Imagine you've just lost your family and your home. You are so scared. You're taken some place new away from everything that you know. A place where they are supposed to help you and care for you and keep your best interests at heart..but instead the strangers drag or pull you by catch pole or lead NUMEROUS times, you are carried by the scruff of your neck, you are starved (some instances to death), or you are squirted with a hose while you have no place to go inside a small cage. You have NOT BEEN HELD for the required (3 day) time to be adopted and are killed the moment you arrive at the shelter. (Sadly this shelter ONLY has 3 day holding period where most US shelters have a 5-7 day holding period). 

These are JUST A FEW of the horrid, inhuman and cruel actions being taken upon innocent dogs and cats that  happen to come to this horrible hell hole called the "Memphis Animal Shelter".  Most of these actions have been documented on their webcam.

During an outbreak of distemper in which there was a MASS EUTHANASIA at the shelter, workers were documented treating animals cruelly including a puppy which was being carried by the scurf of his neck "like a sack of potatoes".  This being said of the employee involved in the incident: "There's nothing in his face, in his eyes. He's carrying a living creature and he's about to kill it, which leads me to believe there's nothing in his heart. If that's the caliber of workers at [Memphis Animal Services], that's got to change."  Although this incident was investigated and a hearing was to be held, the Memphis Animal Services director Matthew Pepper said the employee should be disciplined but not fired.

After a puppy had been found emaciated and had not been fed for 72 hours while in the care of the shelter, the shelter was closed after a pre-dawn raid of the shelter in October 27, 2009.  The petition "Justice for dogs starved at a Memphis Animal Shelter" was started with 6,392 individuals signing this petition to ensure the didn't happen again and that the person/persons responsible for this cruelty were held accountable.

Shelter manager Ernest Alexander was fired.  However, It appears nothing has changed since this time even after a committee was established to review the shelter's operations and installed video cameras. 

Read more at Yes Biscuit! 

Courtesy of Yes Biscuit!

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Major reform should be a priority of this town and this shelter. There is a Memphis Animal Shelter Advisory Committee which contains 7 board members. Each member has a 2 year term. Members are appointed by the City Mayor and Approved by the City Council.

Note: This petition will be revised and updated as more information becomes available. Although the content may vary the intent of the petition will remain the same. 

We, the undersigned, demand an immediate reform and change at the Memphis Animal Shelter. The chronic abuse and untimely killing of pets will no longer be tolerated and must end now. This is an ongoing situation that has not be rectified by past complaints. We also request that the meager 3 day holding period for animals be revised to 5-7 days which is in line with most US animal shelters. As members of Memphis Animal Shelter Advisory Committee you are not upholding the function of the shelter and it is not serving the best interest of the animals that you should be caring for. 

Major reform should be a priority of the Memphis Animal Shelter Advisory Committee for the Memphis Animal shelter. 

We, the undersigned, pledge to boycott the city of Memphis and will not spend our tourism money in your city or state until major change in the shelter, treatment of the animals, and the attitude of the employees is adequately addressed. 

Thank you for your immediate attention and addressing these concerns in a prompt and timely manner.

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