Olympic Genocide 2008

  • by: Scotty Reid
  • recipient: United Nations, United States and Chinese Officials. See website.

Dear Concerned Parties,

We are looking to work with other activists and organizations concerned about the ongoing genocide in Sudan. We feel that while efforts to put pressure on the Government of China to reign in the Khartoum Government of Sudan are appreciated, we feel they are not taking the strongest measures possible to accomplish this goal. Sudan uses oil proceeds from Chinese companies to fund militia groups engaged in acts of terrorism and genocide in the Darfur region and it is time for it to stop. Therefore we have drafted a petition to ask the citizens of the global community to boycott the 2008 Olympics being held next year in China.

We are looking for organizations and businesses that want to sponsor the petition and be listed as such on the petition's website http://olympicgenocide2008.com which is up but still in development.

On this site you will also be able to get information on all the targets of our petition and we are listing those corporate entities that are sponsoring the 2008 Olympics in China and we ask that you not buy their products or use their services.

You may copy or download our banners to display on personal webpages or any site you choose and we ask that you link it back to our petition url address.

Please send email to oneblackmansview@olympicgenocide2008.com or ourperspective@olympicdenocide2008.com to request listing as a sponsor.

Best Regards and Thank You for your Humanity.

We the undersigned express the utmost concern and moral indignation that the global community has not taken the most effective measures in stopping the genocide being committed by the Government of Sudan and the Arab militias aligned with it against its citizens of African descent. It has well been documented and established that innocent men, women and children are being brutally raped, murdered and enslaved in the country of Sudan. It is a travesty that the United Nations allows the government of Sudan to hold a position on the United Nation%u2019s Human Rights Commission while it is violating the most precious right to life and freedom of these people. The global community sat on the sidelines and watched while genocide occurred in Rwanda and likewise has taken a passive position as genocide is continuing once again.

We the undersigned express the utmost concern and moral indignation that while such atrocities are happening in Sudan, countries such as the United States of America and China and other member countries of the U.N. Security Council, have done nothing more than posture on this issue. We do recognize that some measures have been undertaken but that those measures are not aimed at stopping these atrocities immediately. China in particular which has oil deals with the terrorist sponsoring Government of Sudan has blocked efforts to put economic sanctions in place. The United States in particular declared a so-called %u201CGlobal War on Terror%u201D but has done nothing in combating the terror faced by the men, women and children of African descent of Sudan on a daily basis. It is a travesty that public and private entities within the United States have been allowed with out any penalty, to invest money in Sudan while it is listed by the U.S. State Department as a State Sponsor of Terror. While they do not invest directly in Sudan , they invest in Chinese companies including its state owned companies that are providing the revenue to the Sudan government, which uses it to purchase arms.

It appears that the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is not concerned with the daily acts of terror upon the African people of Sudan by their own government, but her office has facilitated the U.S. Government%u2019s FBI to work with the government of Sudan in allegedly hunting down members of Al-Qaeda. Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer has called for U.S. military intervention. It is a travesty that while current U.S. Army Spec. Anderia Mayom, a linguist attached to the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, out of Fort Lewis , fights in President Bush%u2019s %u201CWar on Terror%u201D in Iraq while genocide is being committed against those in his homeland of Sudan . Spec. Anderia Mayom lost both his mother and father who were killed in Sudan when he was a child. It is a travesty and a farce for the United States Government to say it is fighting against terrorist while working side by side with terrorist while those terrorist are actively engaged in acts of terrorism. If the genocide in Sudan is to be halted and if pressure is to applied on those governments that call themselves world leaders, it is up to moral and concerned citizens of the global community to do so by whatever means are in their power to do.

We the undersign ask that all signatories of this petition pledge not to travel to China for the 2008 Olympics, not to watch the event on television, to economically boycott any and all corporate sponsors of the event. We also respectfully request that all athletes of the global community if you must attend and you are opposed to the ongoing genocide in Sudan, to wear black armbands in protest of the lack of action by China and the global community in general in addressing this issue. It is morally wrong to sponsor an event that brings the global community together in the spirit of peace while the host country and other countries through the United Nations and individually have done so little to bring a halt to the genocide being committed against defenseless men, women and children. We also respectfully request that the film maker who brought us "Schindler's List", Steven Spielberg, to withdraw as the producer of China's Olympic ceremonies.

We the undersigned also pledge not to buy any products associated with those athletes who attend the 2008 Olympics or do not publicly display black arm bands in support of the victims if the following conditions are not met by China and the United States Governments


Halt all weapon sales to Sudan.

Insist the Janjaweed militias are disarmed.

Suspend and or cancel oil deals with Khartoum.

Demand that the Khartoum Government immeadiately stops bombing defenseless civilians.

Stop blocking efforts to refer Sudan to the UN Security Counsel and stop blocking efforts to place economic sanctions on Sudan, a State Sponsor of Terror.

We further demand that the Government of the United States:

Pass legislation to force the divestment of all U.S. based firms holding stock in Chinese companies operating in Sudan.

Fulfill its pledge to fight terror where ever it appears as stated in its "Global War on Terror" and to use military force in Sudan to halt the genocide and enslavement of any and all people.

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