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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints policy of who may attend a temple marriage results in both Mormon and non-Mormon relatives and friends who, for a variety of reasons do not possess the required "temple recommend", are excluded from the ceremony.

Due to this policy, worthy LDS couples who choose a civil marriage first outside of the temple are penalized with a one year wait before they can be "sealed" in the temple.   This can foster marital disharmony and is harsh for the couple and their loved ones who do not fit the "acceptable mormon standards" required for entrance into the temple wedding.

Don't let your loved ones be hurt.  Tell the leadership of the Mormon Church that isn't it about time for family and to give people the choice without penalizing and isolating family.

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Thank you for your consideration of our petition.
Jean & Michelle

Dear President Thomas S. Monson,

We the undersigned, are saddened that parents, grandparents and other loved ones and friends may be excluded from LDS marriage ceremonies by Church policy.

We understand that it is not a doctrinal issue that requires couples to be married inside the LDS temple, where non-Church members are barred from attending.

The fact that in many other countries couples are required by the law to be married civilly first and then have their union sealed in the temple, indicates that doctrinally it can be practiced this way.

We understand that currently, couples who choose to have a civil ceremony in order to have their loved ones present are penalized by the church by having to wait a full year to be able to have their marriage union sealed in the temple. If this is not a doctrinal issue, the one year wait appears to be a punishment for exercising their agency to choose to keep peace, love and harmony within their family.

Our petition is this: that the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints make changes to this divisive policy, making it acceptable and proper to have a civil marriage ceremony first, if desired, and then giving the couple the necessary time to attend the temple for the sealing ordinance as they do in those countries whose laws require it.
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