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Islam means Peace, Justice, Rationality and Honesty. All people of the world who follow these traits are followers of Islam or Muslims regardless of their other beliefs and ideologies. However we all are humans and bound to make mistakes. This petition is directed towards Allah - also known as God or Ishwar - where we do Tauba (repentance) for all mistakes we committed. By doing this Tauba, we also resolve that we shall not commit these mistakes in future and live as per most noble humanistic ideals.May Allah accept our Tauba and grant peace to all living beings.THIS IS THE ONLY ONLINE TAUBA SITE ON INTERNET
We the undersigned assert that we are doing Tauba (Repentance) for all mistakes we committed knowingly and unknowingly in life. We promise to surrender to the will of Allah and promise not to commit any such mistake to best of our abilities. If we do so we would be insulting Allah despite His great kindness and hence committing major Shirk. 
As true Muslims, we the undersigned reaffirm our beliefs:
1. That Islam means Peace and Muslim means a person who believes in Peaceful living. So all people of the world regardless of their other beliefs are Muslims and followers of Islam if they live peacefully.
2. That we shall believe that entire humanity is my own family. It would be greatest sin to believe that some humans will go to Hell simply because they do not believe in some book, Prophet, Judgement Day or other unseen things.
3. That we shall always stand against polygamy, slavery and child-exploitation of any form. 
4. That we shall never believe that women are inferior to men in intellect or capabilities or social rights. We shall never attempt to restrict their freedom and shall always be proactive to protect their dignity regardless of what religion they believe in.
5. That we shall never attempt to lure people to believe in any unseen unverified thing (Gaib) under false assumption that doing so will send us to Heaven. We shall instead attempt to unite all human beings regardless of their beliefs and religion, so far they are peaceful and love entire human being without preconditions.6. That we shall believe that all people of the world are free to choose their beliefs so far they are peaceful and harmless. Allah shall not punish them for this.
7. That we shall not believe that an apostate who refuses to believe in our ideology and propagates some other ideology should be punished. We shall also not believe that apostates will necessarily be punished by Allah for being honest with their beliefs.
8. That we shall stand for freedom of propagation of their beliefs to others in same manner as we want the same freedom for ourselves. 
9. That we shall denounce and discourage those people and ideologies that do not support the above viewpoints. But we shall do so peacefully.
10. That if we ever thought otherwise in past on above points, we immediately do a Tauba by signing this petition to Allah. And we shall continue to do Tauba in future whenever we make such a mistake against humanity.
By signing this petition to Allah, we accept that we believe in honesty of intent as the sole criteria to be a Muslim or human being in general. Allah never punishes anyone so far he or she is honest to best of his or her intent and capabilities. All that brings punishment is dishonesty and violence.
We promise that we shall strive to remain away from dishonesty of intent and violence and consider entire humanity as my own family forever. 
We announce that all peaceful sincere people of world are Muslims regardless of their other beliefs. And all violent people who discriminate among human beings are Kafirs. We hereby do a Tauba for our mistakes in past - in thoughts, actions or words - and promise never to be Kafir again. May we follow the Noor-e-Haq or Light of Truth or Satyarth Prakash. 
May Allah bless entire humanity.
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