No More Illegal Foreclosures!

Every day banks are illegal foreclosing on homes to which they do not and cannot prove they own the notes and mortgages.  They established the game and the rules then blatantly disregarded practically every rule they set up. Unfortunately, there are many judges choosing to ignore and/or disregard arguments challenging the banks' ownership of the notes and mortgages.  However, it does not and should not be this way.  Nevada recently enacted AB 284, which makes it a felony offense to submit fraudulent documents in connection with a foreclosure.  It also makes the banks sign and record an affidavit stating that they can prove they own the note and mortgage.  This new law caused foreclosure notices to decrease by 88% in the first month alone.  This percentage drop in foreclosure notices shows the epic scale of the illegal foreclosure crisis here in America.
So now, the time has come for people around this nation and the world to stand up with the NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch and fight for their legal rights.  Join us in requesting that each Chief Judge for the various state courts nationwide implement an immediate moratorium on foreclosures until such time as the state legislatures have enacted laws akin to Nevada's AB 284.    
The voters in Ohio have shown us the process we must undertake in order to change the system.  First, we point out the problem and ask them to take immediate action in order to address it.  Second, we take our cause to the ballot box until every state and territory has their own AB 284 on the books.

Most state court judges are elected officials.  With this petition, we are putting them on notice that the voters demand that they immediately protect homeowners from illegal foreclosures.  And if they choose the banks over the people, we will give them their walking papers come next election. 

The NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch is taking the illegal foreclosure fight head on!  Sign this petition that will be delivered to the Chief Judges for the state courts and state legislatures urging them to immediately issue a moratorium in the state courts pending the enactment of legislation to stop illegal foreclosures.  

Nevada recently enacted AB 284 which requires servicers and/or banks to file an affidavit with their notice of foreclosure stating under oath that they own both the note and mortgage and that they can prove such ownership.  A violation of this new law is a felony offense and allows for civil lawsuits by the homeowners.  After AB 284 went into effect on October 1, 2011, foreclosures decreased by 88%.  Such a decrease in filings highlights the gravity of the illegal foreclosure crisis.  

And so, the NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban is asking you to sign this petition and ask your friends, family, co-workers, fellow church members, acquaintances, etc. to sign this petition as well.  Then join us as we have them personally delivered to the Chief Judges and State Legislatures across this country (except for NV).  The epic proportions of this crisis means that we need YOUR help and we need it NOW!  And together we can put an end to illegal foreclosures.

Thank you in advance for your time and your action.



David L. Lowery, Jr., President

NAACP Chicago Far South Suburban Branch

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