Stop Red Chilli Restaurants Serving Shark Fin

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Shark finning
Removal and retention of shark fins 
Discarding carcass at sea
Shark often still alive when tossed back to water
Left unable to swim the shark slowly sinks to bottom of sea
Its eaten alive by other fish or bleeds to death
100 Million sharks killed each year for their fins!

Its a multi-billion dollar industry......and all for a bowl of soup!!
If we stop restaurants serving shark fins, then we stop the demand.
when the buying stops, the killing will too - Wild Aid Campaigne

Red Chilli Restaurants in the UK Serve a range of Shark Fin dishes. Lets put pressure on them to take it off their menu, thus reducing the demand for shark fins in the UK.

York - Red Chilli Restaurant
Unit 2  21-25 George Hudson Street York Yo1 6JL
01904 733668

Leeds - Red Chilli Restaurant
6 Great George Street Leeds LS1 3DW
0113 242 9688 Fax 0113 242 3883

Manchester Oxford Road - Red Chilli Restaurant
403-419 Oxford Road Manchester M13 9WL

Atherton - Red Chilli Restaurant

4-6 Market Street Atherton M46 0DN
0161 273 1288 Fax  0161 2731764

Machester Portland Street - Red Chilli Restaurant
70-72 Portland Street Manchester M1 4GU
0161 236 2888 Fax  0161 236 6888

Bacup - Red Chilli Restaurant
25 Market Street Bacup OL13 8EX
0170 687 8898 Fax 0170 687 8823

Braised Shark Fin
Shark Fin Soup of Eight Delicacies
Shark Fin Soup with Shredded Chicken 


Please also sign Bulls, BURNT CUT and TORTURED, and help get other acts of cruelty stopped-

We the undersigned are asking for Shark Fin dishes to be taken off your menu. By serving Shark Fin in your restaurant, you are contributing to the unnecessary and cruel killing of millions of sharks each year. 
Shark Finning is one of the most brutal acts of animal cruelty to be seen, and restaurants like yours are enabling this to happen.
Do you and your colleagues realise that when a shark is finned they are often alive. Not only do they have to go through the excruciating pain of having their fins cut off, they are then tossed back to sea where without their fins they sink slowly to the bottom of the ocean and either bleed to death or are eaten alive by other fish. What an awful way to die, and all for dishes like you serve in your restaurants. 
We understand that shark fin dishes are a traditional delicacy in some Asian cultures, however the growth of the shark fin market is unsustainable and is contributing to the decline of shark populations globally. 
Sharks have been on the planet for 400 million years, and as top predators they play a vital role in marine ecosystems. Sharks are slow-growing, late to mature and they do not reproduce often, therefore over fishing is putting them in a very vulnerable position. Shark populations are declining rapidly, and many species are now critically threatened. 
We strongly urge you to consider removing shark fin dishes from your menu and to explain to your customers why you are taking this decision, as public awareness of this issue is essential to improving shark conservation worldwide, and preventing this terrible cruelty. 
Thank you for taking the time to read our letter, we truly hope you make the right decision and do what is fair for the sharks and our environment.
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