If u do not leave contact info we cannot contact you with any information~ Send postcards of this Online Petition for your friends to the local courts, to every judge in your county and for yourself. Print the URL address on a postcard!~ Send emails with the url of this petition so that your local governments can read straight from people what people are enduring under the thumb of an unscrupulous landlord or "slumlord" - If you landlord sues you unscrupulously and unethically - Counter sue your landlord as well if they do unethical lawsuits. Sue them for separate causes from Perjury, attempted murder if they subject you to mold and other dangerous hazards, fraud and deception for faulty or dishonest leases, and report them to the Department of Real Estate. Sue your slumlord for "intentional infliction of emotional distress" and "suffering". You can separate small claims action for each cause of action or go into Superior Court and sue for multi millions. Try to get a fine lawyer if you can who guarantees completion of your case and a miminum settlement attempt in writing. Nothing can be guaranteed when signing an agreement but you can avoid low life unethical lawyers by making sure they sign a clause which states they either will follow through with the case thoroughly or guarantee a settlement attempt at a certain specified amount. There are many unethical lawyers who drop clients unethically just because they can violating laws, and destroying good worthy cases. You can go to legal aid and get free legal help for evictions but Legal Aid will not do Superior Court lawsuits for you which you may deserve. Most Slumlords are also frauding or taking advantage of Home Insurance agencies as well whether through making false insurance claims, damaging their own buildings on purpose to collect on business losses through their insurance, or literally destroying your apt. after you leave so they can claim it was you and collect money for that. A notorious California slumlord committed perjury and falsely accused persons of destroying apt. property which never was destroyed but only for the reason of collecting insurance monies from their insurance carriers. While collecting insurance they also sue the poor victim of their crimes and have done this committing double crimes.  Make sure to have witnesses who see how you leave your apartment and or photos upon arriving of everything you can~ Regular usage or normal wear of an apartment can be expected and you never are expected to pay for normal usage.  Carpets that are already 3 years old cannot be expected to be in pristine new condtion, nor can blinds, fixtures, wall paint, or the like. You are never expected to pay for normal wear & usage! Most Slumlords will try and force you to and overdramatize wear on your apartment in court to collect more monies. Remember they make monies from insurance companies when they make claims for vandalism and 9 times out of 10 they are fraudulent claims. If they evict you for non payment of rent they can also collect on business losses so throwing you out is a plus in their bank accounts. Falsely claiming you did not pay rent when in fact you did pay rent also helps them collect more money fraudulently while getting rid of people who stand up for their own rights and take action.  Most often your building already has wrongs with it you may not have noticed and broken fixtures but when you are in a rush and desperate for a place to live the slumlord will take advantage by making you think they are doing you a favor, frauding and deceiving you by allowing you to believe they hold up habitability laws and all the while know they will be taking advantage of your money, the laws, and your faith or trust in them.  The sad truth is that oftentime the American system favors the very wealthy whether inside a court of law so sometimes judges or commissioners may take the side of the perpetrator of crime and that is the Slumlord. Report that judge to the Judicial Review Board in writing if you feel a civil wrong was committed! A data base will be collected of potential judges or commissioners who are possibly being paid off by Slumlord Millionaires, violating the laws, or taking bribes.  Always answer an eviction within the timely limits legally with an "answer" you fill out obtained from the courts.  If you feel you are being discriminated against because of race, color, or creed make complaints to your local Housing Board of Equalization. Make phone calls, ask questions, take notes, take phone numbers and call!~ If you are sick because of the negligence of your slumlord make sure to tell the doctor or hospital so they can keep a record of the cause and treatment for later lawsuits and a record. One day your slumlord could in fact be charged with serious crimes and offenses when they add up enough and when the government one day finally reigns in on Slumlording altogether. Until then it will be an uphill battle or struggle because America is still in the backwards stages at times and has given alot of leniency pertaining to slumlording. Make complaints and state the name of your slumlord here if you feel you can so the world can know who they are!~ Most likely you were not the only one that your slumlord has committed a crime against. Remember a landlord can never just walk into your abode without permission and without prior notice. It has to be for a logical reason. They cannot just throw you out on the street over night but need to take legal action! Remember that Slumlords will try to take advantage of your lack of legal monies, legal knowledge, & all the time try to put you up against the wall with no recourse scared out of your mind~ Slumlords are tyrants and evil! Slumlods purjer and lie in court which is a felony. Charge them if you can and if they do. Make police reports against them~ SUE THEM~ Take your time - take action! Call police if they threaten you what so ever~ Sue for harrassment. There was a secret case of landlord raping a tenant as well. There are cases where landlords force entry into your apartment when your child is there alone to commit rapes and molestation while having you under threat. You can use small claims court~ Call your local Dept of Building & Safety, take photos, videos, and logs of all discussions.  Unscrupulous landlords are reknown for underhanded tacticts that make it seem impossible for you but as a Nation they had and have no right to do this to you and hopefully laws will be changed to further protect renters.  If you are on Section 8 you have a full right to all health, habitability, & cleanliness laws as any renter has and your landlord just gets paid mostly by the government.  Slumlords are no respecter of human beings so do not expect honesty, goodness, good will, clarity of thought or purpose, or caring for any of their buildings by them.  Do not expect them to be honest in a court of law. Slumlords take advantage of judges lying in their faces with full contempt for the system.  Slumlords oftentime have the upper hand, have more money, can hire lawyers to lie or defy laws for them, and use your lack of resources or knowledge as a weakness they can intimidate or hurt you with.  Help change the laws of this nation for yourself or others by writing letters to your leaders, presidents, and supporting other renters who are also suffering. You are not alone. The USA is filled with slumlord criminals and whether they get paid high luxury fees or Section 8 they all carry the same criminal intent by depriving you the renter of your rights, your health, your well being, by humiliating, depriving, and causing you degregation, a decent place to live, your dignity, depriving you of your monies, assets, your time, and your good will. Good will is useless on slumlords. Do not trust them ever with any of your goodness~ They use these tacticts as torture tactics for illogical reasons and oftentime have support from those around them and because other slumlords allover the place get away with crimes. Its a war and you need to fight anyway you can and however you can using any resource, group, or person who will help you~  Slumlords are evil, vile, and very wicked, sly, and can be very cruel. Slumlords will and can resort to evil lies in a court of law to get thier cruel way.  Bring witnesses, photos, videos and tell your friends to be there with you. 

