stop cps corruption

i have been fighting for over a year to get my daughter back form the corrupt cps agency in cincinnati, hamitlon county, ohio who illegally kidnapped her. you can read my story on myspace under nitenurse99 in my blogs it is titled my nightmare. my daughter was taken simply because i was in disagreement with the care and treatment she was receiving at cinti. children's hosp. and wanted to seek a second opinion so i signed her out against medical advice to take her to another hospital. however, children's hosp. knew i intended to sue them for malpractice so they called cps and filed medical neglect allegations against me. without talking to me or getting my side cps came and kidnapped my dtr. from me. she was taken not because i did anything to her or because any harm came to her she was taken because i acted to protect her and the hospital feared a lawsuit. since she was taken i have been to court over 30 times and i have done any and everything asked of me whether i agreed with it or not i did it and my dtr still has not been returned to me. since my dtr has been in their custody she has been starved, has lost over 30 lbs., has been beaten, neglected, raped, molested, and alienated from me and her siblings. never in my care or custody would she have ever been subjected to such torture and horrors as they have subjected her too. and get this i wrote every politician, media person, agency, and police depts. and got no help to save my dtr. from what she has had to endure at this agency's hands. what did happen was i enraged the cps agency, the prosecutor, and magistrate by exposing them and they are out to destroy me and my family at all costs. i have suffered non representation by my public defender who seems to work for them not me. i have had so many civil and constitutional rights violated by these people i don't even know were to begin with listing them. these people are so corrupt and they work strictly for govt. funding, profit, and job security. to them it's a business all about financial gain. they do not work to keep families together and in no way due they work in the best interest of the children. cps is about destroying the lives of families and children for profit. my story will be featured in book by ex senator nancy schaefer of georgia who lost her senate seat for standing up for the right thing and trying to put an end to cps corruption in america. until these politicians stand up and do the right thing simply because it's the right thing to do and not for personal or financial gain americas children will continue to be illegally kidnapped tortured and murdered and americas families will continue to be devastated and destroyed by these evil people.  AMERICA STAND UP AND SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES AND PRESERVE OUR CIVIL AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. WE MUST ACT TO STOP CPS CORRUPTION IMMEDIATELY. WE MUST DEMAND CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS IMMEDIATELY. WE MUST MAKE OUR POLITICIANS LISTEN TO OUR PLEAS AND DEMAND THEM TO SAVE OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. WE MUST DEMAND THAT CPS AND EVERYONE AFFILIATED WITH DEPENDENCY COURT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE CORRUPT AND ILLEGAL ACTS THEY COMMIT.
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