Stop the harp seal annual slaughter!

The annual Canadian seal slaughter is mad senseless and unnecessary, and in the face of natural environmental threats to the harp seals. Their threat by the persecution of selfish human beings MUST and HAS to be stopped forever.

Myth # 1 - "Canada kills young seals not baby seals"

Reality - Harp seals begin to moult their fluffy white coats as early as 12 -14 days of age then it's legal for a sealer to bash in its egg shell thin skull with a spiked club. A 12 day old animal is a baby, plus a 25 day old seal is still a baby animal too.

Myth #2 "the seal hunt (slaughter) is tightly regulated and humane"

Reality - The Canadian Government and the DFO (Destruction of Fisheries and Oceans) create laws to PROTECT sealers and to PREVENT seal defenders like the great woman Rebecca Aldworth, from bringing back the truth for people to see.

The Canadian government wants to raise the limit observers can stay away from sealers from 10 meters to 20 meters what does that tell you? It tells you that they DON'T want people observing this slaughter and filming this and bringing back the bloody horrific video and images that get caring people like me concerned and outraged and to fight against their slaughter of completely defenseless baby seals.

If their was no one observing and filming it, do you think for one second it would be tightly regulated and humane? The only reason the DFO officials are out there is to PROTECT sealers. NOT to keep things tightly regulated and humane.

There is NO humane way to kill a seal and completely unacceptable acts of suffering and animal cruelty are recorded and documented year after year.

Myth #3 "harp seals eat all the cod and need to be culled (slaughtered) to protect and conserve fish populations"

Reality - The cod was wiped out and is virtually non existent because of OVERFISHING plain & simple. Harp seals eat very LITTLE cod and the species that PREY on cod. They are opportunistic feeders which feed on a WIDE variety of fish species. If there are more seals out there on the ice it reduces predatory fish populations and the cod will RETURN.

Myth #4 "the sealers need to feed their families in the fishing off season when no work is available"

Reality - The Canadian government can easily compensate the out of work fisherman AKA (baby seal killers) during the fishing off season and it would cost LESS then the amount of money time and energy that they put into defending, promoting and assisting sealers, and attempting to open up new markets for seal products.

Myth #5 "It is other economic factors that are hurting Newfoundland" "and not the Canadian seafood boycott"

Reality - Exports of Canadian snow-crab to the United States are down significantly lower than pre boycott levels. The total value of snow crab exports to the United States is down by 36 percent compared to pre-boycott levels, while the rest of the world is down by only 21 percent over the same timeframe.

What does that tell you? It tells you that the boycott is being effective and is having an impact, and the Canadian government knows it but will never admit it.

Myth #6 "Canadian sealers are brave noble decent men who love their families" "and need to work to make a living in the fishing off season"

Reality - Canadian sealers are certainly not brave noble decent men. Canadian sealers are thugs brutes and criminals. They shout obscenities at observers who have been given permission to observe the slaughter. They assault women as they did on the Sea Shepherd 2005 seal defense, and it's a pretty BIG joke if you think you're a big, bad, tough, take no shit guy if you club COMPLETLEY DEFENSLESS baby animals to death. C'mon that doesn't make you a man. If the sealers don't like and don't want the world calling them barbarians, then they shouldn't behave like one.

If this slaughter was witnessed in person by any thinking compassionate person they would not be able to tolerate it.

Canada's slaughter of baby seals is the same as it's always been except now the seals are only 1 week older when they are killed. It's the largest slaughter of marine mammals anywhere on the planet and it's a bloodbath; horrific, cruel, mad, senseless, unnecessary, and only exists in the modern era out of greed tradition and politics.

The seal slaughter must STOP NOW!!! and nothing will ever change my mind about it. It's an unnecessary persecution of innocent seals which are just seen as 'industry trade' 'product' ' 'harvasteble biomass' 'worthless commodities' and ultimately 'fur coats'

Please protest these unnecessary injustices and crimes against nature and the environment, and together we can help to end it forever and once and for all.

We the undersigned, believe that the annual Canadian seal slaughter is mad, senseless, and unnecessary, and in the face of natural environmental threats to the harp seals. Their threat but the persecution of selfish hum beings MUST and HAS to be stopped forever.
Thank you for taking time to read my letter.

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