Please include your name and email if you need us to write you a letter of support to the local housing authority, department of building and safety, courtroom, commissioner, judge. The more pressure the people put on the system the more chances you will have of obtaining your right to live in a safe and habitable apartment or home. Please keep a track of all letters, dates, emails concerning your housing problem by chance you have to attend a court session or be a witness for an abused tenant. Please use your camera phones to help your neighbors if you see crimes, conditions of the building or unit, and hear statements that are illegal made to frighten renters. Remember retaliation eviction is illegal yet many careless landlords, slumlords or unethical rental owners have gotten away with this crime in court. Many renters feel intimidated by landlords and are afraid to make complaints to them or the system.  If you would like a letter be made for a court case please ensure that we have the correct details of your problem.  Please make every effort to make complaints to your local housing authority, department of building and safety, for roach & pest problems to the local health department, asbestos problems, pool problems, make calls to and ask questions to the Health Department in your area. Remember ask questions if you need to. Make appointments with those inspectors inside these departments so they can make a report to your landlord.  Your landlord has to fix these problems by law within a reasonable amount of time. A notorious slumlord in California had over 200 code violations on one building  and forced leasees to live in disgusting and hideous conditions under fraudulent leases and finally when the City did in fact take action the slumlords sold the building to one of their buddies who was in fact just another slumlord and all the code violations were erased and still nothing done about the building. If they don't fix the code violation issues they can in fact have the building taken over by the City but this is not a common practice due to the lowgrade controls on the current day system. If you are on section 8 and your landlord is getting paid you have just as much right to a safe, habitable unit or home as any other citizen. Please write to Congress or representative in your area or State and ask them to take away owner's rights from careless landlords and slumlords once and for all. Tell them about this public petition and need for justice.  Please leave any contact information as well in the comment section at your will if you are seeking help.  Always take photos  and/or videos of your unit prior to moving in and when you move out of your unit. Use a date stamp. Get reputable witnesses, neighbors, & family to view the condition of your unit after moving and prior to moving in.  Slumlords are reknonw for frauding the insurance departments and make billions of dollars of false claims claiming property damage.  Most prevalent is the fact that slumlords usually have no property damage or hire illegal workers to do some demolishing after a renter leaves and sometimes place the blame on the renter while trying to collect monies from the renter.   Irresponsible landlords then file claims collecting large sums of money for property damages which most often surpasses even the amount of any sort of fixture with new materials.  Use a newspaper stamp with the dates in your photos and videos and/or a live internet date taping. 

"Slum Lords are vile criminals whose only aim is greed. These are accounts of just a few victims who fell prey to notorious Slumlords paying luxury apartment rent to only be robbed of their security, peace of mind, health, well being, and credit destroyed by these villains."

One renter stated:
"I was a victim of a well known Slum Lord in California named M____ Properties Inc. These treacherous criminal minded owners bought and ran buildings and ran them to the ground while collecting overpriced rents from victims under illegal rental leases. While these slum lords raked in millions of dollars in profits, owned multi million dollar houses and buildings themselves they deprived and terrorized tenants of all health and safety rules that they deserve keeping the buildings infested with roaches, termites, spiders with no manager in buildings that require management.  M___ Properties Inc. kept up faulty wiring, lack of gate secure latches, had no call box outside, and advertised that they were renting a security building. The two head owners named A___ R____ and M___ P____ aka M___ R______ a married couple unscrupulously robbed all of their renters of tenant rights while bypassing the county and State rules and laws almost every time. The Slumlord's building was a fire hazard, did not have fire extinguishers and if you asked them to fix anything they would ignore you, lie on the phone, or come around threatening you with eviction, violence, and other terror tacticts."  
Another source stated:
"M____ Properties  unscrupulously lured investors into investment schemes while frauding those investors and hiding profits under various LLCs and promising to manage those buildings while not managing them.  Finally some of those investors wised up and sued them for fraud and deceit besides other charges."

