At 5:15 AM on February 16 , 2006,  twenty year old Joshua Robinson was found hanging from a swing chain in Amsler Park in his hometown of McGregor, Texas.  The police immediately ruled his death a suicide, however there are too many unanswered questions, as to what really happened that night!

 Here is a list of just some of the discrepancies in Joshua's death that lead one to believe that there is more to this case than a suicide, if not murder, at least a cover up!
1. According to the statements Officer Kirby was the first on the scene, running to the body, checking for a pulse. However, according to dispatch logs, his car was not dispatched to the park and the officers do not ride together.
2. A 27/29 ( wants and warrants check ) was called in at 5:44 AM, only eight minutes after arriving on the scene. The police could not identify the body. Josh had no identification on him. How can you run a check on a unidentified subject? There was no suicide note.
3. Detective Martin stated that he had interviewed Kayla, Josh's girlfriend, Mr. Holt, who jogged by the scene at 5:30 AM, and Michael, Josh's brother. Kayla, and Mr. Holt claim that they were never questioned. He also stated that he talked to neighbors, but all of them say that he did not. Then he says that he didn't see any drag marks or blood spots. He didn't bleed so what blood spots?
4. The police photo of the cigarette butt, found at the scene. Josh didn't smoke, so it either belonged to one of the officers, Sgt. Freeman smokes that brand, or somebody else! Why was this photo taken?
5.The official statements from Officers Kirby and Norris  has the wrong date. When Chief Molina was contacted about amending the dates he wanted to know why it mattered!

6. Although Chief Molina stated on April 24, 2006, by telephone that he would amend these incorrect dates, he has not done so at this time.
7. Why did the police fail to question or get a statement from  Joshua's mother, especially when he lived with her at home, as to what had transpired the night before his death?
8. Why is the City of McGregor afraid to let Josh's mother view any of records regarding his death?
9. Why was the Waco Tribune Herald so quick to call this death a suicide, even before an investigation or autopsy, and before the police had notified Josh's mother of the cause of death?
10. How can you call a death by hanging suicide, when the victim is found on their knees? Dr. Quinton the Medical Examiner only ruled this death a suicide based on a report by Detective Martin. He also stated that there was no evidence of strangulation.
   These are the words of Joshua's mother, Cynthia Robinson: 
  "I discovered that Joshua had died on his knees when I rec'd the crime scene photos on April 28, 2006. Up until that point, I had no idea of how he died, as not one of the officers would talk to me."                               

  "Before that, I assumed that he had climbed to the top of the swing set, wrapped the chain, and jumped. I should have known better, as his brain study done at Southwestern Inst. of Forensic Science showed no broken neck. The autopsy mentioned no damage to the neck area, except for the bruising from the chain." 

  "There was fingertip bruising on his left hand, as well as bruising on the inside of his right forearm.I called the Medical Examiner, and was told this was fingerprint residue. However, I called my friend/funeral director, Mr. Jerry Foss/Foss Funeral Home/Valley Mills, Tx, to inquire about this anomaly. Jerry told me that he had attempted to remove the (markings) with Comet, but it would not come off."                  

  "Upon an Internet search, I discovered that the bruising could possibly mean that an attempt was made to remove the ligature. Check it out at: I don't know if you realize the impact of this fact, but if he could have only stood up, the chain would have let go."

  We ask by this petition for an investigation and inquest into the death of Joshua Robinson by the proper authorities. All we want is the truth, is that too much to ask? Please take the time to sign this petition and help bring closure to the family and friends of Joshua Robinson. To read Josh's full story go to pages 5 thru 10 at our newsletter at:
                                                                       Thank you for your support!
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