Help Save the Dolphins in NJ River!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is stopping a pod of bottlenose dolphins from being relocated to safer waters. They live in the NJ River, located in Monmouth County, NJ.

To get more details and information on this, please visit this article.
To hear the NOAA's side of the story, please visit this mini-site.

The river is in danger of freezing over, and their food supply might run out. The dolphins could have swum to warmer waters, but are scared of the noise from construction work being carried out nearby. Four are already assumed dead (one of which died from pneumonia).

The issue began when Teri Frady, an NOAA representative who holds jurisdiction over the pod, responded to four different offers of help with this: "We are not seeking help to mount an intervention and would not authorize others to mount such an attempt at this time."

We don't understand why a marine wildlife organisation would deliberately refuse help, but we have the power to stop them. Please sign this petition to help stop the NOAA from repeating the 1993 tragedy. However, I urge you to visit both links so you can hear both sides of the story.

  ~ Mnesomeye, 15, UK.
We, the undersigned, have recently come across an article written about you which we feel strongly enough to petition against. However, before beginning, we would like to express our gratitude to you for taking the time to read this. It is much appreciated.

The article in question said that you had intentionally barred the rescue of a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins, which are stranded in the River NJ (Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers in Monmouth County, NJ). Due to nearby construction work on the Highlands bridge, they are too scared to swim away to safer water themselves; they are running out of food and the river is threatening to freeze over above their heads.

A similar incident happened, under your jurisdiction, in 1993; it took until the ice froze over before you sent out a rescue team. By then, the dolphins had drowned. In the interest of the dolphins, the campaigners, the local community and your reputation, it's important that this pod of dolphins aren't just left to meet a similar fate.

Four independent companies have already agreed to help save the dolphins. So why, then, are you "not seeking to mount an intervention at this time"? And why, despite the situation coming dangerously close to a repeat of the 1993 incident, would you "not authorise others to mount such an attempt at this time"?

We respect the work that you are doing in conserving, protecting and caring for the ocean and the climate. We understand that there are much bigger cases and problems to solve; alternative energy sources, shutting down puppy mills, stopping illegal and/or inhuman exploitation of marine animal colonies. However, every case - no matter how big, small or totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things - is important. The lives of twelve helpless dolphins are at stake; another two have died (one of which was cause by pnunomia), and two more are missing.

The Marine Mammal Conservancy team (along with the three others) have already agreed to relocate the dolphins for you - so please, take up the offer and help save this pod from a tragic repeat of history.

We have done our bit; we have spoken out on behalf of the dolphins with concern for their future. The MMC (and the three others) have also done their part, and have expressed interest in helping to relocate the dolphins to safer, warmer waters. However, there is one thing that is stopping this story from coming to a satisfactory close; one thing that must get the ball rolling; one thing that must give its permission to allow the other pieces of this puzzle to slot together.

The rest is up to you.
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