A representative stated:
"Under the Fire Dept rules all buildings with a good sized number of units needs an on site manager at all times which they didn't do. They used one witness and forced her to take on the job of property manager and whereas she was a renter and paid full rent because the R____ or M____ Properties Inc. didn't want to pay for a manager or go by the basic laws. They kept false sign up in front of the building stating that her unit was the managers and forcing this renter into involuntary servitute or "slavery" while under lease and paying overpriced rent for the unit. They promised to remove this professional sign but refused. Yet in her lease she signed an agreement based on deception that she wouldn't tamper with the property. She was forced slaved labored for M_____ Properties for almost a year while ill and after being in the hospital twice due to their negligence under duress without being paid or in agreement to such a contract. Surrounding building owners came complaining to her about the M____ building which was unkept, building up flies and filth, and the smell passed on to the next door buildings. Renters came to her knocking on her door day and night to see the properties. She asked the owners over and over again to remove the sign but M_____ refused. After purchasing the property M______ Properties building didn't have a manager onsite leaving the residents in dangerous circumstances including women, children, and disabled rent payers. This left the building in danger for no one was put in charge of turning off the gas lines and water lines in the event of an Earthquake which California is known for.  They refused to tell the renters that their units are infested with roaches and termites and they do not fumigate the buildings before they move in not disclosing the aweful truths and dangers of their buildings. This was nondisclosure of material facts to the contractees required by the DRE. In one of their buildings they used an old outdated gate system which closed and smashed into a tenant one day. After moving in they found out the gate was constanty broken down. This same gate system smashed and closed into another tenant's body. The gate smashed electronically on their car damaging the car and causing injuries. They refused to officially fix this problem. They also used a torture tactic of evicting her while promising to pay for the damages & while collecting from their insurance carrier for damages to her. They refused to furnish her with their insurance carrier's name. They then sent her a false bill stating that she owed them thousands of dollars for their personal use without cause or reason.  The Rubensteins made up numbers out of nowhere based on complete falsehoods and fudged all financial paperwork to their favor without any sort of reality check from any authority. They continued to threaten her and stalk her and accused her of calling the Health Dept as if she was guilty of anything.  The hospital bills as of yet have not been paid and they evicted her as a torture tactic ruining her credit, lying in court, after they forced her to endure a year of illness from the neglect of their unit, hospitalization, and some of the most horrible atrocious living and crimes she have ever witnessed to families and good citizens of all religions, faiths, colors, and creeds living under a slumlord and living on American soil. They forced seniors & the young alike to walk through pathways in the dark at night because they refused to abide by laws and put up the proper lighting in the building pathways in the common areas. Gang members gravitated towards this dark building and tried to break in, broke windows, and roamed the grounds which was not secure as advertised."

Yet another source relayed:
"M____ the slumlords would threaten people if they talked or told.  They came around your door or would hire someone who was hostile.  They yelled at people who tried to sue them and stalked them.  They threatened them with eviction.  They tried to just "shut people up" from telling the truth.  They would send huge enourmous bills that were made up to lower income people or what it seemed like a sort of lower middle class people. They terrorized the disabled people of the building.  They pretended they didn't get rent checks from people they didn't like and give them 3 day notices."
"They refused to put up lighting in thier building so at night one had to walk on broken pathways in a semi dangerous area without any light to guide them to their apartment door.  Mothers and children could be seen trying to walk over pathways that were filled with potholes and broken cracks just to get to their car or apartment.  This is not in par with American rules of laws although the American system mostly ignored them and allowed these slum lords to continue their abuses on people.  It took 2 years for the city to ask them to even fix half of what needs fixing while people sufferred, became ill, sufferred damages in the meantime getting robbed and threatened by M____ Properties for the high rent monies."

An anonymous source also relayed the facts:
"The Slumlords hired a known Megan's List Pedophile to hold the keys for all the apartments with a building with small children in it.  This Megan's List Pedophile wore black leather skirts and could be heard from his window using a whip on his half his age female roomate subjecting children and tenants to these abuses. The owners were in full knowledge of events and renter's criminal history. They refused to do due diligence or efficiently manage their buildings with complaints from all of their properties. This same pedophile was given the keys to all the units and many had children living inside them without notifying the parents that a pedophile now had their private keys in which he could walk in an out of their apartments with full access to their children! He was not the manager though but just "the guy who held the keys". The Slumlords  used him as a threat to tenant families who were getting angry at the uninhabitability issues. He would have parties where teens could be seen drinking. The police were called yet did nothing. M______ Properties also rented to the Megan's Pedophile listed man around the street from an elementary school. His name is Charles."

"The Slumlord pair of M_____ Properties  are sort of like a smaller Madoff team although more hostile. We have reason to believe they are fudging all financial paperwork from costs stated on sales of properties, costs incurred at large rental buildings, and much much more. They have been left mostly unchecked by any authority though and it seems like they are storming ruthlessly across California on many levels to fraud and deceive people out of monies big or small.  The R's________ who own M___________Properties  are out for blood whether over 1 dollar or 40 million dollars at a time. They are heartless, ruthless glossy cold stared eyed monsters who need to be taken down now before they cause more ruin. I'd be considered a whistleblower but I've seen these two monsters from the inside and all their financial paperwork are a complete lie inflated to make more profit. The strange thing is these two are reeking in money and the ruthlessness to poorer people is almost Hitlerine and fanatical. It is just hideous. If you say anything from within their office they find ways to terrorize you as a worker and you have to join their 3rd Reich or else! All of their employees are trained to lie on the stand for them, are cold and ruthless, and most are just out for their paychecks although have some training that dictates they always lie and do what is wrong in the face of the law everytime or they will not get paid."

Another tenant stated:
"One day I was walking my dog and their bad gate just smashed into my body! Another time it smashed into my truck while exiting! M____Proeperties Inc. did nothing to fix the problem and threaten me for being a victim to it!"

One tenant stated:
"They breached and broke their leases, threatened people and "threw out" people who called the Health Dept and Housing Authority in retaliation.  This way they could ruin someone's credit so that they cannot rent again.  The courts allowed them to use retaliation eviction in my case and others fully breaking the laws of State of the uninhabitable conditions.  The commissioner on the case had mutual friends because his son was good freinds with the Slum Lord's leading council's son who spent time at eachother's houses. This same comissioner knowingly supported uninhabitable conditions and violated the very laws he was supposed to uphold. While retaliation eviction is fully illegal and tenants have rights the county has not fully supported its own laws."

"Another tenant of one of their buildings just passed away due to the Slum Lord M_____ Properties abuses, neglect, and harrassment" a witness stated. "He was a disabled Veteran.  A____ R_____ and her husband M_____P______aka M______R____ were seen threatening him and harrassing him til no end. I have reason to believe from statements that were made the two Slumlord owners of M_____Properties  were performing elder abuse to no end."

