction with the methods used by government agencies to control the overpopulation of domestic animals in the anti-rabies, canine and feline control centers. 
Background The only method used since more than 40 years ago by the Health Secretariat to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats is euthanasia, which use electrocution and a dart gun, although it is still common for the animals to be killed with bats. Normally, the heads of the extermination centers covered themselves by claiming that they work under the supervision of an animal protection organization and that the electrocution method is endorsed by the Mexican Official Standards Code. However, this does not ensure that the animals suffer less, since the method requires much manipulation of the animal, is not accurate and is extremely painful. Moreover, before their execution, the animals live through hell from the time they are captured by the dog catchers, who use violence and cruelty, not only to capture them but also while they are in the extermination centers. Whether they are adults, puppies or pregnant females they are treated brutally. All of the above forces us to come out against such barbaric practices and call on local and federal authorities to stop abetting the executioners and face their responsibility. We Mexicans are a mature people and we are not going to allow public servants to not comply with their obligations in the face of such a serious public and mental health problem of a group of people who must daily witness the acts of violence and brutality of the animal extermination centers personnel. It is totally incongruent that the violence we are experiencing in our country should be promoted by the very government employees who supposedly are in charge of procuring  peace and well being for the population at large. 
In view of the above, the people and Animal Protection Agencies (APAs) signing this petition demand that: 1.      Federal and local governments assume their obligation to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats effectively and humanely, eliminating the irrational execution of animals, applying instead preventive control measures (massive sterilization and education campaigns) and providing free or low cost veterinarian services. 2.      They expedite as soon as possible the standards and regulations which are part of the Law for the Protection of Animals of Mexico City, approved on December 20th, 2001 which, according to the Forth and Fifth clauses of the Transitory Articles of said Law, should have been issued 120 and 180 days (in the case of the zoological standards) after the enactment of said law. 3.      The same thing be done by each of the State Legislatures, which has not happened because of the delay in the issuance of corresponding standards and regulations. 4.      All of the personnel working in the animal control centers be removed from their positions because they are guilty -  by act or omission - of constant acts of violence of psychopathological nature which are inadmissible in people responsible to provide humane care to living beings. This personnel should be replaced by a staff that can perform these tasks adequately and professionally. 5.      It is important to consider the enactment of a federal law to coordinate the activities of state and local governments. Based on this law, the Finance Secretariat could assign a budget to the states for these purposes, thus overcoming the argument that they do not have the financial resources for this purpose. We consider that the first three years the budget would be higher because of the negligence of the Health Secretariat and local governments in not having qualified professional personnel to develop the educational and preventive programs, - such as National Sterilization Campaigns, - that would prevent the problem from becoming as rampant as it is today. The following years, only the programs would have to be financed, reducing considerably current costs of the Health Secretariat and local governments. With this law, the government of Mexico would  become a leader worldwide regarding the respect for wildlife and domestic animals. The Mexican authorities must know that the responsibility of the Animal Protection Agencies (APAs) and the population at large is not to solve the consequences of what the authorities do wrongly or not at all. Their responsibility is limited to pointing out the failures and striving for the enactment of appropriate legislation and making sure that the State complies. We want a government that organizes National Sterilization Campaigns. We want a government that respects lije. We want a government that appeals to reason and science, not to irrational extermination. The present petition was signed on the 17th of November of 2006 by private citizens and Animal Protection Agencies (APAs)  
Animal Protection Agencies (APAs)
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