Dear Judge Washburn, it has come to our attention that the Rock County / Mick Davis case came to you instead of  Judge August Schuman because Judge Schuman himself is under investigation by the Boyd County Sheriffs Department & The State Attroney Generals Office  for his role in a starvation case involving the death of approximately 100 cows. 

Here is a link to two news stories concerning this case;

In view of the circumstances we  we are happy that Judge Schuman had the good sense to recuse himself from the Davis case. We understand the Davis case involves the death of "only" four horses, but still we are APPALLED that you would impose a punishment of only $100 fine. Your honor, we are trying to send the Nation a message that cruelty, abuse and neglect of animals are serious crimes and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are never going to be able to do that if went cant first convince our law enforcment officers and our prosecutors and judges that indeed it is so.  Crimes involving cruelty, neglect and abuse of animals cannot nor should not be tolerated. Studies show a direct link between this kind of crime and human violence. Anyone that is cruel or indifferent to the suffering of animals should send up "red-flag" warning signs of the persons propensity towards violent criminal behavior that is usually inflicted or acted upon the helpless. We ask you, what kind of a message are you sending to the rest of the Nation when you treat these cases so lightly? We petition you in hopes that from here on in you will give the next animal cruelty case that comes before you a little more serious consideration. 

Signers, contact Judge Washburn to let him know what you think of his decision in the Davis case to impose only $100 fine for starving four horses to death. Here is his telephone # (308) 872 - 5761

We are also petitioning the State of Nebraskas Attorney Generals Office in support of a full investigation into Judge August Schumans involvment in the case of the 100 starved cows. If the evidence warrants it, we will urge for FULL PROSECUTION of that case with the harshest penalties imposed. Here is a link to the petition to Jon Bruning, the State of Nebraskas Attorney General regarding Judge August Schumans case;

Appears like all of Nebraskas courts could use a lesson in animal welfare laws.

Thank you in advance for any consideration you may give this matter.
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