One Tenant Stated:
"The parking spaces they promised tenants before moving in were no longer available after moving in and were so small that tenants regular had to hit eachother's cars.  They wouldn't put a legal latch on the icey cold pool preventing disabled and children from entering or drowing required by law and ignored the county's requests as well as tenant complaints.  The spaces were half the size required to fit properly into. The designation of spaces were all false on the leases. There was pieces of glass oftentimes inside the pool where children would try to swim & adults. Because they refused to hire a required manager to live on the premises and oversee the property this glass would sit in the pool for days, weeks, or months at a time. Everyone was afraid. People didn't even know they have rights! People were so afraid to rock the boat because of retaliation eviction and lack of moving expenses. Entire families were in tears over the neglect and abuse and the threats." 

"M_____ Properties promised a heated swimming pool which turned out to be an ice pool filled with filth and only cleaned when they knew about any inspection and rarely. They used faulty advertising and promised a heated swimming pool and showed me another unit when I came to rent the apartment but after I paid them in full with a large sized deposit they gave me another unit altogether in the back of the building with fixtures broken, a stairway falling apart, and my front door was broken and didn't lock correctly. When a County inspector did come by they bypassed people's individual aparments for M_____ Properties never told the renters that their apartments needed by law to be inpsected. People were also afraid to complain or rock the boat due to M_____ Properties Inc. high criminal code and unethical ownership. My complaints were left ignored, my problems unfixed, and the rent high. The City mostly doesn't care. The City never inspected properly either way and left things undone. In fact I know they only took a sample of units when inspecting and even bypassed my unit while I was home after  a year of living there while I had all sorts of problems living upstairs including a banister and upstairs fence which was broken. In other words anyone could just fall off the second story of the building because of lack of fixtures. Although the City knew about the smashing broken gate they also didn't report it as if they were secretly paid off by the wealthy M____'s  of M_____Properties Inc. I'd rather stay silent right at this moment as far as court action because I know I'll get a 3 day notice, I'll never see the return of my deposit and I'll have to come up with five thousand dollars just to move."

Video revealed inside one of the M_____ Properties Inc buildings that drainage problems caused floods in walkways and common areas. Videos revealed the dark corriders on dangerous pathways where there was no lighting. Photos revealed infestations of crawling roaches inside units crawling on walls, inside cabinets, and on dishes.  

"They rented out illegal units that weren't registered. A very young couple rented M_____ Properties Incs., illegal unregistered unit and the unit was flooded because of the plumbing problems. This couple's property was ruined. They were in shambles and soon learned that they were not only going to get their property fixed after the flood but that they were being thrown out. This couple didn't even know they had a right to sue. The City Official came by and told a few of us that the unit was illegal & unregistered - that is it was not allowed to be rented out." Another rental source stated.

"They would threaten, use violent threats, and eviction notices on any tenant who spoke out or called their office asking for something to be fixed.  Other renters who lived there and complained were of various ethnic and racial backgrounds including caucasion single folks, families with young children, mixed racial couples, latina and latino families, senior citizens, caucasion single women, those who came from out of State, and more. I saw a mother and her newborn child trying to cross over to her apartment in their flooded common area one day. It was dangerous and unlawful. At those high rental prices one would think they would upkeep the property to the T but they didn't bother with barely anything. The only time I saw the owners come by was to quiet people or warn them to keep quiet because he had investors coming by and wanted no one one to tell the truth or talk after all the owners kept changing the names as to who we were to pay the rent to. I guess this had something to do with maybe hiding monies from past investors or from other sources. They had people also sometimes paying rent into their personal accounts instead of the leased name on the agreements. No one seemed to question it all.   They refused to address and fix the drainage problem inside the building. This was dangerous and humiliating."

"Mold and mildew caused a young poorer couple's children's illness and because of the roach infestation they had to rid of much of their furniture. Since their financial levels were so low and the rents so high they couldn't afford an attorney. Finding a good and I say a good Contingency Attorney is a rarity let alone a possibility.  M____ Properties knows all this and would rather hire one of their own attorneys to terrorize and retaliate then to fix 100 dollars worth of lighting in the buildings or do things right by the people and the law."

Another renter stated:
"I am 8 months pregnant and I just moved here! My apartment is infested with roaches. I am about to give birth. What are we supposed to do now? I can't move now being in this condition, signed a lease with M____ Properties  and now I know they will force us to have roaches in our babys bassinet while we sleep and will evict us if we complain."

"M____ Properties Inc. got tenants to pay rent checks into their personal accounts and kept changing the names of their LLCs (or make the rent check out here or there this month) to possibly avoid auditing from investors to hide the profits. Milan Properties frauded investors and lied to them about managing the buildings" an anonymous source  stated.

"They continue to pursue investors at a high rate buying up buildings where they can take advantage of disabled, older folks, vets, minorities, teens who have no credit who find it hard to find an apt., and anyone who is at prey to the high cost of finding an apt in California due to the constant credit check fees at each one."

A tenant stated:
"They used one of their criminal tenants to threaten my life for five months using a trained violent pit bull who came to my door having her dog threaten me and my 7 pound dog while she threatened to beat me up. They did nothing about this.  I was terrorized.  The police said it was a private property matter reguarding the pit bull off the leash and just spoke to her without taking any real action. The owners were in full awareness of these events and did nothing to counter onsite crimes. They also pretended I was the manager and kept a sign up against my will stating that my unit was the managers'. People knocked at my door day and night with complaints or problems. Neighboring apartment owners came to me to complain about the problems of this particular M____ Property which was affecting them. I asked and was told the sign would be taken down but it was not.  I was paying full rent and all the time forced to slave labor for the duo against my consent. I never at any moment agreed to manage their building for them nor did anyone else for that matter. There was absolutely no manager available at this building. I was harrassed daily and at odd hours of the night. People were furious at me at times thinking I was the manager because of crimes or wrongdoings that the M____ Properties husband and wife owners did to them. As soon as I called the owners to fix stuff in my unit I started getting threats including a 3 day notice without cause. Renters also cried to me. Children ran to me crying terrorized and told me how M____ Properties owners came to their apartment threatened their mommy and that they had a big pit bull with them with a huge red mark on his forehead. The children asked me if the pitbull is going to kill them and eat them." 

