On September 10th 2008 CERN (European Organization

for Neclear Research) will set off its first beam in a machine called The Large Hadron Collider. Now; this is for a scientific reason, i do not know. If succesfull im shure many of scientist's questions may be answered. But! If the LHC is succesfull.  We may never know the answers to the questions. Many people believe the the L.H.C. can generate enough energy that could end the world. Weather it may be One Mini-Black Hole per Second, one big Black Hole, and God knows what eles.

           Now I dont doubt these scientists are just doing it as fast as a project for school done the night before. But I dont doubt that this apoctaliptic outcome wont happen. The L.H.C. should go off. But not until answerable questions are answered and science has cought up with the LHC. would could be worth knowing something if it could end the world so please sign this petition to stop or at least halt the LHC for the time being!
We the undersigned, would like to ask you to please stop your project of the L.H.C. Or at least halt it for a time so that answerable questions and science at least has a chance to catch up with the project. Now, I know you have invested millions of dollers into this project, but. Honestly, what is so important to learn RIGHT NOW, that it could put the world in danger. Please, millions of people are scared and crying because your machine poses a threat to our life.its not that it most likly will not. Its the fact that. No one knows what will happen the minute, the second, the millisecond, or the jiffy (real measurement of time) it starts. You have done succesfull tests according to your websight but were they with a live beam? Please concider what a possible outcome of this could be and think if our Earth and it six billion human population is worth, possibly, giving up for answers to questions?

Thank You for taking the time to read this letter and if you want to contact me, i can be reached at Once again, Thank you for your time
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