Montana (U.S.A.) Hunts every year these majestic creatures they hunt for the reasons below
  • land protection
  • cattle protection
  • public and animal safety 
Montana like most states is not actually fighting the problem, although some states are now developing a programme like the europeans to sterilise a quarter or 1/2 the population this is not being adopted in Montana and now it should be adopted! if it works in europe then it will work in the United States of America. So lets look at the facts how many pups does a wolf/s have? .. these figures come from not just our specialists but also our environmentalists, a grey wolf will have (est) 14 pups at a time, a red wolf will have 2-3 pups at a time, a prairie wolf "coyote" has a much larger litter they can have 19 pups per litter although the average is 6 pups. A wolf will have in there entire life span will have 150 pups that is an estimate to the nearest figure of what our team the I.A.R.F have discovered in America.
Attacks on American people, by wolves, this is not documented well!! but the facts and figures we have are this.A hiker was killed in 2010 Candice by a so called wolf, although there is still no documented proof that this is true other than tracks of a wolf around her body the case still led to her being killed by wolves that the investigators stated in there conclusion, now this is some what odd as wolves are very timid around humans even when they have been starved, it could of been that the wolf found her body that was dead already and then mauled it giving the detectives a link that they "the wolfs" did kill her.
The official number of attacks on a human recorded on U.S.A soil is only 5 and that goes from 2010 to the 1990's, other attacks that we have not recorded yet are on animals not humans.
So how many animals does a wolf hunt "consume" in one year the figures are exact as i place them, studies have shown that 1 wolf will eat 17 elk, or 44 deer per year and at that rate wolves would reduce local game herds and then prey on live stock and pets,  and signs of this are already occurring.
So what is the answer to this? to continue shooting them dead every year or shooting once seen to attack then leave them dead to rot? or do we actually come to a conclusion where wolf and man lives in peace, and this is what we are asking now the the Governor Brian Schweitzer to help call a ban on this with are alternatives, instead of shooting them dead ever year, and shooting to kill if seen to attack this is not addressing the problem nor is the problem going to go away.
The International Animal Rescue Foundation World Action America have come to a conclusion;
and a fair response to this should you the Governor wish to take on board, and this has been drawn up by our environment experts all over europe who have seen the same problem, ecological specialists that have a vast experience in this field, and our vets that have a psychological understanding of how these wolves work, play, and hunt.
These are the alternatives we would like you the Governor to place in to action, by trial 2-5 year period, or a complete yes to our proposed alternatives.
A sterilisation programme of 40-50% of the wolves every 2-5 years reducing there numbers that would see less land attacks on animals, less attacks on humans that are "rare" this has been adopted in europe and has worked for many years, the last case was the fox's of England when hunting ceased of these animals, land attacks became very rare, attacks on live stock now almost non-exsistent, and peace for all. The Hunting Alliance of England wants to bring hunting back as they see this as there life, it will never happen, and yet again there fight has been placed back and there head of the C.S.A has resigned as he knows that the C.S.A. has been defeated.
A government funding source via lump sum or temporary loan to those farmers/land owners old/new that are struggling to fund the protection of there farms/animals/land.
A department of agricultural guide drawn in to motion to educate those farmers/land owners old/new that need more information or guides on how to protect there land and/or live stock.
A directory of help, either by volunteers or helplines to advise farmers/land owners and provide voluntary help to organise land protection.
The Governor Brian Schweitzer we see these as reasonable practical solutions that have been adopted in europe that to have wolves, foxes, and other predators that have worked.
We would like you the Governor Brian Schweitzer to "trial" or implement these procedures and  to see a ban on the hunting of wolves in Montana the law MCA 87-3-130; ARM 12.91301-1305.
We are avid animal lovers in our millions and to see animal abuse in the papers/media is enough but to see wolf hunters jeering on animals lovers for an argument by placing pictures of themselves with there dead prey and the thumbs up we find as well as all animal lovers insulting, please stop this. we have seen many on your face book sir please ask them to stop I am sure they would not like it if we done the same.
This is a peaceful and non aggressive petition Sir, fighting is not the option for the International Animal Rescue Foundation but coming to a half way point and shaking on a deal would be deemed as the best practice         "for now"  thank you Sir . 

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