A few renters relayed these facts:
"They would raise rents while fixing nothing. Sometimes they sent over unlicensed immigrants who answered to them and not to the standard fixture laws of the State in other words they paid unlicensed immigrants to check or oversee important fixtures in the buildings that could endanger or harm tenants. This is how the electrical system was overlooked and why there were so many electrical problems most likely. They used unlicensed workers at times while nothing was actually fixed. The lights would go on and off all the time inside the units. Combined with no fire extininguishers, trained management on the premises, and 27 units of renters it was extremely stressful. Why should anyone have to walk in terrorized into a court of law wondering if they were going to be treated fairly. People such as M___ Properties should not be allowed to hold the trust of renters in the first place and for God's sake someone do something about it already!"

"They forced a disabled couple one being a nurse for the Vet's Hospital on very limited income to pay for the buiding's electricity or laundry room because it was wired wrong leaving everyone in danger.  They hired and paid their own unlicensed workers to do the check on those wires.  I spoke to some of the workers and some didn't even speak English. Because I knew a little bit of Spanish I was able to find these facts out.  M____ Properties Inc. refused to fix the faulty electrical wiring leaving the building not only in fire hazard condition but managed to apparently con the City on this issue as well most likely fudging their own company paperwork.The County just didn't have the time to pursue all those problems nor did it care very much forcing victims to endure illegal leases and abuses quite severe. Actually the City didn't even check the electrical after they were told there is a consitent problem with it. When I spoke to one inspector he told me he had so many buildings allover various areas I could feel him trying to relay the fact that it just doesn't matter to anyone much cause of of his own limitations on taking action and pursuing every slumlord  - in other words there are so many slumlords in Los Angeles and California that it is almost impossible to pursue a course of action with them all.  For every full course of action there apparently is 1,000 slumlord owners running buildings to the ground, violating laws and renter rights, creating crimes, and destroying areas, blocks, and streets. "

M_____ Properties Inc. owns buildings spanning allover California. 

Here are the statements from yet another renter:
"M____ Properites wouldn't fix a broken window that wouldn't close for ten months while I rented and it caused me a viral infection whereas I had to go to hospital while still demanding rent, no apology, no concern and overpricing me on rent every month. I couldn't stand up and barely breathe because the viral infection and whereas I called and wrote to M____ Properties about the problem afterwards they ignored me and threatened me with a 3 day notice while paying overpriced luxury apartment rent to them. The housing authority finally did write a report on the mold and mildew but Mold & Mildew are known to cause serious illnesses from lung infections to breathing problems and M___ Properties Inc. was supposed to have this problem taken care of before I moved into it. I heard complaints from other tenants about the same problem in their units. I was forced to live with the mold and mildew the entire year and had to spend time at the hospital and being ill most of that time there. They rufused to address my problem when I called them and when I did call them and demand things to be taken care of they gave me a 3 day notice to move. I was supposed to pack all my belongings and furniture something which could take 2 or 3 months to do while ill in 3 days and just move because they didn't respect the laws and just because they could.This I found out is a common known tactic used by Slumlords who terrorize and sicken unsuspecting renters at high rates all around LA today. With all the problems I found out about and falling prey to their criminal conduct I couldn't afford to fix everything myself. When I moved I repainted the apartment and made it immaculate and still M____ Properties haven't returned my deposit. This I heard from other renters also. They did similar acts to other tenants and would steal deposits that were and are rightfully the renters. They refused to respond to calls, return deposits, pay the percentage required by law back to renters on their deposits, stalked, and harrassed people who even stood up by telephone, and pretended to fully fix some things while they were not fixed what so ever only at times. M___ Properties Inc. also went into court committing purjery one day stating that I had did property damage. Although I have witnesses and video footage of the condition I left the unit in it was so apparent that M____ Properties refused to do a check with the renter on the day the renter leaves. A witness inside the building said she saw illegal Mexicans working inside the apartment after I left hammering apart the whole kitchen counter and making alot of noise inside the unit I left. M___ Properties must have enjoyed possibly making a false claim to their insurance carrier and then collecting money for something that did not exist at all. "

These are just a small sample of statements made as an example of just some of the tacticts used by unscrupulous landlords.  According to official Police sites slumlords are responsible for the blight of areas and contribute to the crime in the city.

We want to stop M____ Properties and others like them from owning and running buildings because they do not deserve that liberty of running a building nor do they upkeep laws that are held by cities. Slumlords are irresponsible and malicious while being entrusted with people's lives and well being. Entire families have endured great duress and suffering. We would like them to not pay small tiny fines that cost them a buck or two but to be sent to prison for those hideous violations and human rights violations and be held fully accountable. They take advantage of the plight of renters wherever they can luring them into illegal leases into buildings where they do not disclose the truth or uphold laws then punish people for making an issue over it. They breach leases from the get go by violating the laws that City already implemented.  They are famous for disabling and taking advantage of minority groups who do not fully speak English and rob them blind charging the same rents luxury apartment owners do without any of the cleanliness, upkeep, or abiding  by the laws.  Often time they illegaly raise rents and if are aware of a renter's lack of knowledge make up charges that do not coincide with reality or fact extorting funds from innocent renters.

When a building owner buys a building and plans on housing people they need to abide by health and safety rules fully so that renters keep their health and they are kept fully safe. Slumlords do not uphold these laws. Tenants have a right to be and feel safe where they live. If building owners refuse to first make the property habitable before allowing citizens to rent those properties they cannot be allowed to rent and profit.  We are looking foward to upgrading legislation to not allow for wealthy slumlords to slip through the cracks of justice. WE DEMAND CHANGE!

