Stop paying annual interest to the Federal Reserve on all US currency in circulation!

Stop paying annual interest to the Federal Reserve on all US currency in circulation!

Currently the Federal Reserve takes paper and prints ink on it to create the currency used in the United States. Then they 'lend' that paper to the government of the US at interest charged on the total face value of that 'money'. Each year the government pays them a fee based on the total currency in circulation. This is madness!

First of all, under the constitution, the government is the only one allowed to print and issue currency. Second, even if they farm out this process to another party it should be done at a reasonable cost. Anybody printing the currency should be paid their costs plus a reasonable printing fee. This is common practice for every business or individual that needs printing done - think about Kinkos!

The people of the United States are being betrayed by their government who allows the Federal Reserve to charge interest on each and every bill in circulation each and every year! This is so outrageous is should be criminal.

In any event, we, the undersigned, want this practice stopped immediately. Further, we beseech you to go after the trillions of taxpayer dollars that have already been paid and cancel all moneys owed to the Fed.

Each of you have the ability to be the president that goes down in history as the first president, in almost a century, to stand up to big business on the peoples behalf or to be just another big business lackey!

You are all aware that the Federal Reserve is bankrupting this country and ripping off each and every citizen by charging an annual fee based on the total dollar amount of the all the money in circulation.

We know that any reasonable printer, like Kinkos, would be charging a one-off printing fee of costs plus reasonable profit and we know that fee would be miniscule in comparison to the amount that the Federal Reserve is collecting.

The entire situation is the greatest scam of taxpayer dollars in history.

You have the ability to stand up and stop this madness and you are our only hope. Big Business is paying for your campaign, and will continue to control each and every Politian ever elected, so we beseech you to do the right thing. Be the president that goes down in history for screwing them, for once, and standing up for your people!

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