Facts were relayed:
"In another case a woman's children were hurt due to M____ Properties negligence, corrupt enterprises and one has a heart condition. This is not fair. Not one apology has come from M___Props Inc but threats and legal proceedings for speaking about it to others. A threat letter was sent to her for speaking about the issue and wrongdoings."

"The couple who own M____ Properties are avoiding service now inside their mansion with a gate therfore not subject to legal accountability.  They know how to try to skirt a lawsuit and have fake business offices whereas they have used a business office that is in shambles and demolished with no one in it to represent their mailing address for checks." 

"The list is almost endless as to whose life they have destroyed, sickness they have caused,  ruined credit and the unhappiness they have caused.  They use so many various business names in court houses that it is hard to follow a certain track on the court records to see if there were past problems with them."

The list seems almost endless as to the victims of Slum Lords allover the country from terrible abuses to Senior Citizens who cannot afford to move to new born babies who have to endure unsanitary, unsafe, and unhealthy conditions.  Anyone can become a victim to a Slum Lord who does not disclose in the beginning the full truth about their rental properties luring one into a lease based on lack of truth forcing a person or family to endure some of the most extreme and hideous circumstances.  Slum Lords continue to purchase buildings, make profits, at the cost of human life, human suffering, and violating the laws of Country and State by not maintaining their buildings so they can make large profits. 

M____ Properties illegally shut down a human rights & renters recourse of expression site which was collecting valuable information from renters who rented from M______ Properties Inc.  Milan Properties is trying to silence freedom of speech and pathways of regress & justice.

We have viewed public videos of slumlord buildings allover the country, have heard statements by slumlord victims, and have seen the ways and means by which they are allowed to pursue the seriousness of the crime of slumlording being ignored by authorities and tresspassing on human rights and values combined with spitting in the face of current day laws and those who uphold those laws.

Let's pass new laws that sets a much higher standard and enforces the current day laws already in place protecting citizens from the atrocities of living under a Slum Lord such as Milan Properties Inc.

Set the standard that instead of extremely low fines such as a $49.00 dollar fine for not complying with the law for a year that a fine of $50,000.00 and five to fifteen years in prison for allowing health and safety conditions to lapse what so ever!  To hold the Slum Lord fully accountable for all and any sicknessess or illnesses related from asbestos problems to unsanitary conditions inside their buildings besides the fines and jail sentences.  These problems are direct death threats and can be treated as thus. Causing the ill health of another human being is a crime no matter which way one looks at it. In a slumlord's case it is purposefull, ill willed, and negligent. They do have full knowledge about the problems of their buildings yet do not uphold laws or respect those renter's rights.

To set the standard straight that all buildings are tented prior to citizens moving in and fumigated correctly so that when citizens do move in they are not subject to rats, vermon, spiders, roaches, and termites. Anyone who violates this basic law is subject to five years or more in prison and a fine with punitive damages always in the renter's favor. With this basic law upheld areas are cleaned up once and for all, diseases and health costs diminished, and high cost or low cost slums or slumlording in any area get to be a thing of the past. Anger is diminished as well which diminishes violence and crime as weell as improves healthy thinking or living. By eliminating loophoels for Slumlords the Country starts to clean itself up. If a potential building owner or land owner cannot afford the costs to keep or make the property safe and fully 100% habitable then there needs to be a law barring that person, group, or business from purchasing a property. When potential building owner plans on taking lives under their care through purchasing a building which they are to rent to citizens they must prove they will abide by the codes and laws 100% before hand. If they have a court record of mistreating and evicting renters then they need to be barred from renting and any or all licenses taken away so they don't continue to ruin the country's morals and people's lives! Slums should not have to exist anywhere! Anonymous evaluations are filled out by individual units to a common group of appointed officials to determine any wrongdoings and regularly reviewed.

We need to upgrade laws that take away fully a Slum Lord's  and Milan Properties' right to buy, sell, or manage property under any and all conditions after they prove that case after case or call after call they will not abide by the rules.  Their DRE or (Department of Real Estate Licences) be revoked, their business licences revoked under any hidden LLC or business name.  There can be no loopholes for long unreasonable neglect of premises because of the risks or dangers it poses.

A fine is based on each apartment unit complaining that is each person has a right to withhold rent, sue, and collect for emotional distress, illness related to apartment negligence, and a right to press criminal charges against the owner/Slum Lord or manager responsible for the property based on uninhabitable conditions and breach of leasing agreements or violating Fire Dept., Housing Authority laws, and Health Dept. rules. It is not a Civil Matter it is a Criminal matter regarding Slumlords and that Slumlords are arrestable by the local police authorities and not released on bail if a death occurs due to a Slumlord's negligence or an attempt at murder by depriving renters of their tenant rights. At all times these laws are upheld in each State and County and no individual judge or commissioner can be bought off, paid off the backend, or sympathize with the Slum Lord in question based on family relations, bias against racial minorities or those of a lower or middle class income or secret friendships.  That there be no more loophole for a slumlords anywhere to seep through the cracks of justice. All loopholes abolished and leniency no more! The war on slumlords is on. Those lacking laws that consistently allow for Slumlords to rule entire cities and blocks, support politicians running for office and stay in charge of diminishing the quality of a country be abolished now. There should be no loopholes for these treacherous vermon  any longer.

That in the case of death or illness connected with Slum Lord abuses such as  negligence, terror and scare tacticts that the Slum Lord is charged and imprisoned. Thus far the Veteran who had died and was witnessed being threatened by M Property owners has not been brought to justice. No Senior Citizen should ever have to endure the unlawful behaviors and criminal acts performed notoriously by Slumlords. The law must upgrade legislation that allows for murder, mayhem, assault, and/or manslaughter charges if their victims die or become victims. Legistlation must be upgraded to include fines, and terms instituted to typical hard criminals. No more sweeping these types of death threats under the carpet. People have died and been hospitalized because of Slum Lords including Milan Properties.  This includes Milan Properties Inc. who have allegedly caused the death of an elder tenant and the illnesses of tenants. Using physical violence, extortion, violent Pit Bulls are all crimes that need to be punishable by law in Slumlords Cases.  Slumlords and their crimes have thus far been protected by the system which has turned a blind eye to the severity and the morose consequences those crimes have caused to everyday people of all walks of life, all nationalities, all races, and all creeds.  There is not a single excuse available why a Slumlord should be allowed to violate a code which causes serious illness or the threat of death to a renter.

Let's also establish a charge to building owners so that potential renters can know the history of complaints about a building they are thinking of renting.  Renters are known to charge fees associated with credit checks at times and sometimes to morose amounts of money. Some make insurmountable profits by charging fees to apply for an apartment while hiding the fact that they do not have a sincere intention to rent the apartment in question.  Some Slumlords charge hundreds of people per day for the same apartment. A renter has a right to know the court cases and charges on a Landlord and to know the last housing and health department inspection. A renter has a right to know if the building is painted with lead and see the reports about it. A renter has a right to know who is managing the building and if they are fully licensed.  A renter has a right to know if the building has health code and housing authority violations already written up about the building. A renter has a right to know if their unit is legally registered.  Renters need to charge a research fee to Landlords to check those records and a standard for checking should be implemented where as a renter is given full and easy access to the history and current state of a building and their unit in question. The court records need to also pinpoint all and any cases although with various business names with a system that points out to a renter what sort of record and history a Landlord has with renters and the court complaints filed against them.  A renter has a right to know these issues at hand. Most Slumlords make a unit seem clean prior to moving in and without a real inpsection by a certified inspector there is no way of telling a renter what is wrong with the unit. In fact all Slumlords are aware that 98% of renters do not have knowledge of their owns habitability rights and also know that most renters cannot afford a full time lawyer to handle a case. Most renters make only a mere fraction of what a lawyer will charge them per hour.  Some lawyers can charge $350.00 to make just one phone call.  Many renters barely make this amount in one week!

Sign the petition and let's tell them to stop Slum Lords from perpetrating more crimes and to be held accountable. Please also print out this petition to show your individual Housing Authority officials, your health department officals, individual lawyers, judges, commissioners, police, fire department officals in your area for this petition belongs to the people. Victims of slumlords from allover have the right to use this petition for any and all just causes now and in the future.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH AN ISSUE PLEASE RESPOND TO RENTER'S UNION WITH YOUR E-MAIL AND REASON. If you are having a health issue, a building and safety issue in your area please immediately contact your local building and safety division or health department to arrange and schedual an inspection. If you are being threatened by your landlord please contact your local police department and file an immediate complaint.  If you can afford an attorney please consult and hire an attorney.  Look up in your area if you can get free legal advise. There are some free legal help offices that help victims of abusive landlords. Please feel free to print out this petition and bring it to court with you. If you are having a problem with a judge or commissioner please refer to the local judicial review board and fill out then file a formal complaint. Any judge who supports Slumlording or Careless Landlording is in violation of County and State laws. Please form a protest if you can for your Slumlords Building and invite news teams.  You may protest peacefully outside the residence of the owner of your building as well.  Seek justice always.

If interested in volunteering with us please respond to the Renter's Union with your email address and as to what capacity you are willing to help with this issue. We fully welcome lawyers, students, and idea people to get America cleaned up of its slums.  Letter writing campaigners are also welcome.  There is no solid reason in the world that any area should be considered a slum or that human beings have to live or endure rats, roaches, spiders, holes in the walls, or the like while paying rent for their abode. There is no solid reason that anywhere in the country should be treated as a slum, ran like a slum, or owned by a Slumlord.  There is no solid law that has any loophole for Slumlords although the USA from its history of supporting Slumlords and revering the riches they own has undermined its own dignity and integrity by allowing the space for such criminals to thrive, succeed, and take over entire portions of cities while destroying or ruining them while forcing people to live under the thumb of Human Rights Violators, in terror, fear, and illnesses that have ran the tax payers into the billions to take care of.

If you are new to renting please do not hesitate to ask the landlord in question for a paper file of his/her complete history on the building at hand including all Dept of building and safety issues, all health dept issues, and a court record of evictions, complaints, and reasons for those complaints.  You may offset your credit  charge fee by asking for a fee in return if you are forced to research their files on your own. You may call your local Department of Building and Safety and ask for information on the building you are interested in renting a unit from. You may possibly be able to find information about a building online.  You have a right to hire your own personal inspector before renting your own unit and make an agreement with your landlord that if issues are found wrong prior to signing a lease or moving in that the landlord not only picks up the inspector's fee but fixes all these issues before completing a final leasing agreement.   Make all your agreements in writing and never trust the word of a landlord what- soever. Get everything in writing. Discuss moving in with other renters in the building. Ask for the truth and someone may tell you before you make a crucial mistake.  If you are in a terrible rush to land a place to live please take the time to at least ask two other renters in the building in question as to the behaviors and conditions of the owners and building.

For more recourse or information please call your local Housing Authority.

If you are having lead and asbestos problems in your building please contact the local Health Dept for more telephone numbers and contact information for individuals handling the asbestos and lead problems at certain buildings. By law a landlord has to warn you with an official booklet about any led problem in your building so you can make an informed decision when renting.  Not disclosing the truth about a building is a violation to the Department of Real Estate laws if your landlord is in the Real Estate practice or a broker.  Yet if your landlord is just a private owner this landlord when and if he/she does not in fact disclose the truth about the building conditions and those conditions are already known he/she then can be pursued for deceit and fraud.

If there is no manager in your building and you have 16 Units or more please contact the local fire dept. to file a formal complaint if you are in California. Please check your local housing code laws in your State or area to confirm any and all rules.

Keep a record of all your rental stubs, copies of letters of complaints to landlords, dates of phone calls, copies of medical records and bills together always. Make copies wherever possible.  Never pay a landlord in cash. Some Slumlords demand cash for rent and only pretend they never received your rent if they want you out.  Please try to make your complaints to fix issues to your landlord in writing by certified mail or by process server for a paper record of your requests to fix an issue in your building.  You can make calls and pull up phone records as well.  Check with your local ordinances in your area to determine the laws and amounts of what you can withold from a landlord if they don't resolve an issue in a reasonable amount of time.  Some States these laws may vary. Please try to have it written in your leasing contract a clause stating "that if in within a reasonable amount of time a code violation isn't fixed that you have a right to withold full rent" You may state a reasonable time frame. It is usually overnight or within a few days that emergencies need to be addressed by a landlord or issues that are health and safety issues. It may take up to two weeks. Make an agreeement with your landlord in writing. This will eliminate the illegal collecting of rents from buildings that are uninhabitable.  ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING WHEREVER AND WHENEVER YOU CAN!! 

Please contact your local legislative heads in writing, by phone, and by e-mail and tell them about this online petition. Tell them WE DEMAND CHANGE and upgrading of legislation that would protect renter's from unscrupulous landlords. 

You do have a right by law to withold rent from the landlord if within a reasonable amount of time uninhabitable issues have not been fixed yet counties do not always uphold these laws and oftentime the judges or commissioners who are supposed to be working for the law are criminal minded themselves. Report them and file a complaint with the court they belong to. Then file with the Judicial Review Board in your county. There are people who want to know who those judges or commissioners are and can possibly do something about it.  Usually if not often "reasonable amount of time" to unscrupulous landlords means "never" or "next year". You may not know your health or safety is at stake so check online or with your local Housing Authority office.  Sometimes unscrupulous unfair landlords will try to evict you if rent is not paid even if your building is in shambles with 100 code violations. You also have a right to fix the problem yourself and withhold that amount of rent up to $500.00 in CA.  Keep receipts. REAP is also available which sometimes helps upgrade Slumlord Buildings.  If landlord inflicts retaliatary eviction you will need to in turn sue the landlord for wrongfull eviction in small claims court. Small claims court or Superior Court if amount is higher than $7,500.00. Small claims are available to tenants and allows up to $7,500.00 in Ca but check your local Civil Court such as Small Claims Court and Superior Court. You can call the clerk. Always ask questions if you need. Slumlords always take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge which is also illegal in itself so educate and arm yourself with the law.  Your landlord cannot enter your unit if you have a child unattended and knows this. There are Slumlords who have raped women and children, and threaten eviction to poor after the rapes if they tell.  Tell anyways and make police reports immediately. Make sure you get to the hospital.   

Please don't hesitate to contact attorneys in your area because you may have recourse for damages, moving expenses, and other claims depending on individual cases. There may be contingency attornies available for your case whereas they don't charge you fees up front but only collect their fees if they win your case. Make sure their contracts state these facts. 

Slumlords are usually extremely wealthy companies, corporations or individuals that obtained success through the abuse of the system and the right's of renters.  Slumlords usually if not always do in fact have and own the funds to maintain their properties and uphold renter's rights but find that profiteering is more desireable. Rarely does the City itself inflict Slumlording but yes it has been known to. It's quite prevalent that inspectors, attorneys, judges, city officials, & commissioners have helped and assisted in the infliction of the crime of Slumlording only because they can and are criminal like themselves or just do not have enough time to pursue those crimes.   

You may call your local City Attorney if you find that your rights are violated and those of others which who can also bring criminal claims against an irresponsible Landlord.  These City Officials are very very busy and because of the rising of the Slumlord rates there isn't always enough time spent to collect and gather information or evidence. 

You may also gather up other renters if you find that you are commonly violated and place a class action suit against a slumlord. It is legal in the United States to peacefully protest and picket, write & sign petitions, and call on Congressional leaders to change the system and upgrade legislation or write new legislation.  Slumlords may try to stop you or use scare tacticts.  Note these tacticts, take photos - videos wherever possible, keep copies of statements of other renters and relay all information to City officials or authority you feel may be able to help resolve your issue. If you need witness protection from a volatile or hostile landlord please contact your local police department and ask for "witness protection".

Check online and look up Megan's List if someone is expected of being a pedophile for any pedophile living in your building. If you have children you will need to check the laws in your area.
Slumlords will try to usually blame renters for the infestation of rodents in their buildings.  Don't allow this. Infestation, rodents, bugs, and roaches live inside the walls of your building and were most likely there long before you rented. Spraying individual units never resolves the issue either because the entire building needs to be fully fumigated and worked on. Slumlords get what even fumigators call, "water sprayers" the cheapest least effective means to rid of roaches then try to blame the renter.  They have termites all in the kitchen, roaches, spiders, holes under the sink, cracks and pieces of walls missing oftentime inside their units and where you may not have seen when first renting your unit.  Slumlords never take the right course of action fully when it comes to the proper fumigation of entire buildings.  Roaches and the like carry numerous diseases and the feces left by roaches oftentime get into the food supply or dishware.  It's not a fact that slumlords only exist in low cost buildings. It is a fact that slumlords oftentime charge the same high rents as clean well maintained buildings but often ignore the stringent credit rules applied to established credit holders so if you have gone bankrupt, are a disabled vet, are disabled, a young person just out of school with no credit, have had a forclorsure, have no credit cards or established credit, are a student of university or college, are a single mother with no credit, are a fairly new citizen with no established credit, are an x con, a reformed x con, a minority, a senior, and&nbs
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